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  1. bonnielynn07

    Damn You Torrid!

    Try Walmart jeans I love me some torrid but there jeans are pretty nice specially if you just gonna buy new ones later lol
  2. bonnielynn07

    True Results

    A anyone going through true results? They are really nice. I was just wondering how people that have gone to true results experience was.
  3. You think " for sure I didn't lose any weight I'm a failure! " then you weigh in and your down 6 more pounds!!! I had my first fill on the 5th, I did my 24 hours liquids and 24 hour mushies like the doctor told me, she also gave me a goal, I started out weighing 362 and I lost about 12 lbs for the pre op diet. When I weighed in on the 5th I weighed 347. She told me that on my 4week post op she wants me at 340, so that being said she was like " you have 10 days to lose 7 lbs, I know you can do it" so 8 days go by I fell like I'm doing nothing! And I'm so scared to weigh my self because I feel like I've gained. Well surprise!!! I'm down 6 lbs and I have 2 days to go!! Woo hooo!
  4. bonnielynn07

    Trying To Be.....

    Patient..... Trying to not want what everyone is having. I'm 10 days post op and I had my check up on Thursday showing that since my pre op diet I've lost a totally of 16 pounds. I haven't lost that much wait in years. Specially in that little time. Now I'm staying with my sister and her boyfriend and he works out in the oil fields and got my fiancee a job, money has been a problem because I was the only one working for about 3 months, my fiancee is going to get paid on Friday but since we have had no money my sister bought groceries and it's nothing but junk food!! I'm still on mushie stage so I'm so worried that if I eat what there eating I'm going to gain it back!
  5. bonnielynn07

    Trying To Be.....

    Yes I did that yesterday it's been so much of a help thank god. I was gonna go crazy
  6. bonnielynn07

    What Did You Say?

    Yeah my teeth where chattering and they were like " are you cold?" and I was like " no! It hurts to breath! I want my mama!" lol
  7. bonnielynn07

    What Did You Say?

    The first thing I said was " I want my mama!" my fiancé, sister and mom where waiting for me I the waiting room and she was so proud that I asked for her because she was sure that I was going to ask for my fiancé lol I felt bad as soon as I said it cuz then I was thinking " should I have got Robert?" my fiancé was glad I asked her back there because she was able to remember All the post op instructions lol
  8. Pressure in your lungs. It's been a little tight. Also I didn't eat very much yesterday and today I haven't eaten at all. I'mm forcing my self to drink water.
  9. bonnielynn07

    Anyone Have A Problem With...

    I'm feeling OK today, I feel hung over though cuz I don't want to take the hyrocodone anymore. Every 4 hours I would get this huge headache andy body would start itching so the last time I took it was at 10:30 last night and now it's almost 2 pm. I just took some Tylenol children's . Still haven't ate ( drank) a whole lot of food. And no BM for me yet.
  10. bonnielynn07

    Anyone Have A Problem With...

    My pain is the gas mostly and the heat pad was my best friend but my doc told me not to put it on my tummy. They rather ice it. So I just put it on my back. My best friend rubbed my back so good last night and I got a lot of gas out.
  11. bonnielynn07

    Anyone Have A Problem With...

    Sorry I didn't put that I just had surgery on Thursday.
  12. Ugh I just wanna sleep for at least a few hours??!
  13. Had my lap band put in today at 9:30 am I'm just hanging out at the hotel walking around it every 30 mins or so. Glad I'm now a bandster!!! The gas is the worse of all the pain!!
  14. bonnielynn07

    Barley Any Sleep First Night :/

    The heating pad has been my saving grace. I've used it all night but I kept waking up and I'm at a hotel so I would go outside and walk the halls twice and come back in every few hours. The gas pain was the worse.
  15. It banded today, I'm soo sore but the worse pain is the gas! Ugh I can't wait til it goes away. My mama is taking care of me plus my fiancé as well I've been walking a lot around the hotel, every hour I get up and walk around.
  16. I'm so excited! True results got me this nice hotel in San antonio seconds away from where my surgery is going to be. I'm not nervous at all just anxious. Can't wait !
  17. I'm also the 16th at 9:00 am I'm so excited!!! can't wait
  18. And then I can start getting everything ready for the 16th!! I'm so excited. Is it weird that I'm not nervous?? I've always been the type to just get it done, when it came to scary stuff etc. there's no turning back, I'm leaving the past.
  19. bonnielynn07


    What kind of medication did the doctor prescribe after surgery???
  20. bonnielynn07

    One More Day Of Work!!!

    I know how you feel. A lot of people are nervous for me but I feel that if I go any longer this way I'll be shortening my life. My surgery is on Thursday I hope everything goes well for you too. Your absolutely right that it is gods hands. Let me know how it goes.
  21. bonnielynn07


    I'm also having a hitial hernia repaired as well. So ready for it to be done already aug 16th can come sooner!
  22. bonnielynn07


    I was prescribed hyrocodone and promethazine suppositories (eww) I really don't want to do that. But I guess if I have to I will.
  23. bonnielynn07

    Stomach Troubles??

    What kind of meals are you having ? I need advice and suggestions. How many as well?