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Well? Where are you? How are you doing? Did the surgery go through without a hitch?

Inquiring minds want to know! :D

Hope you are healing well and all went smoothly.

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You are right Kim. I have been watching for the post also. Inquiring minds do want to know Frustr8. Hope you are getting used to changes and feeling well. Let us know. We worry when there is silence.

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Frustr8 is back to this forum!!! I read her first post in Over 60?? thread. She is "healing happily". Come on Frustr8, we're all here waiting to hear your story. Wish you quick recovery!

Looking forward to my VSG!

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Hello Hello it's me see I'm waving 👋This is my second attempt to straighten things out. and text first time I really had everything phrased,beautifully and this stupid phone beeped in an alert, Amber Alert, somebody swiped their kid,even though she did,not have custody of him. No,matter what you are still little Henry's parents. Present an unified front for the child. Even if you think,Henry Sr is a low classed bowl of snake spit, stay in i died for little Henry. I guess,this happened. as I heard the father had custody, moved to an affluent suburb of Columbus, didnt,upsate the mama, when she found him she upped and run. Left in a vehicle with Connecticut plates. 2:50 am, how am I going to heal if I keep,yammering

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And you,guys and gals don't realize how thrilling I it is to ,have a namesake thread. It means i, have arrived! Yo7nsee i,spent much of,my,life nameless. I was,somebody's daughte, somebody wife, mother or,grandmother. Do,you,know,how i,feets to,be merely an appendage, not a real,person! Now I am,I really,am!
Green Tealael,says I shouldl change my pen name since I have nothing to be upset,about. Oh,G. Tealael, you don't know the backstory to my life. Unless, a miracle happens 2 weeks from today, I will be facing a eviction hearing, and I financially cannot avoid it. Social Security pays you back for your life abysmally. My utilities and insurances and cable- which take care of internet and ☎ land'- line phone. Water which I pay and owner does not. Oh and. I almost forgot Rumke , my trash company. This varies a little, If I pay all my utilities $477.83. he wanted 400 every month for rent, that leaves me with $79.37 for transportation , food and an occasional Wendy 🍔 for Tomkitten. Averages out to $17.63 per week, need to buy milk, eggs, and meat out of that.Try going to food pantries, their choice dispersal, Kraft macaroni and cheese flavoring aka Carbo's Happy City. And as a bypass the direct pathway to DUMPING!
How did I get in this Mell of Hess? Well I am persueing final settlement of Workman Comp case . As long as I was getting paid my temporary partial, I was chugging along pretty fine, when I reached maximum Medical inprovement, it dried,up worse than a post-surgical bariatric patient's 👄 mouth. So I immediately,filed paperwork , each,form has a name "C9 "for example. Lawyer's Secretary/paralegal said " Oh these usually settle& disburse in 30' 90 days. Oh my case was adjudicated already, Industrial Commision granted me the WIN. But let's resume the saga of Greedy Mr McGurk, the man I have paid between $46,000- 47500 in rental fees and hasn't done repairs since he first inherited from his Grandfather. Let him know as soon as this happened, went to St Vincent Society,since they are active,in my town, got a grant to pay that months bill. Did this make him happy? Not much if at all! Next,month I called , he said send me the 💰 money you have left,at the end of the month. Well next month was no better, still demanding, told him I can't do this, he said Pay Me first then you can think about,utilities and food. I said,i can't feed Tomkitten and myself on less than $20 a week! I don't care how you get it, go rob a bank or something. No , not robbing banks, but I went to one of those check into cash places which are still active in my state. By this time I was mentally calling it BLOOD MONEY, but I remitted his stinky moola to him. Next month, it still was not warm enough to go without gas, electric and water to pay him.Next month another one was tapped to get him what he wanted. Didn't have any other way to get that much money, all my friends are fighting similar events on a less crucial level, the rest are DEAD! Told him I would pay up any arrears when my monies came thru.
Now back to the settlement, other party is self- insured , oh you think you are dealing with one, but it's an wholly owned subsidiary. And they are sitting in their main location with hands in their pockets, so no 💰 settlement happens. I think they are hoping I will die!
And I hear from lawyers "Bye and Bye it will come through. Bye and Bye don't pay my current bills. Now for the maraschino cherry on. my ice cream dish, they plunked a FOR SALE plackard in my front yard. Mrs Ladylady convinced him they needed to unload this house and land, the lot size is bigger than average, the house mfft. How would you do if someone refuses to repair you, perhaps he thinks God will magically heal it? Okay I applied for utility help, was turned down because of the For Sale sign. That was July, in August I tried again, tried to explain I needed to have them paid or I couldn't get utilities connected in another place. Besides you are helping me not the dadburned house! I did get so assistance from a source I shall not name, it paid for my Protein Shakes etc, but not much left over there. Labdlork Mc Gurk said if I would pay him $1,900 August 31 he would drop the case , No way I know to get the 💰 and I told him so. Reminded him I was having Bariatric Surgery September 5th, he had known that since July 17th when I got my date, and this was poorly timed. Two days later,I got summons to appear in court September 24th. I have,been in my county courthouse twice, once to obtain a marriage license, once to obtain a certified copy of that to submit to Social Security. Now you know why I have gotten 9 hours sleep in 3 nights. Sorry to,burden everyone.😪🍀👋

