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  1. Thank you for sharing your success story with us. You look amazing!
  2. Bari_KS

    Grocery help!!!!

    Ground turkey breast, turkey breast cutlets, chicken tenders, eggs, cottage cheese, tripple zero greek yogurt (orange cream), Fairlife low fat milk, Starkist tuna pouches, mozarella string cheese.
  3. Bari_KS

    I haven’t felt this happy in a while 😊💜

    Congratulations and see you on the loser's bench! Get a good night sleep before surgery.
  4. Bari_KS

    6 Months update!

    Wow simply amazing! Congratulations!
  5. Bari_KS

    So here it is..

    Wow your BP is excellent too!
  6. Bari_KS

    This picture shocked me

    Looking good. Aren't you proud of yourself? Congratulations!
  7. Bari_KS

    anastomosis erosion

    Marginal ulcers at the gastrojejunal anastomosis are a rare and serious post-operative complication of RNY gastric bypass seen in 0.3 - 1.5% patients. Ulcers are produced as a result of partial erosion of the jejunal or gastric mucosa caused by acidic stomach secretions. This is most commonly due to an incomplete staple line on the gastric pouch or tension placed on the anastomosis, although the exact etiology remains unclear. The incidence of marginal ulcer is said to be exacerbated by risk factors such as smoking, alcohol intake and steroid use. Info from Google.
  8. Great! That's a wonderful news. Good luck with your weight loss journey.
  9. Mouse, you look sooooo good...and taller! Congratulations! So pround of you (have been following your story).
  10. Bari_KS

    Throw Back Thursday

    Congratulations. Looking good!
  11. I ate green beans and sweet peas. All other baby foods had too much sugar. You can puree your own food (anything you like) at home. It's more healthier and cheaper.
  12. Bari_KS

    Before and After Pics

    Congratulations. You look amazing and much younger than before.
  13. Yes that's true. I have FED BCBS basic plan too.
  14. Bari_KS

    Carbohydrate intake

    At one month out of surgery you should concentrate on your protein intake and water hydration. Bariatric plate consists of 50% protein, 25% carbs and 25% fat. It means if you use 60g protein daily then your carbs should be about 30g and 30g fat.
  15. Wow you just melted down. Amazing transformation. I love your dress.
  16. Bari_KS

    Pro care vitamins

    ProCare bariatric multivitamins has everything required by ASMBS guidelines, except calcium
  17. Bari_KS

    Pro care vitamins

    I use watermelon flavor. Tastes very good.
  18. Bari_KS

    Pro care vitamins

    I take ProCare bariatric multivitamin and supplement it with Celebrate Calcium Citrate chews twice daily. ProCare contains 3000 IU vit. D but has no calcium. Celebrate Ca citrate contains 500 IU vit.D. Makes total 4000 IU vit. D in a day.
  19. Bari_KS

    What Counts as Water

    Anything fluid
  20. Bari_KS

    Outpatient sleeve

    My VSG was done outpatient surgery in less than 24hrs. Arrived at 7am, stayed overnight and left before 6am next morning.
  21. It is never too old to be healthy, active and happy. I was 62 when i had VSG last November. My mentality of being too old changed very quickly as i started to loose weight. I'm 63 now and wear size 8 destructed jeans! And i feel GOOD!
  22. Bari_KS

    rate my plate

    This is mine for comparison:
  23. Welcome! I'm glad to know you made this decision. I had my VSG last November at the age of 62. I wish i had it 10yrs ago. Better late than never. Good luck!
  24. Bari_KS

    My Two Year Surgiversary

    Amazing story. Amazing transformation. So happy for your success. Wish you long healthy and happy life!