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Why Won't My Body Cooperate?

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I'm doing everything right. Thought the carbs (like watermelon, broccoli and lettuce) were causing slow weight loss. Eliminated them (on the advice of NUT), lost 5 lbs in a week, then...STALL.

All my life, I have had a hard time losing weight. Even at 17, when my Dr. put me on a 1,000 calorie diabetic diet (I don't and never had diabetes) the weight would not come off till I eliminated most food groups, and ate less than 500 calories per day. I also walked at least 2 hours per day.

Now I have a Protein shake in the morning-17 gms Protein, 100 cals

lots of Water and Crystal Light

Lunch-1/4-1/3 cup of some kind of lean protein food

more Water and Crystal Light

dinner 1/4-1/3 cup of lean protein food.

More water and Crystal Light

How am I not dropping massive poundage?? Or at least a steady weight loss. I physically can't eat more or more often.

I rarely sit still, for long, either. Walking, household chores, hiking, Zumba, etc...

BTW, I feel awesome!! Amazing energy. This was also the case, during my phases, in the past, of eating less than 500 cals/day.

What happened to if you burn more calories than you take in, then you lose weight?

Any advice, things that my doc should check, etc...?

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    • allwet

      this one is a bit of a slog to get thru but it is important to see the differences they are trying to define.
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    • CocoaRNYBBCPromsFanInUS

      Dinner tonight was: a dessert plate (cuz it's small) topped w/ dark leafy greens, refried beans & stewed shredded chicken. Pretty good.
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    • CocoaRNYBBCPromsFanInUS

      This is great, but having difficulty changing where it says under my moniker & next to my profile picture, "Pre Op" to ---> "Post Op".  I'm new, but had my Gastric Bypass procedure 06 February 2018. Halp! lol  Also, how do I post Before & current "After/ Work In Progress" photos?  Do I post it/ them in this status box? Any assistance appreciated. Thanks a bunch in advance. Toodles!
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        Nevermind, I found the answers from the HELP thread. :)

    • AshleyDosie

      Day 3 of the liquid pre-op diet. I haven't felt too bad, but my brain wants some food!!! I can do this!
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    • FullMoonFanny

      Day 2 of pureed food diet, 15 day post Sx. I'm eating lunch (leftover taco ground beef mixed with 2% cottage cheese) and wondering "Am I full? Am I full? How will I know I am full?" I've prepared about a 1/2 cup total and eaten about a half of that. Then I get the familiar pressure behind my sternum, like a burp is just sitting there wanting to come up. I hiccup a couple times and gas bubbles up from my belly. There's no feeling of fullness in my stomach, its all in my chest. I guess this is full for me? I am just learning what full feels like. For the new me, fullness isn't leaning back from the table with my hands on my belly wanting to unbutton my jeans. Fullness is a feeling low in my chest that the food has stopped going down. Air is trying to escape to make room. It's the feeling of really needing to burp. Still learning.
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      1. gabybab

        I get a heavy feeling in my chest and can't burp, then the hiccups come and they are loud and obnoxious

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