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  1. patyann

    12 04 12 156lbs down

  2. patyann

    Cpap Users?

    Yes I too was a CPAP user - severe Sleep apnea. Finally after 10 years of use - no more. I lost 60 lbs at the time and the doctor ran another test and said I did not need the CPAP as my apnea was gone. I have lost 30 lbs more since and feel great.
  3. I love this. She is too cute!
  4. patyann

    Dropping Sizes

    I think the larger you are clothing is made to be more stretchy and loose. So it takes more pounds to lose a size. Once you are in say 16 and under it takes less pounds and then when you get to single digits even less to drop a size. At least that is what seems to be happening with me.
  5. Not cheesy at all - you look wonderful!
  6. patyann

    I Ran A 5K!!!

  7. patyann

    Would You Do It Again

    Only thing I would change would to have learned in my youth that exercise and good diet choices would have prevented this.
  8. Sweat is just fat crying.
  9. patyann

    Suggestions?! Please

    Beef Jerky, soy nuts, almonds
  10. patyann


    You look great! keep up the good work.
  11. patyann

    Should I Stop Strength Traing

    Just remember not to allow yourself to fall into the light and more reps falicy. Just think about it this way, what good are 5 lb weights doing when you lift that just by lifting a bag of sugar. You should challenge yourself always. If you have a child that you still lift daily or you grocery shop (think of the weight of those bags), why limit yourself to 5 lb weights when for your daily life you need to strengthen those muscles just to do daily things.
  12. patyann

    Change Of Habits

    That is awesome! Every little change adds up to BIG results
  13. patyann

    Healthy Versions Of "bad" Foods

    Mashed Califlower instead of potatos, my family can't tell the difference. Also love spaghetti squash instead of pasta.
  14. patyann

    First Fill And I Went Down

    Yep happens to me everytime - doc always has the smelling salts ready - Vasovagal reaction
  15. I was able to stop using my machine recently. I was having trouble sleeping so I went and had another sleep study and sure enough no more apnea! I love not having to sleep with a machine, however I still snore slightly.
  16. patyann

    Why Get A Lapband?

    I was a pro at losing weight pre-band - just could not keep it off. So the band helps me keep it off. I have never regretted it.
  17. patyann

    Non Scale Victory!

    I love this NSV and remember when I too dired all my clothes for the first time with no fear of them shrinking! Yeah us!
  18. I too went through this and had my first aha moment as well. it is when I realized just how much control food had on my life.
  19. I started at 277 and 16 months later I am at 197. I lost the majority of my weight in the first 8 months. Since then it has been slow but steady
  20. patyann

    1 Year Down

    MJ23 did you go in for regular fills? I understand what you mean and if I am being honest with myself I have to say it is not what I expected either. It is NOT easy and yes it takes effort. That effort is what we need though, we need to diet and be aware of what we are eating and we do need to exercise. It makes us accountable. All and all the band has been invaluable to make me really see the addiction to food I have. So with therapy and the band I know I will succeed. Good luck to you
  21. Good luck with your slip. I hope it works out well for you and you're able to keep your band and keep moving on.
  22. patyann

    Pant Sizes

    5'3" 200 lbs in a loose 14 or a tight 12
  23. patyann

    Tmi!! Horrible Bad Breath

    Are you on a high protein low carb diet? If so, this can do it.
  24. patyann

    Couch To 5K

    Started at 280, 46 yo and loved it, I still run today, three years later
  25. You should be proud! Great job

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