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My surgeon's office called me today to inform me that my insurance had approved my surgery. The surgeon's office told me last week that as soon as I had all my pre-approval requirements done, they'd submit it all to my insurance, and it would take up to 7 business days to hear back. That if they wanted any further tests, they'd find out at that time what else was necessary. I have an appointment in 2 days to visit my primary care doc for my pre surgical approval. So I figured the surgeon would likely submit my paperwork for approval next week. Nope - they did it already and I'm already approved! They still want the primary care doc's approval, but they know that'll come. I'm cleared!!!

I was already given surgery dates - I'm having my surgery in 10 days! On Friday I go to visit my bariatric surgeon one last time, and he'll put me on the pre surgical low carb diet. Then I'm on my way to surgery in a week. I cannot believe it! I'll be LOSING weight this holiday season! Yippee!!!

FYI - my insurance required that I do six months of a hospital nutritionist before qualifying. After that it was likely the same things anyone else has to do for surgery:

  • Lab work: CBC, CMP, TSH, PT/PTT, Urinalysis
  • Cardiology: EKS, Cardiac clearance from cardiologist
  • Radiology: Upper GI with double contrast
  • Routine Wellness Screening: Mammogram, Pap Smear
  • Misc.: Primary Care Physicial Clearance, Pulmonary Clearance (which in my case included a breathing test, and showing them my recent sleep study results, and giving them the chip from my CPAP machine for reading). Psych evaluation.

I'm almost there!

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