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    Pregnant And Finally Losing Weight Like Crazy! Hormonal??

    OK here is what I think- but I am far from being a doctor- just with having lost weight and logging everything - I think this maybe a reason. I think that when pregnant your body is having to work harder - just naturally work harder with all the things it has to do to support a baby -- so in doing that you are burning more calories on top of your normal everyday and exercise without knowing it. So your 1200- 1000 calories minus what you normally burn in a day, and what you burn exercising is acutally lower than you usually take in bc you burned the calories supporting the pregnancy. Which might mean- that ulitmately your body to lose needs to have more burned off - so after the baby you might need to lower calories or try and burn off more -- My body is the same way- if i consistantly eat between 1200-1000 calories even with working out- i stall or gain weight... I know it just doesnt seem fair- but I have now realized this and i have to go below that to lose... Best of luck with you baby! Very happy for you and wish you the best during your pregnancy and on the weight loss after!
  2. TCarroll

    Headaches After A Gastric Band Fill

    I have no idea what causes it but every time i get a fill- for the last 2 years i have had the band- i get that headach and i have heard some other do also. I take an excedrian or headach med before i go in now- tends to help some but something i have just learend to deal with and get my fills late in the after noon now. Good news- it goes away by teh next morning-- not to terrible to deal with!
  3. TCarroll

    Anyone from Houston, TX

    Welcome! I am from Houston and i went thru the process and with amazing success with Dr. Jason Balette in the woodlands. I cant say enough good things about him or his staff. I call it "cheers" bc everyone knows your name. Dr. Balette is a very caring doctor- and sticks by your side thru the whole process encouraging you- yet giving tough love when needed. Good Luck with your Journey.
  4. TCarroll

    1yr 2 Mo At 206 Lbs And 140 down Face

    PJ i am just so very proud of you--- I have said it before and i will say it again-- you will be known as the Prettiest banster there is ! Keep up the hard work and i am so very very happy for you ! When youre ready we will goal shop in houston!
  5. TCarroll

    Lap Band Slipped

    Look I was miserable and had a horrible slip that was almost perferating my stomach-- but for me i knew it was bc of the gallbladder so i made the decision to put the band back in--- a no brainer for me... i mean -- what exactly are you scared of putting the band back in.... when you did have it and it hadn't slipped yet-- was it working- was life good? if so-- why scared to go back there.... For me watching all my hard work and dreams and health go down the drain was scary not a new band.....
  6. TCarroll

    Lap Band Slipped

    Hey- been there done that! I am now on my second band and i had to wait about 4 1/2 months to heal befoer they allowed the second band... and in my mind no doubts i was putting the band back in..... my slip was out of my control- my gall bladder went bad and i violently threw up for a while and the band slipped.... so we went in and took out gall bladder and replaced band --- this time around i got a 14 cc band- bigger band due to scar tissue and to make sure i could get teh band loose if it ever got too swollen again.... i was at my goal weight when i got the band removed and in those 4 1/2 months i gained 28 lbs no matter how hard i fought it... I got rebanded on 02/16/11 and it is taking me alonger to get to restriction of course--- but i will say almost instantly I was able to control the weight gain--- and after my last fill as of right now i have restriction.... and the scale is starting to go down. I reeally tried to keep the weight off i follwed my diet plan and worked out but the weight kept coming back on.... I am not gonna lie and say that it is easy bc it has not been- emotionally it is a rollercoaster... but glad i have a band back-- and looking forward to getting back to my goal weight i have 21 lbs to go to get there. Stay strong-- and just pray for what decision is right for you.
  7. Dr Jason Balette in the woodlands.... I honest to God cant say enough good things about him.... not only did he do my lapband which i hit goal within 9 months- 115 lbs gone... but also took out my gallbladder out when it went bad.... He is a great surgeon and doenst rush you in and out- really takes the time to help.
  8. TCarroll

    No Longer Banded!!

