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    Why am I not losing weight?

    Hello. I stalled one week after surgery. The scale not only did not go down, but went up 2 pounds. I was eating and drinking everything I was suppose to. Two other people that I knew had surgery the same time as myself, their weight was coming off nicely. I went to my nutritionist after 3-1/2 weeks who told me I had stalled. I was doing everything right and it as going to be just fine. Needless to say, that didn't do a thing for me......AT ALL. I kept doing the right thing, I wanted to say the heck with this - it didn't work for me. ( Not even surgery ). That's what I though....NOT what I did. *** Even though my scale didn't budge, I was still loosing inches..?? Go figure. I couldn't exercise. I was either too sick or too week. However, I did go down from a size 26 pants to a 20. Yeah, that was the positive side. Another two weeks passed and my weight still had not changed, but after that..... (( My scale did move in the right direction )) YES !! I was on a 5 week stall. I didn't stall after the three week mark I kept hearing about. I stalled after one week for a grand total of 5 weeks. I was told that I my stall again in the future. When it happens again, I know that I'll face it much better than my first go-a-round. Sorry for the long post...I just wanted to say, it was scary and depressing, but it really did work out okay. I know it may not seem like it at the moment in your eyes, but it's going to work out GREAT for you as well. Good Luck !!
  2. UPDATE: Yes..... Okay, I'm 6 weeks out. I stalled after week one. I was stalled for 5 "bleeping" weeks. Major downer. Long story short. My stall is over I was on vacation this past week and when I got back into town I met my old buddy - the scale. But to my surprise I had lost 8 pounds. 5 weeks stalled and many tears, I made it past my first stall. Thank goodness.
  3. THIS IS JUST A COPY OF AN unjury EMAIL THAT WAS SENT TO ME. I FOUND IT HELPFUL. Everything in your body is made with Protein. There’s nothing in your body you can make with just carbohydrate and fat. Your hair, skin, muscles, brain, heart, organs, blood, bones...every cell is made with protein. What happens when you don’t get enough? A doctor we know works with patients who haven’t gotten enough protein in their diet for years. She said that after surgery on those patients and she is putting in the stitches, “It’s like trying to sew wet tissue paper”. What are the symptoms of insufficient protein ? 1. Fatigue and/or weakness. Not just the feeling that we didn’t get enough sleep last night, but deep fatigue...or weakness where it’s hard to get through the day. 2. Weight loss plateau. When we don’t get enough protein, medical research indicates that the body tries to store calories rather than burning them. 3. Hair loss. We believe it is often preventable with enough protein. 4. Surgical complications. Is there surgery in your future? For many, the answer is yes. The best single numerical predictor of how well a surgery will go is your protein status. And, your body will heal slowly, sometimes very slowly, if your protein status is low. 5. Muscle Loss. When you don't get enough protein for weeks, you body starts taking protein from your muscles. So your body is actually taking muscle -- to help maintain other cells, and organs, and hormone levels. So it's possible you might be more easily injured if you regularly don't get enough protein. These symptoms can also be caused by other things, so it is always good to ask your doctor. You can get back on track. Here’s what one UNJURY customer wrote: “My protein levels were really low my first trip back to the doctor... It was at 6 or 8 when I went in August...At that time, I hadn't started using UNJURY. I was told to increase my protein to try and bring it up.... At the end of October and my (protein level) was normal and up to 18.9 ! look what (UNJURY’s) done for me.”
  4. I found these shots at Walmart, where they sell the Protein bars and powders. Not too far from the Vitamin section. My nutritionist said I could take them, they are kind of thick. Not too bad, not too great. I only bought two and got 1-1/2 down. I was a new post op then. It's 4 weeks later maybe I will try one again.
  5. Come on already ...... Really? 25 days and my weight is the same. I was sleeved on July 30th. I'm ready to throw my scale out the window. This totally sucks. The ONLY saving grace is that my pants size seems to be going down 26 to an 18. (but not the pounds) I've read about this when you loose inches not pounds. Still I don't quite get it, but that's what I am doing. Still 25 days. I HATE MY SCALE ..... AND MY SCALE HATES ME. ( Hummmm) - this too shall pass. I know, be thankful for the inches and stop complaining. Thanks for listening, I had to give my husbands ears a break.
  6. GeorgiaGirl

    Oops turned OUCH!

