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    Not losing, and needing encouragement

    Holli, I can relate, but please don't follow my path. I thought I would just fly through this, but I'm back where I started. I'm eating just about anything I want and have not lost any more weight! I have had tendonitis & plantar fascitis since the beginning so I haven't been exercising which is probably a big part that my weight loss was so slow, although now it's like I threw in the towel because I've never overcome the eating issues. Thank you for your honesty because I've avoided this site...I feel like a failure. Any chance you would like to chat? It's hard telling people who have not had this surgery what's going on and how I feel! Thanks Holli & everyone else!!! Sheryl
  2. Happy Destiny


  3. Happy Destiny

    Need advice

    Thanks for sharing! I've been beating myself up mentally which only leads to defeat... You've given me a shot of hope to try, try, again! :confused1:
  4. Happy Destiny

    Need advice

    Thanks I needed to hear that. I'm going to go back to 2 Protein shakes a day for a week and see what happens! Thanks again, Sheryl
  5. Happy Destiny

    Need advice

    I'm almost totally off track. Life's been crazy and I've been using food not in the huge way I used to, but the ism's of addiction are still there. I haven't lost any weight in over a month. I'm totally depressed about it, but trying to keep a "good face" as I did before surgery. I'm going through a phase of plantar fascitis which prevents me from even walking very much. I needed to say all of this just to hear it myself. I'm grateful this forum is here so I can do it. If anyone has any suggestions or has fallen into this pitfall and has their experience to share with me, it would be so appreciated!!!! Thanks One & All!
  6. Happy Destiny

    Made it through "scale strike" and won!

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I've been struggling somewhat over the last week. I've not been exercising and I think that is one of the reasons I haven't been losing over the last couple weeks. I also was eating Breakfast instead of having a shake which is packed with 30 gms of Protein. Could you share with me what your typical day of eating looks like. Thanks, Sheryl
  7. Happy Destiny

    190 lbs.

    You look fabulous!!!! Congrats!
  8. Happy Destiny

    Thank you Sleevers

    Thanks for sharing and btw you look amazing!:sad0:
  9. Happy Destiny


    :scared0: :thumbup:Way to Go Jane!!! Although I haven't been writing much I wan't to thank you for all your shares! You are an inspiration! Congrats, Sheryl
  10. Happy Destiny

    August 2010 74 lbs down

    Beautiful Woman!!! From the inside-out!!!!! Congrats on getting healthy!
  11. Happy Destiny


    I drink premium nutrition protein drinks. I get them at Costco 18 for about $25. They have 30 gms of protein and 170 calories. They taste good to me. I also don't like any of the ones you listed. If you haven't tried it, try it you might like it
  12. Hi, Hope your surgery went well! If your experience turns out to be anything like mine, you'll be very satisfied. I had no problems post surgery except for a couple bouts with left lower quadrant pain 2-3 wks post op. Let me know how you're doing when your up to it! Best of Luck, Sheryl
  13. Happy Destiny

    Has anyone felt like they aren't...

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Mine has been almost identical to yours and I was sleeved the day after you also by Dr. Nick. You've made me feel better because I really thought I've been doing something wrong since I'm not doing as good as some others are, but I continue to be grateful I am not able to stuff myself the way I used to and I continue to trudge the road....:scared0:
  14. Happy Destiny

    Quality of life after sleeve

    Thanks for posting this thread, it made me reflect on my decision to have this surgery. As many others have already replied, I'm grateful I did this for myself. I also have a Doc in the family and he thought this was the best gift I could ever give myself. My health was going down the drain I was taking 16 pills a day and now I only take 3-4! Life is good. My weight loss is not as fast as others but I'm losing slow and steady which is fine with me..today. Good luck and remember this is your health, your body, your life, don't let others make the decision for you. Good luck on your adventure called life! Hope to see you on the road of Happy Destiny! :)Sheryl
  15. Happy Destiny

    July 27 2010 Week 7

    You're looking Fantastic!!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  16. IT'S BEEN 8WKS AND 4 DAYS. My weight loss has been slow and I believe it fluctuates quite a bit due to water weight. But today I finally hit an even 30 lbs!!!! I have 99 to go and I finally feel like I'm headed there!!! Thanks for all the encouragement I've been given on this site! Love y'all, Sheryl:lol0:
  17. Happy Destiny

    Am I being lazy?

    Hi Kathy and congrats on your surgery! I found walking helped alleviate the gas that was bound up in me causing me terrible pain. They highly recommended walking & sipping liquids!!!! So maybe go to a mall or something indoors to walk:hurray: it will be to your Advantage!!! Go luck, get ready....Start:biggrin0:
  18. Awesome! Don't you feel great???!!!
  19. Happy Destiny

    july beach 2010 073

    Looking Good!!! Awesome!
  20. Happy Destiny

    Has anyone felt like they aren't...

    I know exactly how y'all feel! I've only lost 29 lbs and had surgery on May 18th. I just started real exercise today!!!!! When I went for my 6 wk ck up the PA told me not to compare myself to others. She said I was right on track! I wish my weight was peeling off too, but she reminded me the avg. weight loss is 70% of your loss in the first year. I know many others loss faster, but I'm still keeping my chin up and... trudging the road of Happy Destiny! Good Luck to all!
  21. Happy Destiny

    What do YOU eat in a typical day?

    Hey Jillian, I was sleeved on May 18th and I too am able to eat more than the avg. sleever. I can eat 4-5 oz.s of protein with 1/2 veggies or potatoes. I also have a sf popsicle or ww frozen desert afterwards as my snack at night. I think I'm having too many carbs because I'm not losing very fast. I went for my 6 wk ck-up last week. They said it was good to feel "normal" not to worry and keep doing what I was doing. I do need to add more excercise! Week 3-6 I pulled something on my left side which was very painful. I've recovered and haven't had any pain since. I also notice weight loss is slower if I'm not drinking all my fluids. Let me know what your Md says, please! Good Luck, Sheryl:001_rolleyes:
  22. Happy Destiny

    Weird...and some TMI to boot.

    I'm so happy for you! I'm not losing. Haven't for a few weeks!:confused1: I think I may be eating too many carbs. That's all I can figure. Do you eat low carb all the time?
  23. Wow! That's awesome ...and one day I will join you too! Way to go girl!

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