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  1. SweetSusie1

    10 months out

    Hey guys just wanted to stop by and say hey... I have been a gym rat the past month and previous to that work had been crazy and like everyone else after sleeve life has become more active and my Internet habits have become less... So here's the scoop: I'm down 177lbs ... What?? That's a normal size man! 3 more lbs and I will have lost my husband (back in high school at least)... I did a side by side of me about 3 years ago with my then 3 year old daughter at my best friends wedding and 3 months after my second child's birth... The other was just a few weeks ago at my son's 3rd birthday party.... Cheers and how are you doing??
  2. SweetSusie1

    favorite NSV's/most anticipated NSV's

    I had an NSV today, I started at 474+ lbs, I'm down 220 lbs, a friend threw me off balance today, she is a good 20 lbs heavier then I am now days... I've always been able to stand my ground... I wear an XL tshirt and not only do I not have to stretch them before putting them on, but the are lose!! I'm excited to see the number 254 even though it is the starting weight oh so many of my support group members! I actually have to turn down hand me downs because they would be too big for me.
  3. SweetSusie1

    Over 400Lbs Gastric Sleeve Success Story

    As of date, I'm 13 1/3 months from Vsg... Starting weight 474... Current weight 269.2... That's 204.8 lbs gone... Wishing everyone luck/continued success!
  4. SweetSusie1

    10 months out

    You can see all my follies of food choices on my fitness pal, my username is sweetsusierox. No big secrets here. Thanks for all of your kind words and continued support!
  5. Omg!! I've always been a big girl... I don't honestly remember truly being upset by my looks since middle school early high school years... I seem to have woke up one more with a skinny me in my head and she never left! I'm my world I'm one skinny b..... But with the current weightloss I'm feeling more self conscience than ever! Today is exactly 3 months from my surgery I'm down 89 lbs and I'm in desperate need to hide my arms!!!! Holy bat wings!!!
  6. SweetSusie1

    Over 400Lbs Gastric Sleeve Success Story

    I was 474 and had surgery in June 2012, today I'm down 150 lbs, at 324... I LOVE my sleeve! I agree, I have gotten busy with my new life and haven't gotten on here as much, I'm actually getting ready for a 5k... I wouldn't have even thought a second about a 5k eight months ago
  7. I'm so excited, I finally hit my first self goal... is was 4 days short, but I'm actually really good with that! Having so much to lose to begin with, 50 lbs actually hasn't changed much clothing wise (bummer my pants still fit the same even though people swear thats where I've lost it all)... For the most part I'm still wearing the same size... We did family pictures yesterday, I did go out and purchase a new top for that and it was a 26/28 instead of the 30/32 I've been purchasing for the past 5 plus years. Speaking of NSV I also noticed the other day I got into the passanger's seat of my car and buckled up... I told my husband/ driver that the seat belt was in a weird place, he pointed out that I didn't have the seat belt extender on... (what it actually buckled??) So this week has been full of Victories... I can't complain 4 weeks out! Although the constant pointing out where people think I have lost the weight has become some what annoying! No two answers are the same.. "I see it in your face", "I see it in your belly", "you've totally lost it in your arms" and so on... I'm trying to take it as a compliment, I must be losing it evenly.... one thing is for sure, I've had to tighten the laces on my shoes!
  8. SweetSusie1

    June Sleevers! Hows It Going?

    6/13/2012 and have lost 106 lbs, only 168 more lbs to go!
  9. SweetSusie1

    Inner Thighs - Ick!

    I have the same problem, I've just always ignored it... Now I'm praying it goes away with weight loss... Keep me updated if you find something works!
  10. I died mine at about 6 weeks no problems, I'm a little past 3 months now and just noticed I need to redo I'm probably going to do it this weekend, I'll let you know how it works out!
  11. I think my unwanted hair has slowed down as well... I didn't have to wax every day (probably should have though) but waxing seems to be lasting longer!
  12. SweetSusie1

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    I know I've done it once, but this one is better!
  13. SweetSusie1

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Oh and I put current first... Oh well!
  14. SweetSusie1

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Made my 3 month goal over a week before 3 months (yesterday) still have a ton to go!
  15. SweetSusie1

    Bat Wings From He££

    Sorry about the side ways picture... Too bad Texas is soooo stinking hot all the time... I lost my temperature gage about 20 lbs ago and was freezing all the time... Loved getting to wear sweaters in Texas heat, people thought I was crazy! But in my last stall it came back and I seem to be regulated again ;-( a part of me wishes for temperature gage to break again!
  16. So my new NSV that I would have never thought would change... Being at 474 I used THREE pillows to sleep comfortably... All underneath my head... Well at 84 lbs lost, I realized my neck was killing me, removed a pillow and I've now slept two nights in a row with only two pillows and I'm so happy and comfortable! It's the random little things! Happy Friday
  17. SweetSusie1

    The Little Things

    Sent my skinny mini sister a text this morning saying "I'm so excited to say I'm down to 399 (what a hideous number to be excited about)..." she was so sweet and encouraging, I truly love her! But this was the first real lb lost in a few weeks. I've been pretty depressed about the scale the past couple of days, cranky even! I know the NSVs are there but I'm still just not feeling it. An a different note the Texas heat has been kind the past couple of days and I've gotten some good walking in... Woot! Everyone loves a picture and this is my current NSV... I feel like I need to point out the boob to lumpy tummy ratio... But my family was able to see with out my description
  18. SweetSusie1

    Where Can I Get Weighed?

    My obgyn's scale doesn't go that high... Very frustrating but I love the guy! With my last baby I ended up weighing at home before my appointment then letting them know when I got there... That being said my scale goes up to like 650 lbs and we ordered if from xl living... Sucks really... But now after surgery I LOVE my scale!!!
  19. SweetSusie1


    Any one ready for Halloween?? I have three monsters itching for costumes!! (last year we went as toy story... Jesse, buzz, a green alien ((my 1 year stole the show!)) and mr. and mrs. potato head (((made at midnight the night before <---- procrastinator!)))) They actually want to go all as a theme again!! (I'm enjoying every bit of it!) Why did I put this in the 200+ column??? Oh for this.... When kicking around costume ideas my husband says the incredibles... There are 5 in the family, one girl and two boys just like ours (even thought our daughter is the middle child, she is taller than my stepson (2 years older) by about 6inches... So I guess it works out) but I digress... I told my husband I didn't think I fit the mold for the mom but he already had the three kids excited about it so I said I guess I'm in... His response??? Well the mom is ElasticGirl... And you keep pointing out your stretchy skin!! Ha! I love him!!! I laughed until I about feel out of my chair... So I guess I'm gonna be ElasticGirl for Halloween... I bet this kinda of stretching skin was never what the creator had in mind... Thought you might could enjoy a laugh today!!! Now to find 5 people worth of red shirts and pants... I wonder if my husband has thought the black underwear on the outside of the pants all the way through yet!
  20. SweetSusie1

    The Little Things

    My scale lies!!!! It said I was back at 400.0 this morning... But unlike the last few days it just rolled off my back and I actually could care less! I'm still awesome!! On another note I'm still cranky what gives?? I may need an exorcism or something!!
  21. SweetSusie1

    3Rd Day Post Op, 500Lber In Nj

    Wtg Phillip! I'm so excited for you!!! Welcome to the losers bench!
  22. SweetSusie1

    The Little Things

    Starting 474
  23. SweetSusie1

    The Little Things

    Anyone else had a problem with their wedding ring becoming incredibly big??
  24. SweetSusie1

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    Seriously, me too! I cried when my husband took my "fat" clothes!