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  1. incontrol(almost)

    Do your feet really shrink?

    everything shrinks. literally.
  2. incontrol(almost)

    Black tea

    black tea-totally okay. i started having mine three weeks post-op. i am now nine months out and 75 pound down. any carbonated drink is uncomfortable/noisy still today so i am sticking to tea. tea has the caffeination without the fizz. congratulations on this new adventure. just remember to do what is right for you and the rest will fall into place. Love-N
  3. incontrol(almost)

    7 days post op!

    all i can say is protein, protein and then some more protein. i love my hair and was sad to see so much of it fall out after surgery. i am now nine months out and all of my hair is coming back but that is due to my insistence on protein. vain, i know. protein not only helps with hair loss but with your muscle coming back. that is my tip: when all else fails have some (sips/bites) protein. congratulations!!!!
  4. incontrol(almost)

    I'm at my goal size!

    congratulations on your weight loss!!! i am nine months out and down 75 pounds. i saw myself in a reflection today and did not recognize that it was me. what an experience! i am so grateful every day. would love tips for getting the flab to retract. like you said, if nothing else, one more surgery. congratulations again.
  5. nine months=75 pounds gone. amazing, hell yes. in the 100's again, fantastic. ability to move freely/pain free no words. so thankful for this experience. questioning if you should do it? you should question. but in the end the gains outweigh the losses. love.

  6. incontrol(almost)

    Its the final countdown!

    take a lot of deep breathes. this is the best decision you have ever made.
  7. incontrol(almost)


    eight months out. had a chicken breast sandwich (green pepper and tomatoe) on flat bread from subway. pulled off all of the bread, except bread touching chicken. was able to eat half of chicken breast flat bread sandwich. took small bites and chewed completely. felt satisfied and was not hungry for hours. i know it is hard to throw perfectly good food away. don't force the food. you just feel uncomfortable for hours. hope this helps.
  8. eat super small bites and you will be fine. stop when you feel tightness/fullness. congratulations on your accomplishments! enjoy.
  9. incontrol(almost)

    vacation and eating

    i have never had a vacation in a tropical place. enjoy yourself. i am envious. who cares if you gain a pound????? congratulations on your successes and wish you all the best in your future.
  10. incontrol(almost)

    To tell or not to tell

    until you are sure and have a surgery date i would not tell anyone. it took me over a year to get approved and i made the mistake of telling people early on. they kept asking why my surgery was being delayed. this is a personal, intense process and you do not need the added pressure of other people giving you their opinions/advice. or you can ignore my advice and tell everyone. whatever you feel is the best for you-do it! i am six months out and feel this is the best and scariest decision i have ever made (sleeved august 2012, down 70 pounds and playing soccer with my kids).
  11. incontrol(almost)

    What is slime?

    totally normal. your stomach has not figured out yet that it does not have to make so much extra fluid. it will get better in the coming months. just hang in there. it sure is gross though.
  12. incontrol(almost)

    Freaking Frustrated

    i am almost six months out from my surgery date. i never weigh myself at home. i only weigh in at my monthly doctor appointments. i would be so stressed otherwise. i may be experiencing a three week stall right now but i do not know it.
  13. incontrol(almost)

    My progess over 5 months

    i am five months out also. i only get weighed when i go to my monthly check-ups. who needs the stress of daily weight checks? you look great and look very happy. congrats!
  14. incontrol(almost)


    272 pounds=44DDD 225 pounds=38H i also nursed for over two years. looking forward to a lift/reduction at the end of my weight loss journey, for sure.
  15. incontrol(almost)

    Did you tell...?

    please only tell those closest to you, in the beginning. the start of my journey (first info. session until surgery date) was a year. so glad i took the advice of the professionals and kept much of the life changing decisions to myself. you know what is right for you. best of luck on your journey.
  16. incontrol(almost)

    weird pain question

    so busy feeling my ribs emerging, i have not noticed any lumps at incision sites.
  17. so sorry to hear about your pain. the first/second month is tough. no way around it. still on prilosec four months out. take it one day, one minute at a time. you made the right decision and your body will figure out what is going on soon. call your doctor/nurse with any questions. i should of asked for help sooner: had heartburn/pain for over a month before i realized i just needed a prescription to help me. you do not need to "tough" it out. trust yourself and keep the faith. you will make it and be so happy with where you end up.
  18. incontrol(almost)

    Head hunger / Post op day 5

    this too shall pass. i had terrible "head hunger" the first month. now four months out i can honestly say it goes away. just hang in there. i have learned how to cut up my food into super small bites so i can eat as long as everyone else at the table. you are doing great. have a lovely holiday.
  19. incontrol(almost)

    Shut the Front Door

    almost four months out from my sleeve. started at a size 20/22. went shopping this last weekend, as my pants were literally falling off. took a size 14 into the dressing room "just to see". when they fit, i looked at myself in the mirror and said, "shut the front door". someone in the dressing room next to me laughed. i know size is not everything but for some reason being able to wear a size 14 jean is AMAZING!!!!! have not been this size in over twelve years. my knees/ankles no longer hurt. i am able to give my children tight squeezes. i caught my husband looking at me the other day. literally, staring at me with that look in his eyes. for those on the fence regarding this surgery, you need to have this surgery. yes, there are times when it blows, BUT the times when it rocks greatly outweigh the negatives. thanks to everyone who post questions/comments on this website. to know there are others out there experiencing the same feelings/emotions is such a great comfort. happy holidays!
  20. incontrol(almost)

    Help! I cheated on the pre-op diet!

    go back to protein, protein, protein. you will be fine. good luck with the next few months. your life is going to change drastically. just remember to enjoy every little victory.
  21. incontrol(almost)

    IMG 1423

    you look handsome and happy. congratulations.
  22. incontrol(almost)

    Surgery In Less Than 1 Hour. Cant Wait.!

    hope you enjoy your nice nap.
  23. love how you are glowing.
  24. BMI 39-no longer morbidly obese :)

  25. incontrol(almost)

    Very Slow Loser

    two months out-forty pounds down.

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