    Lol. I'm sorry, it just sound so funny. I hope that you never have to experience that again. We're all glad your feeling better and I think you taught us all a lesson as well. I'm 4 weeks post and I know....STAY AWAY FROM chocolate SPOONS. Take care ( big smiles )
  7. Excuse my misspelled words in prior reply. I'm pooped and need to go to sleep. Thanx for letting me vent. Sometimes you just have to get it out. It may not change anything but I do "feel" a little better. Night All.
  8. Hi Guys, I am 4 weeks post op and I have been at a 3 week stall. I AM JUST Soooooooo Over it !!! However, I did make an appointment with my nutritionist last week and she did tell me about the 3 week stall. No joke I was in tears in her office. I was thinking, I stalled at ONE WEEK. She adjusted my diet slightly an told me I should just about be at the end of it. As of today... I'm not. She told me I was doing everything right and to just keep it up and she "promised" me I would see the weight falling off soon. I don't. All I can truly vouch for is that people have told me they can see a difference. I would say they were just trying to lift my spirits and my bottom lip....BUT.... I have gone down 3 pants sizes post surgery. How I DON'T KNOW. The scale not only says that I'm in a stall, but I put on two pounds. ( Big Sigh ) . Sorry guys ( the men ).... What I was going to say is that I may have som PMS Water weight going on as well. All I know is that I've always been told the scale doesn't lie. I lost like crazy week one. My nutritionist told me that was Fluid and to keep strong and come to the support group. I was too depressed to go to the support group. Now how crazy is THAT. Yes, I really do know better. Oh well, long story cutting short. It is VERY, VERY depressing but I am just going to go with the flow like I'm told because as of now theirs not a thing more I can do. It will happen. (Another Sigh) I really hope so.
  9. Update After Seeing My Nutritionist: I saw my nutritionist today, literally I was almost in tears telling her about my lack of weight loss and then having the audacity to put on 2 pounds. Long story short... With me eating 500 calories sometimes less a day. She basically told me I went into a "stall " and that it's not uncommon to happen. After being on all liquids for two weeks, when I started to introduce purée foods in to my diet my body was in a starvation mode and tried to store up any fat intake. Every individual is different. She told me that they normally don't like to do this, but I need to slightly increase my carb intake to jump start my weight loss. Now this is just what she temporarily prescribed for me personally. THIS IS NOT A FORMAT THAT I AM PASSING ALONG TO OTHERS..... 500 calories per day 35 grams of carbs 60-70 grams of Protein And yes I have to get my walking in. I got it in today and I will walk again in the morning when I get up. I feel much better after talking with my nutritionist. She told me I was doing all of the right things, keep it up. I should be at the end of my stall and my weight should be dropping off in no time. My husband is my lifeline and my best support. He goes with me to the doctor, he walks with me and he even changed his lifestyle of eating food to support me. He keeps me motivated and pushes me when I want to stop. If you have a strong support, that's half the battle. Thank you for taking time to read this. Good luck to everyone. Keep strong and keep in touch.
  10. Hi, I'm running into the same problem. I'm 3 weeks out and I stopped seeing a weight change 1-1/2 weeks ago. Again, W.T.H. but with that being said. I need to exercise more. Joining a gym with hubby at the end of week. The past 2 weeks I was traveling and didn't get much exercise in. Post surgery I lost like 15 pounds in just over a week then TOTALLY STOPPED / NOTHING. I have an appointment with my nutritionist tomorrow. Did I mention I'm totally depressed. My clothes feel like I've lost weight, but the scale said hell no you didn't !! I'm going to put in more so I can get better results. Granted some days I was so sick and week I just could not drag myself out of bed to do any exercise. Going into week 3, I physically feel better. I hope their is a change. It's not like I'm not trying, but I know I can do better. You are Soooo Not Alone. Keep us updated, I'll do the same and we WILL get through this together.
  11. GeorgiaGirl

    does everybody lose hair?

    Thank you, I will try the fish oil as well
  12. GeorgiaGirl

    does everybody lose hair?

    I was told that almost everyone will experience some hair loss. I was also told to take Biotin. I picked it up at Walmart in the Vitamin section. I take the 5000. It's good for hair and nails. Good luck, it will grow back after your body reaches its balance.
  13. Hi all, well I'm 4 days post- op and I've had better days. I am constantly feeling full. I can't seem to get hardly any fluids down. Maybe a sip ( not even a full 1 oz and I feel like I'm going to pop.) I have a surgical drain. It seems to feel better each day , the pain is better, just slowly. I'm open to help / ideas. Has anyone else experienced this discomfort. I'm never hungry but more than that I can't even seem to force it down. I have to eat..... Help.
  14. Thank you Kimberlyu. I will look it up on line tonight and order some. Thanx again.
  15. Thank you 2x4NoMore I will try that also. It's also a good way of keeping track of my fluids.
  16. Thank you Michele H and Healthiernewme. So far I have been trying to drink water, muscle mike, broth, Atkins shakes and Popsicles. It seems as soon as I swallow it ( little sips) it's almost painful. So I've taken it slow. I did try the liquids at room temperature and that did help some. I just constantly feel full and have no desire for food or liquid of any kind. I make myself sip, but after about 1-2oz I'm full for hours. This can't be a good thing. I crush my medication and take that with 1oz of Fluid. I could once take one bite out of a Popsicle. I have a follow up appointment on Tuesday. I loosing weight but not the right way
  17. GeorgiaGirl

    How have you prepared?

    Hi. I just received my surgery date of July 30th. YES... I had a horrible time trying to get my surgery scheduled. For one reason or another. It was a problem getting the surgeon approved for a certain facility. It took 6 months after I submitted all of my information and 3 months after my insurance company approved my surgery before I got my date. All is behind me, I have my date set in ink. I still have to do my pre-op meeting/class. I'm just waiting for them to call. I started off GREAT I lost about 40 pounds in 4 months before surgery by just following my nutritionist guidance. ( My nutritionist was ecstatic ) However, after they kept putting me off about my surgery date I got discouraged and kinda lost my way started eating everything I wanted. My excuse was my last shot to eat whatever I wanted....... And I did...I ended up putting 20 of the 40 pounds back on. I'm sure it was more discouragement / depression. Well, now they called and finally said they had things set up. I had a surgery date. So the party train is over. I started eating right again and lost 5 pounds. I have almost 3 weeks prior to surgery and I intend on loosing at least a total of 15 pounds. ( I hope - I know it's fast, but I did it before and I felt great and remained healthy) My goal post surgery is to be about 110-125 less than I am today. I'm giving myself a year to reach goal. I will break that into groups of 3 month goals. Falling off the wagon like I did is a fear in the back of my mind after surgery. I will use this as a lesson and learn from it. I guess I'm glad I did this pre surgery rather than post. It almost feels like I got a second chance