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  1. aliciab

    My Fitness Pal

    If anyone is using my fitness pal please feel to add me under Alish1974
  2. Just thought I'd see if there were and bandsters in the northwest suburbs of Chicago out there. I live near Schaumburg and Dr Shayani in Hinsdale is my surgeon.
  3. If you are using myfitnesspal.com please feel free to add me Alish1974
  4. If anyone is using my fitness pal please feel free to add me under Alish1974
  5. Me too and I'm just about to hit 30. Success feels awesome doesn't it! Congratulations!
  6. aliciab

    Life Since I Was Banded :/

    I never like it when they put fluid in at the initial placement of the band, it always leads to complications : (. Hopefully you will get passed this and I want you to know that it gets better.
  7. aliciab

    Overall Purpose

    I'm not sure where you're getting your information from. The band is not intended to be removed unless its malfunctioning or defective. It's for life. Also, if you could lose weight and magically keep it off before then you wouldn't need the band. You're always going to be a food addict. So will the rest of us. Eating junk will make you unhealthy no matter what size you are. No one can just eat whatever they want all of the time, eventually it catches up with everyone, fat or thin. This is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. You will be expected to work hard. Anybody who told you this was easy lied to you. The one thing it can do is help you be successful. If your not prepared to do the work I would not bother getting the band.
  8. aliciab

    Today Is The Day

    You're gonna be just fine : )
  9. aliciab

    Weighing Out Food?

    I find that weighing keeps you much more honest with what you are eating. I have an awesome simple scale and it's very easy for me.
  10. I'm a slow loser which I am fine with. I lose about a pound a week. I started Power 90 with Tony Horton about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago and while I feel good I have stopped losing weight. I'm hopeful that this is short lived. I'm working out 5 days a week alternating between strength and cardio. I can tell that I am already toning up but frustrated. Anybody else have this happen? When did the scale finally start moving again : (.
  11. Thank you to all of you. I already knew that a pound of muscle does not weigh more than a pound of fat. It's a question of mass. I was looking for encouragement. The good news is that the scale is already moving again : ). Not everyone on here is a stranger to the gym. I've done cardio and sculpting for 10 years, my brother is a trainer. We all have our reasons for why we've had the surgery.
  12. Welcome! Set realistic goals for yourself. I also tend to carry a lot if muscle but it would take an insane amount of working out and diet for me to lose weight. I finally got my band in January of this year and after a month or so I have steadily lost about a pound a week. I'm down 25lbs at this point and because I was on the lighter side of people who normally get the surgery at 232lbs the 25 lbs has made a huge difference. Also, I rarely feel hungry now which is just beyond freaking amazing to me. Just be prepared that if you have less to lose than a lot of the people on this site and you are some what muscular already you might be a slow loser like me. Also when you start to seriously work out again (I work out 5 times a week) the scale may not move for a couple of weeks. Just try to be patient, it will start moving again : ).
  13. I think mine was just over $200 so $185 sounds about right.
  14. aliciab

    Lapband In The Morning

    I hope everything went well for you
  15. aliciab

    Unsuccessful Band

    You need to be willing to confront the deamons inside you. The band is a tool, nothing more. It is functioning as it should. You need a mental health professional to assist you and I encourage you to seek one out. Until you do get help the band is just a waste of time for you.
  16. aliciab

    Day One-Meeting The Surgeon Today

    I'm still working towards getting off of my meds but that is exactly how I felt. I'm taking all of these meds and they're NOT controling my diabetes. It will get better, you will feel much better.
  17. aliciab

    Got My First Fill Today...

    Its almost like getting a new band, at least the first fill was for me. The eating restriction was way more pronounced and I was happy that it was.
  18. aliciab

    Where can I meet a good guy?

    Just like Jen1214 I met my fiancé on craigslist. There are lots of weirdos out there, you just have to have the patience to believe that the right one will come and love yourself the same as you want others to love you.
  19. aliciab

    Where Is Aunt Flo???

    I am having the same problem. I dropped 25lbs and now my period keeps moving. It's like every 20 to 21 days now.
  20. aliciab

    Northern Ky.

    I'm in Irvington
  21. aliciab

    Northern Ky.

    I'm in Irvington
  22. aliciab

    Northern Ky.

    I'm in Irvington
  23. aliciab

    The Road To Getting Banded/surgery Day

    I did not have one either. I was able to keep ice and water down immedietly and was able to use the bathroom on my own. If there was any sort of difficulty I'm sure my doctor would have followed through with testing but if there are no problems then I'm not sure it's a test really worth having.
  24. Has anyone had any success obtaining an individual medical insurance policy after success with gastric banding or for that matter gastric bi-pass? Specifically when you had medical problems prior to the surgery that were resolved with the surgery. For example diabetes or high blood pressure.
  25. This is my concern as well. No one seems to have a concrete answer.

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