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  1. Judyjones

    How do you deal with negative people?

    good luck to you, don't listen to them is right..........I am 60 and had the band done 9 months ago and so happy I did it. When a young man friend told me yesterday how great I look and I am doing so great dieting..........I was so proud I thought I would burst. Yes, I am on a diet but the only thing is I have a tool that helps me diet but I still am on a diet and have to watch what I put in my mouth. And by the way, this friend does know I had the lapband. Judy
  2. Judyjones


    So happy for you. Now that you are back to work maybe you can get back on track. That stuck feeling you do not want while at work. I can not imagine throwing up every day. It hurts me when I have to do that and then when it is over with, I am so tired I have to lay down and take a nap. My last stuck was while in Alaska eating fish which was cooked too long and dry and I was talking instead of chewing and boy when that finally came up after 2 hours I was happy it came up but I don't want any more fish at the moment. IT HURT. I am glad that you are in water now doing exercise for your knee. Water exercise is the best so on that note I am off to my kicking and moving my arms in the pool. Oh that flab that shakes in the water is awful so I hope all this kicking will kick it away. Have a good day and so happy that you are on the up swing of things and remember to chew. Judy
  3. Judyjones


    Oh, I have not been on here in such a long time I missed this blog about your mishap. I am so sorry but don't give up. Remember you do have your band and your band is your tool to use so use it and try not to gain any weight. You have been doing so good. I have been so busy this summer and now the fall is even worse but I will stop by once in a while to check on you. Judy
  4. Judyjones

    Not Good...

    So sad about your port but you don't want to see that 268 lb woman again. You have been thru sooooo much just to get the surgery so try to eat the right foods and still chew and chew and eat slowly and maybe while your waiting to get your port fixed you can still loose some weight. I know it must be hard but you do not want to see that 268 lbs woman again. Good luck to you, Judy
  5. Judyjones

    Chugging on along

    Wow, you look great and love that smile. You must be smiling all the time. Congrats to you. Going to spend my winter in NC so I hope it stays warm down there. Enjoy your new body, you worked hard for it. Judy
  6. Judyjones

    To tell or not to tell

    I have not told very many people and really like it that way. If you want to talk about it, attend a support group in you area and then you get many new friends and can share your stories with them. The support group helps and teaches me a lot about our tool in us to help us loose the weight.
  7. Judyjones

    Flipped...not really Opinions please

    I am sorry that happened to you. Yes, pictures should have been taken. Your doctor did a whoops.
  8. Judyjones

    4 mo Post Op + 2nd Fill

    Your doing great and thanks for the details on the stuck feeling. I can relate. Just had one on vacation because I was talking instead of thinking about chewing. Mine all came up and it does hurt so no more talking while eating. Judy
  9. Judyjones


    You just got some great advise and I even learned something new. Thank you.
  10. Judyjones

    What if someone knows you are banded?

    Babylapband.............I have one friend that is treating me different because I am loosing the weight and she is the first person I told that I was having the surgery. Why are people like that? I don't talk about it all the time, I don't brag about it getting smaller clothes, I just don't understand some people. I will tell a stranger before I tell a friend and I told one stranger and come to find out she had the same surgery over a year and half ago and when I saw her eating candy I yelled at her and she stopped eating it. This was a great blog because I think we all have this problem of how people react to us having the surgery. I am so happy I had it and thanks for this blog. Judy
  11. Judyjones

    Hair Loss Not an Expert but this is what happened to me

    Thanks for the info. I was one of the lucky ones with NO hair loss.
  12. Judyjones

    It's not a freaking miracle!

    I hope a lot of future band people read this. You have said it very well. Our tool is there to help us loose the weight but you must help the tool to work. Good job blogging.
  13. Judyjones

    From: Slipped band??

    Thanks for the info. Hope it does not happen to me or anyone else that has read this.
  14. Judyjones

    Why aren't I sleeping?

    Not sleeping, too much on your mind. Been there, done that and still there at times. Or it could be I have lost some weight and I have more energy because when I wake up in the middle of the night, I want to do something..........not eat but acturally want to move this old body and do something. Now if I could get my husband to wake up my house would get cleaned during those early morning hours.................LOL Good luck with you weight loss. Judy
  15. Judyjones


    Me 3
  16. Judyjones

    Hit a new set of numbers..Woo Hoo!

    I am very proud of you. That exercising really does help. I am almost to onederland and really looking forward to it. I will make sure to let you know when I get there. Going on a month long vacation starting next Tuesday and I will be good, anyhow that is what I am telling myself. And people say we took the easy way out..............if they only knew. Congrats to you. Judy PS While I am on vacation I will be turning 60.......ouch. Having problems with that number but I am going to be a thinner 60!!!!!
  17. Judyjones

    Stuck and sliming for the first and last time!

    I know the feeling. It happened to me on Ritz crackers, not once but twice so no Ritz crackers for me. I kind of laughed when you said sometimes you forget to chew. I think that is all of us. We are so use to eating fast. Had my surgery on Dec 31st and still have to stop and think to chew. Congrats to you new sizes. I am almost there but not yet but soon. Have a good day. Judy
  18. Judyjones

    Keeping up the pace

    I am so happy that you are rolling out of bed to exercise.......LOL I am doing the pool everyday for about an hour and my legs feel like mush when I get back home. One week from tomorrow, I will be going on vacation for one month and this might be a bit hard for me. But I will try and get exercise in when I can. I am taking my laptop with me so I will be checking on you so keep up the good work. Judy
  19. Judyjones

    Bad girl...bad bad girl

    You better get back on track because you must feel pretty lousy right now. Just a step backward and now time to go forward. I know I am going to have those days because in a week and half I will be going on a month long vacation and kind of worried about my food choices. But I am going to try and be good and how the HECK could you eat cake????? I would think that would get stuck. Judy
  20. Judyjones

    Mama and Lexi

    Look how easy it is for you to bend over. I love that part of this journey. Crossing my legs and bending over to cut my toe nails...........
  21. Judyjones

    My Fat Pants

    I wish I kept my fat pants that were a 26 but all my fat pants have been going to good will. You look great in this picture. No one can take that smile off your face. Keep up the good work. Judy
  22. Judyjones


    Been there, done that and thank the Lord I don't work. I can't imagine having that feeling while working. Yes, lesson learned. You are like me by not telling very many people. Email me at wrxchewie@aol.com and tell me the reason why you have not told anyone. It would be interesting to me because most band people I have talked with told the world. Only if you want to. Good luck on chewing. That is one thing we all must do. Judy
  23. Judyjones

    First Support Meeting

    I enjoy my support group meetings which I don't do much talking in them because usually I am the only band person. There is one lady that comes once in a while that has the band but she is nuts and admitted that she goes to thereapy and thinks everyone should do that because of the life change. I try and talk to her about the band but she is very unfriendly. The bypass people are much friendlier and really have lots of information and ideas that I can use. Their weight does come off faster but I still love my band. Yeah, my weight is coming off slower but it is coming off. Your story was very funny........buffet at a support group meeting!!! Judy
  24. Judyjones

    Lap Band in the news

    Isn't 5 protein shakes a day a lot?
  25. Judyjones

    It's a struggle....but the good news is....

    Yes it is a stuggle but your doing it and sounds like your doing a very good job. Keep up the good work and OMG, 5 1/2 miles. I don't think I ever rode a bike that many miles in my lifetime..........LOL

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