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  1. Any body else have a bout with your roids in your first fews weeks? I think mine was cause from having severe Diarrhea caused from the liquid diet and not having a gall bladder... But they got reved up and it took 3 weeks to get them under control. I really hate the sitting on a golfball feeling and the throbbing and itching... I finally broke out the Apple cider vinegar and put them out of my misery... WHew! thank you lord for giving us the brains to figure out home remedy's...
  2. Hey, I'm from Fort Smith and I had a sleeve from Dr. Goodnight on june 29th and I love it. I have lost 30 lbs as of my 6 week check up and have no problems aside from a small case of over active bowels from not having a gall bladder.. Other than that it's been hunky dorie....
  3. Hi my names Jim, I just wieghed for this week I am offically 357.5lbs and I want to make it to about 260lbs so I am only 97lbs from my goal..... WHoooo Hoooo!
  4. razrbakcrzy


    From the album: Before & After

    me & my son's when i weighed about 435lbs
  5. razrbakcrzy

    Crock pot Hearty Stew

    Combine in Crock pot: Olive oil – about 2 tablespoons 2 carrots 1/8-1/4" round sliced 1/2 lb of meat of your choice at least - cubed 1 whole medium onion, type your choice - chopped 2 whole cloves of fresh garlic - chopped 2 stalks celery – coarsely chopped 2 med Jalapenos - coarsely diced 2 beef bullion cubes or 2-4 cups of beef stock Salt, red or black pepper to taste 1 bottle of beer your choice Optional 1 12oz. can of Rotel – drained Optional if you want less spicy 1 12oz.can of black Beans or brown beans - drained 1 12 oz. Can of diced tomatoes 1 hour before ready to eat. Add 3 potatoes 1/4 in diced For Pasta add about 1 cup of uncooked pasta, macaroni, egg noodles, rotinni ? Add Water or stock as needed for consistancy.. 6-8 hrs on low or 3-5 on high
  6. razrbakcrzy

    Alcohol After The Sleeve

    I have found out im a cheap drunk now! I used to drink anything i wanted and never got really wobbly headed. Now one shot and im on the couch waitng for the room to stop spinning... I like it...!
  7. razrbakcrzy


    Yes your age probably has everything to do with it... I had no problems up untill i hit 35 then i started to notice that i had waining intrest in my wife's attention. I went on for about 2 years then i hit 40, and the bottom fell out out the bucket. I went to the doctor and learned that my t level was 120. Way low for a forty year old... shots cured me. My levels have been as high as 1000 and i have never felt aggressive or hostile ever. I always feel alot more confident when taking it and it takes about a second to get me intrested in sex with my wife, i think it's the best thing since sliced bread...
  8. razrbakcrzy

    Male NSV here (possible TMI)

    I'm having the same response here, I have lost more than 70lbs and the response from my wife has been extreamly positive... I likey!!!
  9. razrbakcrzy

    In The Mood

    You go girls, I hope it affects ya'll like us because, i have turned 180 from what I used to feel.. I was tired and unintrested but not now...Very intrested...
  10. razrbakcrzy

    Cigars After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

    yes I do and I smoke about 2 - 6 per month... Not alot but i do enjoy them with a nice glass of adult beverage...
  11. razrbakcrzy

    Hello Fellow Losers

    Your getting a great jump on this journey, I wish i would have had this surgery about 15 years ago when i was 30... I would have never reached 485lbs and ruined my knees, back, hips and general health.. good luck to you...
  12. I was a type II diabetic taking 500mg of Metformin(morning) and 18mg shot of victoza(evening) a day I di not take any meds to the hospital on june 29th for my surgery... I also have not taken any since the surgery.... off all blood pressure and high colesterol meds....
  13. I had severe sleep apnea before my surgey (480 lbs) I would have over 100 apena's per hour.. Now I weigh 322.5 lbs and I had to be switched to an auto titrating machine becuase my apnea is decreasing so fast they can not keep up with it. I was 136 on the disruptive sleep scale, now i am a 26.. 20 is normal i hope to be off the machine by 2012. My first pressure setting was 16, now it's 4.2 the machine only goes to 3.... As soon as you start losing weight they are going to have to change the pressure settings on your machine so make sure they give you an auto titrating machine in the first place.... Good luck on your journey it is worth every PITA....
  14. razrbakcrzy

    Eating Out - Embarrasing???

