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    From the album: 4 month progression

    Pic on the left was at a union rally a week before my surgery. Pic on the right is 4 months out.
  2. LoriRay


    Thanks Slojo!
  3. LoriRay

    Michigan Sleevers

    and Lee, sorry about your setback. I had to have 6 months of supervised dieting also. And dont miss even one month because they make you start over!
  4. LoriRay

    Michigan Sleevers

    DreaDrac congratulations! I can tell you its the best thing I have ever done for myself. I was sleeved May 29th. 5 months out and I am down 68 lbs so far. I have a ways to go yet but I feel great!
  5. LoriRay

    4 month progression

  6. Well this is it! I am nervous but also excited. Just happy its finally here. Off to the hospital by 8 and surgery is at 1030. Will update after surgery tomorrow when I can Lori
  7. LoriRay

    Michigan Sleevers

    Hi all. Sorry I am gonna miss that walk. I bet it would be fun! I am 3 months out this week and am down 57 lbs total now. You will not regret being a sleever! Its the best thing I have ever done for myself. Good luck to all of you who are still in the process. Lori
  8. LoriRay

    May Sleevers

    I am down 35.5 since surgery. I was sleeved on 5-29. Total from HW is 50.5.
  9. Good luck today! You will do great, I have been sleeved for just over 2 months and I dont regret a minute of it!
  10. It gets easier to drink the longer you are out. I am 7 weeks out and have no problems drinking now. The first 3 weeks or so I got the same thing
  11. LoriRay

    May Sleeve Buddies!

    Sleeved 5/29. HW 314 SW 299 CW 269 I was at 309 the day I started my 2 week pre-op diet. Thats when I started tracking on this page and on MFP. I am down 45 lbs total! 30 post surgery.
  12. LoriRay


    Congratulations!! I havent been at 199 or lower since 1990. Wow 22 years. I cant wait! Still have a ways to go but I will get there!
  13. LoriRay

    Official July Sleevers Postop Thread.

    Glad you are doing well. It will only get better from here! Welcome to the losers bench!
  14. I was sleeved also on May 29th. Feeling good! I am down 25 lbs since surgery. Total 39 pre and post
  15. LoriRay


    Saginaw Michigan here. I was sleeved on 5-29-12. As of today I am down 25 lbs post op. (just over 4 weeks) and a total of 39.5 pre and post. I was sleeved at Hurley in Flint by Dr. Farhan. Loving it so far. Knocking wood but so far no complications at all. Feeling good! Lori
  16. LoriRay

    Leftover Pork Chops & Roast

    The shredded beef taco wontons sound great! I am going to try this.
  17. LoriRay

    New To Group. Surgery May 29Th

    I am doing great! Feeling good and still on soft foods with some chicken too. Things are good Lost 38 total so far (pre and post)
  18. Hello, Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am getting my sleeve May 29th and getting excited. I was very nervous about the whole thing until I found this site. SO happy I found it! I love reading about everyones success stories. So..how is everyone doing so far who has had a sleeve done in May? We are nearing the end of the month and I am especially curious as to how those who had it in the beginning of May are doing? I am into my 2nd week of my liquid diet (yuck!) but its getting routine. Just ready for the surgery to be done! Lori
  19. Glad you got something down! You will feel a little better every day
  20. Sorry you are hurting today. You will be ok. The first couple days home from the hospital were painful but I promise in a couple of days you will be feeling much better. I did a lot of walking..just 5 or 10 minutes at a time, but it did help with the pain. Also your stomach is swollen right now so its hard to get anything down. Just concentrate on your fluids..tiny sips every few seconds, and keep a protien drink handy and take tiny sips of that too. Dont even worry about food for the first couple of days..but you have to keep drinking. I am 4 weeks out right now and feel great! You will get there too and I can bet that 4 weeks from now you will be posting with a completely different outlook
  21. LoriRay

    Will I Ever Enjoy Eating Again?

    I am just over 4 weeks out and still enjoy my food. I dont see that going away. My sleeve does not give me much trouble. I can eat about 2-3 ounces protien easily and so far I have not had any problems with anything I have tried. I am looking forward to doing some recipes and tweaking them so that they are low fat and low carb but taste good. With the small amount we can eat now I am all about good flavor. Making white chicken chili later mmmm.
  22. LoriRay

    Recovery Question

    however..lots of folks fly back from Mexico from their surgery. But I think they have to stay a few days after.
  23. LoriRay

    Recovery Question

    I was also told no flying for the first 4 weeks and if we drove anywhere to take a break at 45 minutes to avoid clots.
  24. LoriRay

    Bubbles After The Sip

    I was sleeved May 29th. I did get that too for about a week. I think its cause your sleeve and tummy are still swollen so it doesnt have any room yet. Once the swelling goes down it gets easier.
  25. Hi Michigan sleevers! My surgery date is coming up fast. I have been on my liquid diet for over a week now. Surgery is scheduled for May 29th. I am having it done at Hurley in Flint. I have Dr. Farhan. Scared but excited too. Im ready to make this commitment! Lori

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