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2 years post sleeve

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I have many questions. Had my sleeve 2 years ago. Still have 15lbs to lose for goal. What and how much should I be eating now? My serving sizes are 1 cup or less, meaning a total of 1 cup per meal. I am eating regular foods. More Protein than carbs. I feel I may be eating too big of portions. Also, how soon after eating can I drink fluids? Can anyone let me know how those that are 2 or more years out, how are you doing and how are you keeping the weight off?

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at that far out, it's going to be a very individual thing. If you're not already doing so, log your food intake for a couple of weeks to get a sense of your average calorie intake per day. To lose more weight, you'll have to cut your calories back, so try cutting 100 calories from your average. If your weight doesn't budge after a couple of weeks at 100 calories less than what you're currently eating, then cut another 100 calories. Rinse and repeat. You'll eventually find your "sweet spot" where you're losing weight again.

Keep in mind, though, that the closer you get to a normal BMI, the harder and slower it is to lose weight. It took FOREVER for me to get the last 20 lbs off.

the eating/drinking thing is for life. Most of us are told to wait at least 30 minutes after eating before drinking anything (although my surgeon wants us to wait for at least an hour, which I USUALLY do...)

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What @catwoman7 said. I wouldn't change a thing from that! :)

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I am 2 years out exactly. I lost 75lbs, but still need to lose 20lbs to reach goal. I too am stuck, and have been for about 6 months. I have been very slack about counting calories, and getting exercise. I don't think your portions are excessive, but maybe what's in them? I love eating all fish and seafood, and until recently didn't realise that salmon fillet is 2 x the calories of a white fish like barramundi. I love scallops and they are very low in fat. Prawns, crab, oysters (baby octopus... Yum!) are a little higher, but compared to other Protein foods such as rump, they are very rich in protein and very low in fat. My dietician told me that to get a general idea of the fat content of most fish species, look at the color of the flesh. The leanest species such as cod and flounder have a white or lighter color, and fattier fish such as salmon, herring, and mackerel usually have a much darker color.

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On 2/13/2020 at 1:09 AM, JerseyNanny said:

What and how much should I be eating now?

Depends on so many things.

How much you should be eating depends on what position sizes satisfy both mental and physical hunger.

What you should be eating depends e. g. on your taste preferences, intolerances, allergies, meeting nutritional requirements, some common sense and (if that is important for you) ethical and/or environmental considerations.

What some people trying to lose weight are doing is logging their food for a few days and then cutting the calories by e. g. 300 or 500. Others cut out meals without counting calories. There is more than one way to Rome and you'll have to find yours.

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      Ok I had surgery on Jan 27 2020 so I am 3 weeks out and have lost 32 lbs  I wish I had this done sooner. Now just trying to figure out different things to eat so I am not eating the same thing over and over. I did order some stuff today from the Bariatric Store and that stuff should be here in time for my next phase. I have a goal of 50 lbs by the first of June hope that is attainable. Good luck to every one on this journey 
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      So went to my surgeon today for one month follow-up. Last time I was there he wanted me to put on 4kgs but oops I’ve lost another 2kgs. Told him it was intended, was trying to maintain, upped my food intake, was stable for almost 3 weeks but last weekend broke it.
      Mum turned 80. Drinks at neighbours, a couple of crackers & dip, home late, no dinner. Out all morning, followed by celebratory family lunch, home late, no dinner. Whole dietary routine out the window. Did have a protein bar & tuna frittata muffin in between but didn’t eat much at all those two days.
      What dumbfounded me was he was ok with it. I told him I didn’t want to put on his 4kg because of the weight gain many experience in the 12+months in maintenance. He agreed with me. What the??? Invasion of the body snatchers??? Totally opposite position from last month. 
      He was also ok with my stopping my multivitamins. Agreed with my thinking that is better to feel ok & eat then be nauseated & not eat. He’ll just monitor my bloods to ensure no problems which is what they do anyway.
      Not complaining. 
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