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  1. gamyj

    Do you notice.....

    i have been in the 160s for about 5 months... I want to fling myself out the window...Im so bummed! I feel your pain! amy
  2. laweemi.... I too have lost slowly... I also have lost 45 lbs in the 8 months since surgery. I am very frustrated at the slowness. I am so envious of those down 80lbs!!! I still have about 35-40lbs to lose and Im having a very hard time. I think I need another fill....sigh. I need to remind myself that this is lifelong, not temporary. good luck! amy
  3. gamyj

    Need help

    I too was banded in march 09... I have lost about 45 lbs, and have only lost 2 lbs a month since june or july... I am very frustrated and sad about it.... I would love to know what tips ppl have to start up the weight loss again... amy
  4. hi Jim,

    camping two weeks out eh? You are a brave man lol. I feel like you may still have soreness, but it should be manageable. I would not attempt to sleep on the ground though. I couldn't sleep comfortable in my bed for quite a while after surg.. maybe 3 weeks or so. I am just over 3 months out and I feel really great! I am down 40lbs and down 2 sizes. I just feel so much better. You will be amazed how you feel afterward. when you have your surgery make sure you walk walk walk afterward and take gas X. It makes life much more tollerable. Also don't be too hard on yourself if you feel really tired after surg. I was exhausted for like a month after... totally normal! You will do great,and it will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself! good luck.. feel free to message me with any questions you might have.


  5. I do not vomit or pb, I do not keep my band so tight that I have any problems. I dunno that I have ever really gotten anything stuck. sometimes if i eat too fast I can feel it going down very slowly, but it never stays for more than 5 minutes. LOVE MY BAND!!! I think bc I don't over tighten my band is why I have such an easy time of it. I try to eat slowly, small quantities and chew chew chew! good luck!! amy
  6. Hi Jenn, my name is amy, and if u need anything Id be happy to help! I was banded on march 20th of this year, and its been a wonderful experience thus far. Im down 35lbs and I feel really great! If u have any questions feel free to ask! Good luck on Monday... you'll do wonderful amy
  7. I have been banded since march 20th, and have had no problems. No vomiting no PBing either. Smooth sailing (knock on wood) :blushing: good luck on your Journey, amy
  8. Happy Birthday and good luck on your journey!! amy
  9. gamyj

    Lap band vs sleeve?

    I too decided to get the band... I didn't want any cutting, I definitly wanted something that I could regulate... I didn't feel I could do that with either of the other options. I really think its a very personal decision, what it is that u want out of the tool u choose. I also felt there were less complications with the band. I wish u lots of luck reguardless of what u choose!! amy
  10. gamyj

    PCOS keeping me FAT!

    hi! I too have pcos. I was banded a little over two months ago and I have lost 33lbs so far. I feel wonderful. I also developed pcos after the birth of my daughter (she is 13 now) and I was 20 at the time. I did have a little trouble getting preggers with the second (I had a miscarriage), but then had a healthy baby boy who is nearly 2. I can attest that the band can help thise of us with pcos!! good luck and keep us posted! amy
  11. I too have no regrets, Im a little over 2 months out and have lost from day one. I pesonally don't have any sliming or PBing. I eat my small amounts and chew well and feel pretty good! When I eat too much or fast my band lets me know... its been a really remarkable tool for me. Ive had one fill, and don't really feel I needed it, but all is well. good luck on your journey reguardless of if u choose to have the surgery or not. amy
  12. thank u all for your responses.... I guess sometimes I feel like im going crazy bc unlike your experiences I can't remember. I wish i could, so I can say "ok this is what it is and now I can deal with it." I am so lost. I Love my husband, but I feel guilty all the time for the lack of sex, I've even gotten to the point where passionate kissing is upseting. I feel like a failor of a wife. My body tells me something happened... amy
  13. I think was abused as a child, but can't remember. I have body memories... I cry and shake sometimes during sex,sometimes after and "go far away" so to speak. I feel a remarkable amount of sadness, I feel lost. It is affecting my marriage. I feel guilty bc I avoid sex or anything and everything relating to sex. I have tried theraphy, but my insurance would only cover so much. I am so tired of ppl saying things like "maybe it was something u saw,or heard or whatever. I want someone to validate my feelings, my sadness,my real struggle. My husband is VERY supportive. I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel lost and alone in my fear and pain. I would just love for someone to say "i understand" or "I know what ur going through". I just need to heal... if u have any suggestions, that would be great and very appreciated. amy
  14. gamyj

    weight gain??

    honestly, your body is in starvation mode due to such a low calorie consumption. Alot of ppl gain weight untill they have their first fill. Just know that this is tempory, and soon the scale will drop. I would try to get more calories in. lots of luck, amy
  15. gamyj

    Low Carb Peanut Sauce

    thanks so much!! amy
  16. I am 2 months out and really didn't feel I needed a fill, but got a tiny tiny one that was fine. i Do not even plan on having anymore bc I feel i have had good restriction since the day I was banded... I am down at least 33lbs and feel great. I can eat whatever I want so long as I don't eat too fast or too much! love my band! amy
  17. gamyj

    Low Carb Peanut Sauce

    I'd love the receipe! Please post it. I love anything with peanutbutter! :party: amy
  18. gamyj

    did you happen to read that post?

    I agree claudine. amy
  19. Hey all, I really need some advice. I had my first and only fill on may 6th and now 3 weeks later I feel very tight and uncomfortable. It had been about 4 days feeling this week. Is it common to have a delayed reaction like this? I had been feeling wonderful before hand. I am also extreamly constipated (tmi I know, but trying to figure this out), could the constipation be making me feel tight? please any any all thoughts and advice is MUCH appreciated. thanks in advance, amy
  20. not so much stuck, I just can feel everything going down and then it just sits there for a while. It is very uncomfortable. even liquid just sits for a bit. grrrrrr very annoying!!
  21. I really don't eat too much fast food. I do love wendys small chili... low in fat and high in protein. Go to thedailyplate.com and u can look at all the nutritional values of your favorite places and make good choices. Now when I know im going out to eat, I hit the computer first, and then I find what is appealing to me and what is the best for me. I never feel deprived or guility either. Just remember that the calories are for a whole whatever, and the chances of us bandsters eating the whole of anything is remote. most of my meals last me two or three meals!!! enjoy all!! amy
  22. YES!!! thank goodness!!! Im a coffee junkie... even more so since banding!!!
  23. gamyj

    Body Pain

    im interresting in ppls answers, as i have been bad about taking my calcium! amy
  24. I am so lucky... My scale broke!! :crying: i weigh myself at my moms once or twice a week... so go ahead everyone throw the scale out the window (litterally!!) and it will be a problem no more!! LMAO amy
  25. gamyj

    did you happen to read that post?

    I would think that after 6 weeks of banding it was more than likely an error of the doctor. I think ppl are still getting banded bc they don't care for the other options out there. I am very pleased with my band, I have no negitive side effects, I am in control of my weight loss, I have had no cutting or rerouting of any of my insides. With any surgery there are risks, the band may not be for everyone, but neither is the sleeve or bypass. It is an educated decision made by many many men and women. I would stand by my decision to get the band over any other method I have researched thus far. Im glad to see you have had sucess with the choice u made too! amy