    Oh my heart is breaking for you... I have been in your shoes and I know that it is horrible and feels like your life has been turned upside down and dreams are going away. I had to have my band removed due to a bad slip and my stomach was too swollen to keep the band... I went 4 1/2 months without a band and did gain back 28 lbs.... durin g that time we realized that my gall bladder was bad and is what was making me throw up violently with the band and without it... so, i was able to have teh gallbladder out and a new band placed--- although a much bigger band due to scar tissue. Again, I completely understand the feelings you are going thru- you feel like you lost your best friend you best ali to get this weight off. I was at goal when this happened to me myself. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you are able to contine losing the weight and reach your goal. Wishing you a speedy recovery so you can get back to your healthy life and working out to reach your goal.
  9. TCarroll

    New Lap Band

    Hi there- if i was in your postiion here is what i would do.. I would call eht doctor and schedule a Upper GI /barium swallow to check to see if there is a possible slip of the band- causing you to tighten up like that. If all that is good- have with you a log printed off thru a calorie counter website that tracks your food intake and what evercise you did for that day-- if you arent already doing that you may realize that you are getting too few calories or too many calories... take that with you and have a planned meeting wiht the doctor and have him have the nutritionist there with him.... tell him you want answers... you expect support and that you will be in once a month to review wtih them this so they can get an game plan to get your weight loss jump started. Tell the office you want the last appointment of the day... so therefore they cant rush you out of the office. Also, yoiu might be like me who swells very easily-- therefore i had to get small fills more often--- see if that will help with the fill/unfill process and your eating. Also, make sure you are really following the lapband rules-- how big of bites you are taking, chewing, waiting before the next bite- things like that.... really make a effort to ensure you are doing all that corret to see if it could be user error so to speak--- especially if you have had it for a while and maybe going back to old habits.... everytime after an stuck episode- are you goign to liquids to wait for the swelling to go down before trying to cram food down the band again? All of these are just suggestions... I hope something i said helps-- If the doctor refuses to sit and councel you with you r meals- i would look elsewhere for a different doc- but be careful alot dont want to take others patients.
  10. Personally with my slipped band- i was so tight had acid reflux at night - and was very very sick with it--- my band did not open up-- it closed up and no food would stay down. I know they say it is different for every person but i believe that this more than likely isnt a slip... my slip happened bc i was violently throwing up from a bad gall bladder.
  11. I am in Houston and have an amazing surgeon... Dr Jason Balette. What area of Houston are you in? Let me know if you have any questions- i just missed you in teh chat room by a second to give you an answer.
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    wedding photo 132 lbs

    From the album: At Goal

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    102 Down and a Hair cut

    You are doing great ! and TRULY just beautiful!
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    From the album: At Goal

  17. Hi there- i am living your worst nightmare---- I found out i had a slipped band on 10-1-10 and immediately they took me straigth upstairs to surgery-- to hopefully fix the band-- I was over a year from the first surgery hit goal at 9 months and at 114 lb loss when i found out i slipped-- well, surgeon stayed in there for 3 hours trying to fix band- my stomach was too swollen and no way he could get it on.... I go for my follow up tomorrow-- I have been suffering from depression and am frustrated that i am gaining almost 1 lb per day this week- staying strictly under my calories and working out---- After surgery- my dr did tell my family i was still a band candidate-- just needed to let stomach heal--- I am very scared to hear what he says tomorrow-- the possibility of not being able to have the band back in or a sleeve even.... I worked so hard to get here adn was so disciplined-- and still am-- but my body doesnt respond like it did with the band.... I will keep you updated... my best advise to you- is to make sure you go to liquids- or anything that doesnt cause you to be sick so you arent swollen when you go into surgery.... Best of luck to you... feel free to message me if you have any questions.
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    at goal weight of 135

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    10-6-10 128 lbs

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    10-6-10 128 lbs

    i am 5'3".... Thank you both for the compliments...
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    From the album: At Goal

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