    Around our Area we have Western Sizziin Steak and buffet resturants. The will weigh your plate for you and let you eat from the Buffet. @ 3.99 a Lb. last time I ate it cast me $1.19 + $.99 for mt meal and iced tea to go for later after my 30-1 hour wait... I love my sleeve and i have no problem telling any body about it. If they ask i tell them i have been set free by my WLS surgery....
  15. razrbakcrzy

    Problem area

    This happened with me also! The pad is shrinking and I have atleast and extra 2-1/2" to 3 " of exposure in the flaccid state and the other state is doing well also it has been a great side benefit....
  16. razrbakcrzy

    Yooohoo Where are all the bikers?

    Hey we have Bikes, Blues & BBQ here in north west Arkansas this week I am riding the 75 miles north tomorrow morning... Have a great riding weekend!!!
  17. Cheese scambled eggs! were a savings grace for me!!! When i was able to eat eggs I was all better. The protein in the eggs just pushed me right along.. Good luck!
  18. razrbakcrzy

    Another Guy getting Sleeved....

    you will do fine, I am 43 YO and also weighed in around your weight before surgery. I have had a great experience(see signature) and I bet you will also.. Good luck !
  19. razrbakcrzy

    Hello Fellow Losers

    Hey there, my names Jim.. I am 3 months out was 389.7 lbs at surgery now I am firmly at 326.4 lbs. I love my sleeve it has freed me from the ball and chain of food.... Good luck with your journey
  20. razrbakcrzy

    Biggest loser...

    Streched skin will not ever shrink back into position. It's like the elastic that has been worm out in an old pair of under wear, when its gone its gone. Now, you can fill the bagging parts with bigger muscles and reduce the look of the sagging skin ,but it will never return to it's old look... Have you ever seen an old body builder in their 70's? They have the same bagging/sagging issues. They stretch their skin with their muscle then when they get older and stop working out the muscle start to shrink and the skin saggs.. When I was in high school I played high level Football and worked out feircely 5 days a week! My biceps were 20" around and I could bench press over 400lbs for 5 reps and a set of 3.... I squated over 500lbs and my thighs were 28" around and I only weighed 200lbs... I had stretch marks on my biceps and my thighs from the muscle streching the skin. I still have the strech marks today and much worse from all the fat.... I went from 200 lbs of pure muscle with 5% body fat to 470lbs and 70-80% body fat in 25 years.....
  21. razrbakcrzy

    When will i feel better?

    I would say you should start feeling better by day 5-6 and you need to move, get out of the bed, off the couch and walk or somthing other than just sitting... get cleaned up and go to wal-mart just do somthing other than sit in the house and feel bad....Good luck ! The gas issue was helped by laying on my side when i was asleep, I would wake up to enomous gas movements!!! (FARTS) wow!!! and it was the high light of a couple of days!!
  22. razrbakcrzy


    I think most men that are over weight have issues with their Testosterone levels. I know I did and was taking shots....My doctors has since had me stop taking them but my test leves has dropped again not as low as it was before but it has dropped near 325 it should be around 700-850 IIRC....Before shots and while fat with diabetes it was 120... I have lost 50 lbs in 3 months... see sig below for all my lost perscriptions....
  23. razrbakcrzy

    Pre-op diet

    You can also get a a headache from Ketones, While on any low carb high protien diet you will eventually go into Ketosis and your body will start burning fat versus sugars.The by -product of this are ketones, which can cause a severe headache for up to 7 days... Good luck!
  24. razrbakcrzy

    men's clothes

    clothes donated....
  25. I have some really nice size 4 x and 5x casual golf pull over 3 button shirts and a pair of Carhart Jeans size 52 / 30 and i will have a several pairs of 50 / 30 dress pants if any male could use them let me know.... I can take some picts and email them to you if you would like... I am down to size 48 in the waist now and can still wear the 4x shirts but they are getting a bit large....

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