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I am scheduled in March of this year to have my surgery. I’m stuck between the bypass and sleeve. I have metabolic syndrome with PCOS. 24 years old. My biggest problem is my fear of vomiting. I know it sounds strange but I have always had this fear. I keep Zofran handy at home and in my car and anytime I feel the least bit nauseous I take one. So my question is, with which surgery is the nausea the worst? I know it shouldn’t, but this will play a huge role in which surgery I end up choosing.

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Man, I hear you. I hate to vomit.

I think whether you vomit or not is the luck of the draw, sad to say. Some do, some don't....for both procedures.

They do have really good meds to help control nausea now.

I had sleeve and have not had any nausea. No vomiting.

But I know plenty of sleeved people who have.

Talk to your doc about getting good anti-vomiting meds.

One that I particularly recommend is called Emend. By some miracle my insurance covered this drug (that we were advised we didn't have to pick up if the insurance didn't cover it...cause it can run over $200 for the single dose you take before surgery) But I did notice that the people who took it seemed to do better. (that could be purely coincidence....too small a sample)

But yeah...I was stunned that I never suffered nausea.

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I had gastric bypass and no nausea! Also had my reflux disappear

HW 242
SW 236- December 20, 2017
CW 199
GW 160

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