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    Dr. Illan is wonderful. He is a very quiet, gentle man and I would trust my whole family with him.
  2. I am not being obtuse. This, from Ivana, is exactly what I have been getting at, so thanks Ivana! Omar has no power over anyone and can have consensual sex with whoever he wants and it needs to remain private. This thread is threatening the doctors rep, not that of Omar.
  3. Actually, the different scenarios you gave all have different answers. Teacher/student....the teacher has POWER over the student to give a bad grade. Coach/player.....same as above Therapist/patient.....therapy for what? Physical therapy? Its fine if they want to. Mental where the therapist can give them a bad recommendation, then no. Again, they have power over that person. Omar has no power over anyone. The only thing he could do is??? What? Now if he requires sex before surgery, that is a problem.
  4. Actually....yes. I do wonder why she was removed. She is very passionate in her defense of Omar. However, she has a valid point. Seems so far like sour grapes more than some moral issue. And the word rape should make you cringe, but glossing over it or trying to be PC by saying "non-consensual" is silly. If someone is going to be accused of non consensual sex, pull on big girl panties and call it what it is. Again, Omar is not in a position of power. They don't pay your way to go there, you are not a hostage and have to have sex to get what you need. It is a choice the adults make. In fact, we pay to go there. We are the ones in charge.
  5. I had surgery with Dr. Illan and I am actually not a fan of Omar. When I went, I felt very much like a burden and couldn't wait to go home. That being said, I don't feel that this was the right way to do this. If Susan wanted to call out Omar for having sex with clients, then state it that way. Trying to ruin the reputation of Dr. Illan is irresponsible. There is no rape unless the woman TRULY said no and was forced. Getting your feelings hurt later doesn't make him a predator, it makes him an ass. And there are a lot of men like that. He isn't in a position of power. He can't do anything to you to make you have sex. If you consent to it, that may be a mistake you make and I feel for you (speaking to whoever "you" is) because it sucks to be dumped. I can't say if the accusations are true or not. However, blaming Dr. Illan is wrong since Susan admitted that she has not talked to him. If Omar blocks the emails and calls, how exactly would Dr. Illan know? I actually agree that Omar hides stuff since I had a complication and wanted to ask Dr. Illan about it and told Omar to ask him. I never got a response and when I asked Dr. Illan personally when he came to the hotel, he knew nothing about it. Did Omar forget to ask? Maybe. But my question never got to Dr. Illan. Please don't be so quick to ruin the rep of a man that saved my life. I didn't got to MX for Omar, I went despite him. PS....I have been on this site since 2005 but was forced to create a new ID because I had been off for awhile when it became bariatricpal. So I have seen posts for a long time.
  6. I want to revise my band to a sleeve and have narrowed my doctors down to the following: dr. Ponce de leon Dr. Illan Dr. Fernando Garcia I am not concerned about price as I haven't even checked on that yet. My main concerns are skill at revisions since I don't want to wake up without a sleeve. Also, and I know I will get opinions on this :-) , but what size stomach does the doctor leave? I don't want leaks but I know I need good restriction. The only other thing I am concerned about is how they staple the stomach and what sort of overkill do they do? I like overkill when it comes to my stomach. LOL! Thanks for the help!
  7. Hello Everyone! I am new to the forum and currently have a lap band. I am looking to have a revision to sleeve and am leaning toward dr. Ponce de leon as I havw read great things about him. Can you guys recommend any other doctors that have success at doing the surgery all at once? I would prefer to not have to wake up and find I don't have a sleeve. Before I get blasted :-) I am aware there could be complications that the doctor decides it isn't worth the risk. However, I want to pick a doctor that has experience in doing it all at once. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  8. Leslie, how did you get in touch with the ladies you spoke to for Dr. Illan? I spoke with Omar last night and he was very nice. I like the fact that he encouraged talking to patients as opposed to just taking his word for it. I am wanting to go at the end of February so I need to decide and get my plane tickets soon!
  9. Irish

    Which Doctor!?

    Wow! That's scary! I'm glad they were on top of things and fixed you up. I appreciate all the responses! I was actually leaning toward Dr. PDL but now I am not so sure. I think last will be to call and see which one I feel most comfortable with. Want to get a decision made and go now! :-)
  10. Any information on Dr. Ponce De Leon when it comes to revisions?
  11. Hello All, I am starting my research to have my band revised to a sleeve. I am searching for the best "revision" doctor in MX as I am self pay. Unfortunately, the 1st 2 doctors I called were disappointing. The first wanted to wait 6 months between the 2 surgeries (removal and then sleeve) for an extra $4k and the 2nd immediately told me to get an RNY. I have a high BMI (5'11.5" and 450 lbs) but I have seen so many people on here that have lost a lot of weight and feel that I can do it too. I didn't appreciate him pushing the RNY without even knowing my situation. My questions: 1, What doctor would you recommend for revision that will do it all at once? 2. Which doctor will do the sleeve without harping on me to get an RNY? I have been lurking awhile and hopefully will be able to get decisions made and money coming in so I can get this done!! I have had this stupid band for 5 years and I HATE it!! I actually do not have issues with it other than no restriction and have never had restriction. Thanks for the help!!
  12. I am sure there are doctors that prefer the RNY. However, I have a problem with a coordinator pushing it on me when he has never met me, knows nothing about my life or history or any medical issues. He pushed it because of my BMI. I would just like to know who had a revision in Mexico and who their doctor was. I am starting to lean toward Ponce De Leon and he has good reviews on here. Just wanting some suggestions. Thanks!

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