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  1. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    date nights

    My husband loves when we eat out because he gets 80% of my food to take home. Your life doesn't stop because you had weight loss surgery. You can still eat out and enjoy your date nights. If I want something I eat it. Just not a lot of it.
  2. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    Food at work ?

    If you're on soft foods you don't need pureed food. There are plenty of things you can eat. Yogurt, small curd cottage cheese, refried beans, blended soups, eggs, mashed bananas, apple sauce, humus, avocado, smoothies, tuna fish, oatmeal, cream of wheat, cooked vegetables, baked beans, guacamole, baked potato, sugar free pudding. The list is endless you just have to be creative.
  3. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    Measurements and hunger post op?

    I still get hungry after my surgeon told me I wouldn't. I just eat what I think is about a cup of food and I eat several small meals a day.
  4. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    Where am I going wrong?

    Get rid of the sweetener and the cheese. You are not eating enough protein. Yes cheese has protein but its fattening. Unless you are a vegan you need to eat meat.
  5. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    Weight gain

    I don't know how you all can eat as much as you want because I get full quickly and stay full for a while. If I eat more it just comes right back up into my throat. You can't force food and you are at risk of possibly a terrible outcome. Eat only a cup of food at one time and take 20 minutes to eat that. I have a sugar addiction too but I can't even eat enough to even make it count.
  6. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    Slow WL

    I am five months post op and only down 43lbs. The scale has not moved in over two months no matter what I have done. Exercise, protein, sleep the scale won't move but I have lost a lot of inches because I was in a 26/28 pants and now in a 16/18. I still think I should be past 50lbs. My surgeon wanted me to have the bypass and I refused. At my three month check up he said I was right where I should be but I don't think so. I really am just glad that I am not out of breath anymore. I am doing more things and not coming home from work and getting in my bed to veg out and watch tv. I haven't changed my ticker because I barely come on here. Just being nosey I guess. lol I lost my mom in October all of sudden for no reason so I really have not cared about much of anything else.
  7. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    Where do you find your vitamin supplements?

    I use the Walgreen multi vitamin for 50 plus. I eat enough dairy for the calcium and I take D3 because I am deficient in Vitamin D. You can get sublingual B12 at Walmart for cheap. You don't need any vitamin with iron unless you are iron deficient.
  8. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    So Dramatic...

    My worst moment was waking up from surgery and the pain being so bad that I threw up. A one and a half surgery that turned into four hours. I had my lapband removed but there were so many adhesions it took them two hours just to get my band free to remove. It was attached to my liver and my stomach wall and other organs. Now I understand why everything was getting stuck because the damn thing was so severely adhered to my other organs I couldn't get food down most days.
  9. Staple line leak can happen in any of the bariatric surgeries but it is only 0.5% that is way less then 80% failure rate of the lap band at ten years. I will take the risk.
  10. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    Choosing a surgery ...

    I had the lapband too. I am 4 week post op with the sleeve and I still get hungry. I don't think any surgery would take away my appetite but I can only eat so much now so I try to get in the protein. I think I would still be hungry if they removed my whole stomach lol
  11. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    Extreme Stress but Surgery Date Set

    Sorry for all the stress and my deepest condolences for your losses. I don't know what I would do in your situation. You need to get healthy so that you will be ok. I know its hard and your husband surely has your heart in his hands. He is giving you the ok so do it. You won't be down for long and I am sure he will be just fine. Big hugs and I hope you have much success on your journey.
  12. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    Hair Loss Already, less than 2 months out! *WHINE*

    Get some hair skin and nails it will help
  13. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    Pasta and weight stall!!!! :o

    You will be lucky now to lose 2lbs a week. The less your eating the harder it is to lose. Your body is screaming what are you doing to me. Hold on fat hold on. I didn't lose weight for two weeks, I didn't care. I know I am doing what I am supposed to do. Just hold on and it will happen.
  14. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    Gym Weight Lifting recovery takes longer

    Are you getting enough protein? You have to stretch a lot after lifting weights to release the lactic acid in the muscles. If you don't stretch good that could be a sign of soreness.
  15. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    Newbie with a couple questions

    My stomach growls and I get hungry. I have been hungry since the second week of surgery. I was hoping I wouldn't be but I am.
  16. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    Who is sick of purees? Some fresh ideas...

    Why are you eating puree food? Your surgery was way before mine and I am now on soft foods.
  17. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    quick question....

  18. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    August Sleevers-How are you doing??

    Went to my post op appt today. I have lost 23lbs since 8/24. My surgeon was happy with my weight lose. Moved up to soft foods so I am happy.
  19. I wish I could post the pictures from my surgery and all the adhesions that I had from my lapband. So glad that thing is out of me. Im not saying don't do it but you will just be unhappy in years to come.
  20. I hope both surgeries work for you. Good luck.
  21. iluvbears42@yahoo.com


    We all want a balanced life but I know I can not eat sugar ever if I do then I will just keep eating it. We are all addicted to food. Even if you think you are not addicted to food. I never said anyone had to eat chicken breast because there are so many wonderful recipes out there you don't have to just eat chicken.
  22. I was on liquids the week before surgery and now until Thursday. I had a lot of scarring and adhesions from my lap band plus my hernia repair was not easy. Apparently the old surgeon who put my lapband in didn't want to fix my hiatal hernia so he basically cauterized the area hoping the scar tissue would just make ok. I even had adhesions on my liver from my band. Hopefully Thursday I can upgrade to soft foods.
  23. iluvbears42@yahoo.com


    My favorite is when can I eat fried foods and crap again? This just pisses me off. To me I say NEVER. We love food. A little here and there and then oh lets just skip lunch and buy a bag of chips. Hello people this is what got us to needing weight loss surgery. Are chips good for you? No Is cake good for you? no Is fried chicken good for you? no. Fuel your body with good food not empty calories that will make you hate yourself in a year and believe me it happens. Don't think about what can you go back to eating. You should be planning what good foods you will be eating.
  24. iluvbears42@yahoo.com

    I guess I’m regretting a little...

    My suggestion to you is find a different route to go. My house is exactly 5 minutes from every fast food restaurant that exist. All on one road. I started going a different way home so there would be no temptation. Just some thoughts
  25. I had my lap band for 9 years. Up to the sixth year I was living life and got down to 160lbs. One morning I woke up and when I ate I just started vomiting. I thought well maybe after something warm it would be better. That was the beginning of my hell. I had moved from Fort Lauderdale to Jacksonville so my insurance was different. They would not pay for anything that had anything to do with the lap band. So I literally suffered. My gastro told me to unfill my band and once I could find a surgeon here to do it I had it unfilled. I still vomited. Between my gastro, primary doctor and my bariatric surgeon they went through hoops with the insurance company because this was a severe medical issue. They wouldn't budge. I just ate at that point what I could get down. Fast forward. I was sleeved 8/17/18. I had my lap band removed and there were so many adhesions it took the surgeon and hour and a half to remove it. It had adhered not only to my liver but other organs. After he sleeved me he had an endo done in the OR and realized I had a hiatal hernia. He went to repair it with even more scarring because my previous surgeon cauterized my hernia instead of repairing it. I am telling you now that lap bands are 80% failure rate at 10 years. Its not to scare you. Its to prevent you from what I just went through. It was horrible. The pain for the first week was horrendous. My surgery that should have only taken 1.5 hours took over 4 hours and a half was just removing scar tissue. Anyone that gets the band gets scar tissue and the longer its in there the more scar tissue you will get. My surgeon refuses to even do lap bands anymore. I don't blame him and if I knew then what I know now, I would never get a lap band again.

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