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  1. lessofmeismore

    What does the new "full" feel like?

    I have that problem too I have to really work on my bite sizes and try and chew more. It's a challenge but we can do it!
  2. You're awesome too! Look forward to hearing more from you!
  3. lessofmeismore

    What does the new "full" feel like?

    It really is!! And I've seen so many people who get the same full signal.
  4. lessofmeismore

    The great thread killer......

  5. Dilute some decaf tea and drink/sip it warm It gets better! Stay strong
  6. I had an extended release pill that I crushed and it made me so sick. I felt like I was having a heart attack and I was doubled over in pain. I called the dr. and found out I was not suppose to crush it because that have me an over dose of the medication. Very scary. Be sure to find out from your doctor on how to take each medicine
  7. lessofmeismore

    Americans are doomed!

    Hehehehe!!!! Ok I'm not trying it Thank y'all
  8. lessofmeismore


    You are in my thoughts and prayers! Oh yes I believe I will be healthy soon... Just takes some time and lots of Water and orange juice You are so strong!! You're going to be feeling much better real soon. Hugs to you- Lisa
  9. lessofmeismore

    Americans are doomed!

    So what is Vegemite? Is it sold in the US?
  10. lessofmeismore


    Hi Sannah, it is still healing. My troubles started December 11th and continued on until December 18th being my first surgery. I had a second surgery as well. I guess I'm kind of like iggy is with complications... I fear for people to have what I am going through...so I encourage people to hurry to their dr before damage is done. As you can see my pain lasted 7 days and 4 emergency room trips in those 7 days. By the fourth ct scan my ureter was blocked and my kidney was very swollen. My stones were lodged in my ureter. I am still suffering the damage this caused... My blood work shows kidney damage .... It is basically from being full of Calcium oxilate and being blocked for a period. My back still aches but oh gosh it is nothing like when it had stones. That pain is indescribable. Now it is a dull ache like constant cramps high in your back. I am told I am "healing" and this is why I still hurt...
  11. lessofmeismore

    Sleeve World...

    Love it!!!!!
  12. lessofmeismore

    Surgery tomorrow

    Congrats and well wishes!!!
  13. lessofmeismore


    I am so sorry Sannah if my post have scared you. I just worry about you and you are such a sweet person I really am praying for you to get passed this suffering. I do not want to see you suffer needlessly. The Dr that removed my stones was a Urologist perhaps you can make an appt with one? I was given my dr thru the emergency dept. You are in my prayers! Wishing all the best for you and speedy healing and happiness!! -Lisa
  14. lessofmeismore

    Started 'Couch to 5k today' Anyone keen?

    Yes it could! I can get going so fast I almost fly off now lmao
  15. lessofmeismore


    Oh I thought you had said your stones were 1/4 inch. I get threads confused. Did she scan you to make sure your ureters are clear? Any size stone can lodge into your ureter kidney or bladder because they are spikey like porcupines
  16. lessofmeismore


    Eleven days from surgery you are still very swollen and still have a lot of healing going on... Try and take lots of sips all day long... Try warm liquids see if it helps...maybe flavored water or Gatorade. The emotional part is normal. It takes time to adjust but I promise you after a few months things will start to feel more positive. Hang in there, stay strong and continue to come here for support if you are feeling low! Hugs to you!
  17. lessofmeismore

    It works body wraps.

    Can you explain how it works? What does it do exactly?
  18. lessofmeismore

    Sleeve: The UNTOLD Story

    Same here!!! Hehehe I scared them good!
  19. lessofmeismore

    Sleeve: The UNTOLD Story

    They undress us to make sure we are worthy
  20. lessofmeismore

    anxious and lightheaded

    Good luck Bree!!

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