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  1. Is it common for doctors to use medical glue to close the incisions? I told them I was allergic to it, they put an allergy tag on me, yet they still used the glue and now I have the hives and a rash.
  2. PsychoMantis

    Goal Weight?

    I am a 5’5” female and my weight the day of surgery with clothes on was 226 lbs. I’ve tried to look up a good height to weight ratio online and it said I should be around 110 lbs, which seems a bit low. What should my goal weight actually be or is there a good place I can look it up? It varies from website to website.
  3. PsychoMantis

    Stalling 1.5 Weeks after getting sleeved

    I gained three pounds, but after I realized I was constipated I took a laxative and the next day I lost those three pounds.
  4. My doctor told me never to use a straw again because of this. Figure I should probably listen to him. I don’t have a medical degree after all.
  5. PsychoMantis

    December surgery

    I had my surgery on the 30th and I’m currently almost done with the full liquid diet. January 14th is when I can finally go to puréed food. So I bought some baby food and some instant mashed potatoes. They said sweet potatoes, but I cannot stand sweet potatoes, they’re just too sweet. I’m only having 2-4 tablespoons of food per meal and I’m forcing myself to eat. I don’t feel hungry. I have to say I’m really sick of soup. Puréed diet is only a week long as is soft foods. I can finally go back to regular food the day after my birthday on the 28th (my birthday is the 27th). We usually go out to eat for my birthday, so finding a place that I can get something that can be reheated is going to be tough. The packet said to avoid red meat because it may not be digested well, but I ate beef chili liquified and was able to handle it so that shouldn’t be a problem. If I can’t handle it I’ll just save it and give it to my brother-in-law. I would get ramen, but I don’t think I’d be able to handle it. The portions in Idaho are huge, so it’s not really possible to find only 2-4 tablespoons of food. I could just ask my sister to get me some things off my Amazon list instead I guess.
  6. PsychoMantis

    Hope this times a charm...

    That’s interesting because my hernia got fixed during my sleeve surgery. In fact that was the whole reason I went through the sleeve surgery in the first place, I didn’t know I could just get the hernia surgery by itself. My post nasal drip from GERD is almost nonexistent now.
  7. PsychoMantis

    Gas pain! Dreading this

    I find it interesting that so many people had gas pain from the sleeve, I had zero gas pain, only pain from the incisions, but to be fair I think I slept through it. I don’t remember waking up in recovery at all. I only remember waking up at 8 pm thinking the incision pain was horrible whenever I moved. I had more gas pain when I had my hysterectomy.
  8. PsychoMantis

    Binge Eating Before Surgery

    For my food funeral I had two bags of snack size Takis (Blue Heat and Fuego) and some ramen from our local ramen shop. Not exactly a binge, but their portions are huge, and their ramen is amazing. Their broth is soooo good. Spicy Beef Ramen all the way. Too bad I have to personally go in the shop for Takoyaki…I really wanted to try that.
  9. I recommend Premier Protein shakes only because they taste great and they give 30g of protein per serving. I get mine at Sam’s Club here in the US as they sell them in bulk and they have the chocolate peanut butter ones, which I love. After surgery you won’t be able to chug your protein drinks or really any drink so it will be a bit more of a chore to drink them with small sips.
  10. Actually you shouldn’t bring a straw cup. You won’t be allowed to use straws for the rest of your life because it lets too much air in your stomach.
  11. PsychoMantis

    Still a virgin at 46

    I know how you feel. I’ll be 35 on January 27th and I’m still a virgin. I’m gay too in a small Mormon populated city so finding dates is near impossible for me. And the ones I have found on dating apps are kind of scary looking. They have terrible teeth or smoke (which is a deal breaker for me) or they do drugs (another deal breaker). I mean these women look like hillbillies. While looks aren’t everything, I figure if you look like this, you probably aren’t taking care of yourself and don’t have good hygiene.
  12. PsychoMantis


    I use Bariatric Fusion because it’s only $27 a month at my doctors office, has everything I need, and I don’t have to try to find something different at Walmart since they only sell gummies and I can’t have gummies. As soon as I am able I’m switching to a pill form, not sure why I couldn’t take a pill now, I can swallow one fine as long as it’s one at a time. Only bad thing is that it’s 4x daily, so I have an alarm set in Baritastic.
  13. PsychoMantis

    Armpit smell?

    You can try Lume. It’s supposed to be for those that have a bad odor that usually can’t take care of the problem with other stuff. Doubt it works on those with a medical issue where they stink no matter what, but it might help in your case.
  14. PsychoMantis

    Goal Weight?

    I weighed myself today with my new scale while completely naked and it said I was at 215, the scale is as accurate as the one at the doctors office, I weighed myself with the same clothes on the new scale last night to check the accuracy after seeing the doctor yesterday. I probably lost a pound and my clothes and watch were probably about 4 lbs since it’s winter, meaning truly I have about 65 lbs to go.
  15. PsychoMantis

    Smart Scales

    I got a Wyze scale, shows the exact same weight as at my surgeon’s office. I think it’s .1 lb off, but it’s pretty spot on otherwise.
  16. PsychoMantis

    Online dating - shady or no?

    Online dating is kind of a crapshoot, most apps are full of scammers unfortunately, especially if you live in a small town, and even more especially if you are gay in a small Mormon town. I pretty much gave up on dating because of it. Even the paid apps have scammers.
  17. PsychoMantis

    old habits

    The thing that works for me is not having that temptation around me in the first place. I just don’t buy it and keep it near me.
  18. PsychoMantis

    Anxiety or Hunger?

    I haven’t felt hunger, I just force myself to eat at specific times when I am home. If my stomach is gurgling and I haven’t eaten in a while I figure it’s hunger.
  19. There is no way Idaho Medicaid would ever pay for this for me, they won’t even pay for a breast reduction. Hell I’m lucky they pay for skin removal surgery and a tummy tuck.
  20. PsychoMantis

    Goal Weight?

    The doctor told me about 150-160 was a good range, which means I only have 70 lbs to go. Wish the Baritastic app would connect with my Wyze scale.
  21. I haven't really needed the pain meds except for at night before bed. I ran out of one of my sleeping meds and I needed a prior authorization again so it did help a bit falling asleep. They gave me like 60 pills to take 3 times a day as needed. Like I think 30 would have been fine. I'm more annoyed with the hives from the medical glue. The pain only really hurt while moving, coughing, sneezing, or laughing and only at the incision sites. I didn't feel any gas like I did when I had my hysterectomy. I never had any hair loss for the hysterectomy either (I had endometriosis pretty badly), and I've never had hair loss from any surgery. I have tons of thick hair so I might not even experience hair loss and even if I do it might not even be noticeable. In fact it might feel nice in the summer lol.
  22. PsychoMantis

    Goal Weight?

    So it's probably a good idea to ask my doctor then. I'll ask today. Thanks for the insight!
  23. PsychoMantis

    Acid Reflux

    I had acid reflux before the surgery, but the doctor also fixed a hernia when he did the sleeve so I haven’t had any heartburn with meds. Also my post nasal drip is pretty much gone. I would wake people up or keep them up at night coughing up phlegm.
  24. PsychoMantis

    Pain at site where stomach was removed

    The pain from sneezing or coughing is real. Choked a bit on my own saliva and it hurt. Laughing hurts too.
  25. PsychoMantis

    Pre & Post Surgery Must Haves

    The hospital gave me a nifty cup with measurements, but unfortunately water doesn’t stay cold in it for long because it’s not stainless steel. I’ll have to buy a new one.

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