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  1. curlz74

    Waiting for approval in GA

    Hi! I'm in the waiting stage as well. Luckily only 3 months here in TN, but I'm nervous something will come back and say, nope, you gotta wait more. I am a lapband failure - surgery in 2011, only lost around 40 pounds, but was able to keep it that way for years. I started having issues with reflux and weight gain, so they removed the band November 2019. Now just waiting on the new approval for RNY.
  2. Great topic! Call me whatever you want to call me, but I'm slightly more worried about my appearance than the actual change in diet - the hair loss, how to keep my skin as good as it can get, yes I know it'll be flabby but if I can do anything to help that out, I will! Maybe it's because I've had lapband prior and I'm converting to RNY as soon as insurance approves. Maybe it's just me.
  3. curlz74

    Lap band to gastric bypass

    I am so glad I signed back into this forum! I had lap band in 2011, had some success, but no where near what it should have been. I started having more issues with GERD and still being overweight, my dr suggested going back to a surgeon. That's when I found out I could have the band removed and get RNY. My band was removed in November, and not I'm getting closer to the RNY - don't have a date set yet, waiting on insurance approval. To say I'm scared, nervous, confident and excited would be underestimating my nerves right now. Thanks to everyone for their insight and I look forward to chatting more!
  4. curlz74

    Calling all A11s!!

    Hey everyone! It's been months since I have posted or read and boy can I tell a difference! I did ok over the holidays, didn't gain anything but didn't lose either. I was ok with that (my last fill was in November) - I had to go home and take care of my mother after surgery and that included my 2 year old nephew as well as help her make it through the holidays. Since I have been home, I still maintained my weight, lost probably another 1/2 pant size (tight pants became loose) but in the last 2 weeks I have gained 3 pounds.. Ugh!! I have kicked up my exercise program and have a fill scheduled for tomorrow. I'm using myfitnesspal now (curlz74) so i'm hoping that tracking things will help. During this time, my insulin levels have tripled, my glucose tolerance test says I'm not diabetic, never been diabetic (misdiagnosed 10 years ago evidently) so that is a relief but doesn't explain other problems..oh well. Anyway, I'm trying to get back on track now and get back into posting! It was great reading everyone's post - we all have to stay positive (yes, preaching to the choir)!
  5. curlz74

    Calling all A11s!!

    Has anyone had edema in their calves? My calves started getting sore last night after aerobics and today I can barely walk. I thought it was just exercise soreness until my husband noticed they were swollen. Could it just be dehydration? I know I'm not drinking Water like I should be. What does everyone else drink besides water? I am not a fan of tea, even though I'm a deep southerner! Kelly
  6. curlz74

    Calling all A11s!!

    GG - Congrats!! And thanks for all of the encouragement you give us all! Healthywoman, I go back to the doc on Dec 5 and until then i'm trying to see if i can figure out a trigger food. It tends to come more in the evening so I'm thinking I may need to change my eating times or something. It's definetly not anywhere near the heartburn it was before. Before the hernia was fixed, I had to take a prilosec every night or I would wake up needing to throw up. So far, the heartburn has only been bad enough to make me take something 1 time.
  7. I finally had time to figure out how to respond. I'm losing weight slowly too - but after reading today's post it makes me feel a little better that we all seem to be losing slowly. I truly thought it would just start falling off. It did before surgery, why not now? ugh!!

  8. curlz74

    Calling all A11s!!

    I have the same problem! My scale isn't moving, the nurse didn't seem happy with my numbers, the doctor didn't seem like he cared about the #'s even thought she said he would. I just remind myself it's a long journey, take a deep breath and move on. Others say they see a difference, but it's hard to understand what they are seeing when i don't see it either. Oh well. So, what are the papaya seeds for? I haven't had a stuck episode (close, but not a full episode). Does it help with just gas in general? Also, does anyone have a little heartburn? I have slight heartburn often, but nothing ever major. I had a hiatal hernia before surgery, it was fixed when I got my band so I'm wondering if it's just general heartburn (runs in the family too) or if it's something I should be concerned about. I have noticed it more when I haven't ate. What about snacking? I see that several are staying away from snacking, but I still snack some, since I am trying to follow my presurgery diet somewhat... Confused.... Kelly
  9. curlz74

    Calling all A11s!!