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And another update was coming and here it is. Yesterday was a bad day, One week past surgery. Not OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE? nope none,of that it was WHY BODY,ARE YOU FAILLING ME AGAIN? I had went unexpectedly for a visit with my Surgeon due to the Strange Purple Rain. Sunday afternoon. I was lying on my bed watching,baseball and my belly. Okay strange but my Tummy likes fresh Air!. I noticed a strange purple mottling on my left subcostal area not THAT close to any incision areas. Hmmn I think, might bear some observing! Before that had startled in my own semi- imaginary guide, okay mostly,my journal of clippings, but I do have a dynamite title "DR,RNY'S GUIDE FOR THE APPREHENSIVE". Okay,i know,a little bruising around the trocar wounds/slashes/incisions is okay but this is like an alien has gotten under my skin and is having a party. And weirdly as it advances across my body I have a white circle around each incision. It feels warm, not hot, but distinctly,warm, it is slightly swollen to my eyes, and every stretch Mark on that side looks glowinly. back-lit.. Now in the once upon a time past I carried 3 different 9 pound babies,each laid in my body at a different angle, individuals even prenatally. At its best my stomach looks like to roadmap to Indianapolis with all the county roads marked. And this is not,one of TumTum's happiest day. Do I call my surgeon, would he want to be disturbed on Sunday for what might be only a visual problem? Do I trot myself,out to our local BandAid Station? The self-same community hospital who offered my cousin with gallbladder colic a Pap Test? I won't tell you her retort today, but if you look you'll probably find it on another thread. Besides if you,trusted them THAT much you would not,gone 48 miles for Bariatric Surgery. No super pain, so play the odds nothing is twisted, besides in 70s the amount of friends still with a license and driving diminishes daily.
And meanwhile Evil Landlord Jerk Mc Gurk is sitting in his ivory palace 136 miles from here near the Indiana border, worrying that this widow might have 2 pennies to rub together and hasn't remitted them to him. I have rented from his family in this location for 18 years, 10 and a half from him,personally. Never had a written lease, didn't think I needed one. The Old adage of "If something,aint broke, don't try to fix it" Notified him when my finances took a plunge, ok we will work with it, one,month I was able to secure assistance from a social,service agency help make the balance, told me at that time We will help you once but not again. And I told him that. Next month, he demanded full payment, now if I told you the amount you would say,that's not SO Bad, but it is 46% of my Social Security stipend , if I pay my utilities, my insurances and the Water and trash, neither of which,is pays it leaves my son and I $22.75 for food a week plus our transportation around town. Pretty dismal! I do have a Workmans Comp settlement looming in the future, oh I won the case, verified by BWC And the Industrial commision of my state and Demand for Settlement was submitted over 90 days ago. The problem : opposing party is an self-insured entity. They are sitting on their fat treasure chests saying Nah Nah we aren't in the mood to do anything . I was theur,loyal minion for over 11 years, even worked when I should have stayed home sick, in fact when we parted company I had 4 broken ribs and was still trying to work. Their feelings of responsibility towards me Pfft.
And I feel certain Jerk Mc Gurk thinks I have my money and just don't want to share. So mean Mona his wife plunked a for Sale sign in my front yard. She has decided she wants to sell whether or not I am here, whether,or not I am recovering from Major Surgery,
She Wants 💰 MONEY!
Last day of August J.McG calked, said he would forgive me if I would remit him $1900 by cashiers check,yet that day he would condesend to forgive my manifest sins against him and his checkbook. OMG I said, I don't even make that much in Social Security monthly! He,then said maybe as a joke Why don't you just sign it over to ME this month? So the 24th of this month I have to go to my county courthouse for an eviction hearing . Lovely isn't it!

