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  1. When you mix a shake up with other protein powder are you getting every single ounce of powder? No. Sometimes it sticks or doesn’t mix properly so I’m not sure this is so serious.
  2. Akeem


    Everyone is so upset about not being able to eat regular food. Well regular and fat food got you where you are. Try something new. I’m 5 weeks post op bypass no pain. Blood sugar meds gone. Struggle mentally sure but no insulin no metformin is worth it! Try to relax and see the good.
  3. Have sugar free Gatorade for electrolytes. Your body doesn’t know what is going on. Drink drink drink. Honestly you won’t feel great for awhile. You just have to deal and rest. Not being mean just honest. None of this is a cake walk. But the health benefits are trade off in the future.
  4. Akeem

    Pre-OP Diet Blues

    Pre op is the easy part. It has to be ok in the brain. Ask yourself do I want quality of life? Being off insulin since surgery almost 6 weeks ago is better than any food tastes. After surgery you look at food as fuel. You are breaking up with fun food. Eat to live not live to eat. Physically you won’t be able to digest the bad food so mentally get your head right. Seek counseling
  5. Akeem


    Yes it’s all a mind fuck. But I’m not on insulin since surgery almost 6 weeks ago and that feels better than food tastes. Period.
  6. I never had pain I had pulling by biggest incision but go in and have them look if it’s so painful I feel like something might be going on. I’m 4 1/2 weeks post op from bypass
  7. Well for me it’s realistic because food is not the center of my universe. My mom has such terrible health problems she doesn’t have much time left here. She is 69. We are 23 years a part and I would rather live than EAT bad food. So boo hoo to those who regret it. It’s saving MY life. Food is no longer the most important thing. I look at it as fuel.
  8. Akeem

    Pounds lost

    22 lbs in 26 days. Bypass.
  9. I didn’t know one could choose. But now I’m 3 1/2 weeks post op there is never a great time to go through it. But I’m pleased that part is behind me.
  10. Akeem

    Today is the day!

    The surgery was my most fear but after is when the hard mental work comes in. Relax now as much as you can. Head hunger is real. It’s saying goodbye to everything you once knew food wise. But it’s worth it to save your life! You will do great!
  11. It’s natural to feel that way. For myself instead of taking a compliment I find myself saying ohh but I have so much more to lose! Instead I should say thank you I have worked hard and will continue to do so! Congrats on your weight loss!
  12. Try the brand Unjury at their website.
  13. Akeem


    I went with bypass. I chose that because I use insulin. I haven’t since surgery. I also had indigestion and it can get worse with sleeve.
  14. Please do not listen to all the huge problems have physically. People love to share those but thousands of people do not have any physical issues from recovering from surgery to keeping things down. I find people with no issues tend to stay quiet. You are doing this for quality of life. You are saving your life. Of course there is tons of doubt you are normal but if you stay on current path you know what you get. Take a chance for a fighting chance!
  15. Akeem

    Psych Eval

    They want to know about depression because your entire life changes and relationship with food changes as well as with others in your social life since a lot is surrounded with food and drink. I’m two weeks post op and I totally get it. They want to make sure you won’t turn to food for comfort because you literally can’t. Trust they know what they are talking about this isn’t their first rodeo and lying only hurts yourself.
  16. I felt the same way. But my thought was this... if I stay the way I am obese and metabolically not able to lose well I know where the leads me. Have bypass and give myself a fighting chance. What’s more important saving your life or staying the same eating what you want and doing what you have always done? I’m two weeks post opt and it’s a huge change but I’m off insulin.
  17. She said that when you were drinking liquid before? She should lose her job.
  18. You will need the machine in recovery afterwards.
  19. I started day after. They gave me anti nausea meds too.
  20. Akeem

    Can I afford the post-op diet?

    You eat less. And for shakes you get 35-40 meals for 70-79 bucks.
  21. Akeem

    7 weeks post op and not hungry

    What’s the best multivitamin for post op when you need 200% of daily dose. I have Celebrate brand but that would be 4 tablets a day and there is sugar in them. Just wondering what others have found.
  22. Where did you get surgery done? I’m well aware of everything you are talking about. I will say this. My choice is being 69 years old and dying from kidney failure and heart failure like the rest of my family or eat small portions and carry water around. Boo hoo. I will take the after surgery than due a miserable slow death like my mother. I suggest you go talk to a therapist or you should have had proper classes and program before hand. They can unhook it and put your sick stomach back. Look into it. You shouldn’t get on her with your negativity. This is your fault. Not the dr.
  23. Akeem

    Anyone else scared?

    I’m going in Thursday. I have been worried too but if you stay the way you are you know what that road leads to. With surgery you will have an amazing tool to change your fate if you stay obese. Let go and let the process happen. That’s what I’m telling myself.