    Good luck Ms. lady - just let this be a minor setback, not a major one. We all have minor ones in some way, shape or form.
  10. curlz74

    Fill question

    I had my first fill this morning. I had a bundle of nerves going in, but they were pointless! I never found a step-by step explaniation of the process, so here is mine. I had to lay down on the table first, so they could make sure they found the port, then they stuck the needle in. I felt the stick (some say the docs use lidocaine, but mine did not) and he 'overfilled' the band. Then I had to sit up and chug (dr's term) room temp Water. Each time I swallowed he asked if I could feel the water and when I could, he would let out some of the fill. This allowed the water to go down. I continued to drink until it felt comfortable. After that, I laid back down, he removed the needle and I went on my merry way. That was at 9:30. It's now 2:00 and I'm a little hungry, but I also only had a slim-fast since then. It's almost snack time! He did say to stay on liquids for 2 days to make sure the band isn't too tight. I hope this helps! I think the reason I had nerves was because I didn't know step by step what would happen.
  11. curlz74

    Calling all A11s!!

    Ok, so I stressed for nothing! It was easy and no lidocaine. 4 cc's. I guess I was a little overwhelmed. I have not lost that much weight since surgery, only 2 pounds on their records, but I know that I have lost inches and througout the whole process I've lost about 40 pounds. That being said, my tummy is growling since I'm back on liquids for 2 days! I love the idea of the water bottle rubberbands! I have a bad habit of bringing water to work and not drinking it. Maybe if I see a goal, I will complete it! I keep reminding myself that I didn't gain this weight overnight and it's not gonna come off that quick either. We all need to remind ourselves of that from time to time. it's easy to get discouraged. That's why I love this board. I may not post often, but reading that others are having the same struggles I have really helps - that kinda sounds sad/sick/bad, doesn't it? Good luck A11's!!! We can do this!
  12. curlz74

    Calling all A11s!!

    My first fill is tomorrow - every emotion is tied into it! i don't think i'll be able to sleep much tonight
  13. curlz74

    Calling all A11s!!

    Hi! My name is Kelly and I was banded on the 31st! It's great to see posts from people who are a little ahead of me to let me know what to expect! So far so good, i've lost about 10 pound since surgery, started pureed foods today. My starting weight for the whole process was 246, I was 222 on my post-op appt last week. I'm married with furry kids - a beagle mix and a german shepherd.
  14. I have IBS and I did have some issues the few days following surgery, but no more than the 'normal' flare-ups for IBS I'm used to. I'm now 13 days post-op and back to normal in that department, even on a full liquid diet.
  15. curlz74


    I'm a week and a half post-op and i still have some burping. I was told by previous wls patients to keep gas-x handy and it really helped!
  16. curlz74

    I bumped up.. is that so wrong?

    I was banded on August 31 and on my post-op appointment I asked them what the reason for the 2 week full liquid was mainly for, was it tolerance or healing...I too was hungry and have tried a piece of something small here and there, but my nurse explained it was more for healing, so that made me halt on the trying until my 2 weeks are up (counting the days until Thursday!) While I do feel it's best to listen to your body, you also don't want to overdo too much while you (we) are still learning what our bodies can tolerate and how they feel now. I have the weird feelings that i can't explain too, and don't know if they are from the surgery, the band or the alien that I feel is living in my belly. Again, it's between you and your doctor - just make sure you tell him everything you've been doing. You know your body better than anyone.
  17. curlz74

    August 2011 Bandsters????

    I go for my pre-op appt on August 2 - surgeon says he is looking at a mid-August surgery! I only hope I can work my job around it (we are in a no-take-off time in August, but my director is willing to work with me) - if I can't I'll have to wait until Sept and I'm not sure I'm ready to do that. I'm concerned about the number of days I'll have to take off - and now all of the pre-op testing after reading the posts! I'm on a CPAP machine already, so maybe I can skip that part!
  18. Hey everyone...I'm sooo excited to find this forum! My name is Kelly - I do not have a surgery date scheduled yet, but I go to my PCP tomorrow for my official clearance and then see the surgeon on April 12 to set the date. At first I wanted to keep this secret from friends and co-workers, but reading some posts and seeing the support here has made me change my mind. I admit to the feeling ashamed feelings and am proud to say that now, since I have told a few, I am loud and proud to support this surgery! Thank you for all of the words I have read and hope to continue to read! I look foward to reading everyone's progress, old and new!
  19. curlz74

    Hiatal Hernia

    Hi guys...Thanks for posting about this situation...I go to my PCP tomorrow to get her blessing for the surgery (which she's been pushing for years) so I'm not sure what my surgery date will be...I do meet with the surgeon on April 12. But my question was regarding my hiatal hernia and if it was something they could fix while they were in there. I will defintely ask that when I go! Thanks again for the information and I"m glad I found this site!