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And here comes Chapter 2, Oh I had this all written out, ready to,post and the phone dropped this conversation. Well when I had the Alpha Android app for Baiatric Pal if there was danger of dropping it would" save to draft", well a few months ago when I was. having trouble loading and retaining myself on BP, Ken S the Uber E-Guru convinced me to upgrade to the Beta format, his newest E-Baby, well Beta is a 2-edged sword,yes a lot of good benefits but in doing that you lost a lot of nice parts of the original. I can longer spell check and things fall off the cliff into the ether with embarrassing regularity.
So what were good and bad points about Tuesday and Wednesday?
saw Dr Needleman a week early because of weird tummy, his probably well-based theory.In all the surgical gyrations a little skin blood vessel got traumatized, either a micro knick or the wall grew weaker, when I started on my 3 week series of Lovenox, he started leaking and there was no where for the blood to go but between my skin and fat layers, NBT , watch for another tide to go across , otherwise everything gonna be okay.
Removed all my steri strips, Son of A Gun, he did do more than trace a design on my skin with his scalpel, there is at the base of each and every incision 1 or 2 little black sutures .🌝

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Chapter 2 continued.
At 6 days post I was advanced to Stage 3, thats okay, it gives me much more food options. But still pretty rare to happen so early.
Now What I Consider Bad
Every since Dr Needleman yanked, jerked, removed, whatever you want to call it, my steri strips , and the air hit I had had pain, the kind I should have had from the beginning, and,it hasn't stopped, Norco does deaden it but at what cost? Dopeiness and constipation risk? My groin attacking knee did twitch a little when he relentlessly was tugging and folding up,tapes.
I have a list of foods I can in theory eat, either I do not like them or I don't have the money to afford them Don't tell me to go to good pantries, the ones around here pass out Kraft,or Generic Boxed Mac and cheese not bariatric friendly foods.
Meanwhile, Big Red, the largest and I suspect deepest of my right side ones, Bypassers have ours on the right where the Big Guns go,in, sleevers on the left where they pull your stomach remnant out.
He and Precious Pouch,are taking turns being crabby. I have not,amused either physically but they are doing the organic equivalent,of muttering.
Yesterday I had had it. I was uncomfortable, bills piling up around me, Jerk Mc Gurk somewhere in the wings, I was about ready to,make a bowl of mashed potatoes and start eating,until Precious Pouch either made me barf or she exploded. See,i was not feeling or thinking straight, I just was hurting so bad. Then Joann, the Aftercare Nurse-practioner/ Coordinated called. I had about been ready to call HER, nobody else cared, Tomkitten had closed his ears to me, everyone else who knew would say You asked for this, yeah I asked for my health to be repaired , I asked for a chance to live longer, I asked for something to stop me from drifting toward 400 lb 500 lb and a guest episode on My 600 lb Life and Dr Now, and I don't like him, I like my Dr Needleman! I did not ask for incisions I could hardly stand clothing on!
She asked How are your BMs doing ? BM I haven't had one of them since late the 3rd or early the 4th, but I haven't been worried, no actual colon pain and I'm living on Protein Shakes, Protein Waters, no cal waters and my slew of multi vites and minerals. Maybe too soon for solid 💩? No silly you should at,least be having liquid poo if you are taking Miralax each and every day, and I had been. So I am full of something besides sunshine🌝and flowers🌺🍀🌸, 2 Miralax today, a full dose of MoM tonight and I want,notified Thursday if nothing has happened, well I don't want to make a quick trip to Columbus with this condition nor do I want to go to the local BandAid Station staffed by Sargent Peppers Lonely ❤Band. so late last night I took my dose,of Cherry MOM, oh Precious didn't like it at all, I called her a female dog, said I own you, you just think you Own me, you Will keep that down!
Finally this AM I had results, not black,merely dark brown ,but Water won't flush it down. Just sticks there. Relief , not so I can notice, just feels like the rest is heavy in my colon, but no urge to pass.
Now I have to go out and pawn my portable electronics, tablets and DVD to have enough ready cash to pay the almost $50 water bill and buy a few groceries so Tomkitten can eat, I can fall back on 3 or 4 protein shakes daily to get by but he doesn't deserve to be punished. Next week maybe his portable TV so I can at least pay my life insurance, that way SS does not have to pay for a $255 unceremonial cremation. Funny this is not the life I Booked for,! but the sun still shines and thanks to Dr Needleman I'm still alive.😥

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Can't tomkitten get a job? Every place seems to be hiring now.

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Nope his doctor won't sign off, refuses to refer to neuroscience at Riverside Methodist or Ohio State University where there comprehensive assesment facilities. if they adjudge him no seizure risk and he would pass his Ohio licensing test, which I'm sure he could do , he has driven gators and tractors on private lands . Yippee Skipee says the state of Ohio, we can dump another client off Medicaid, and He becomes responsible,for his medication bills which. total $1525 minimum monthly, that is if he doesn't require antibiotics or anything else . Show me an entry level,position paying around $2000 a month and I might consider coming out of retirement myself! I have 2 artificial knees, getting older than dirt,daily, but I can yodel,and do all kinds of funny things .😛

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