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    Silicone scar sheets?

    I have used the silicone sheets, I had my arms done and they need to be taken off daily, washed and reapplied and most of the time something extra to hold them in place. I feel they did a bit of good because they kept the area moist longer then just rubbing some oil or such on them because they tend to dry up too soon versus the 23 hours with the pads on.
  2. Gaylebco

    Inner thigh lift and tummy tuck

    Its like a credit card in that way. Initially I was apporve for 1000 but now I have over 8 grand on it, so its up to your credit.
  3. Gaylebco

    Inner thigh lift and tummy tuck

    Have you considered financing it? I applied for CareCredit and got the card..its for plastics and such..weird stuff like dental and pet care also. It covered my arm lift and once paid off will pay for my TT and thigh lift.
  4. Gaylebco

    Arm Lift

    I had my sleeve in Nov of 2011 and decided to get my arms done. I went to Dr. Steven Robinson in Columbus Ohio. It cost about $4800 paid all by me (no insurance coverage). I had the procedure on Dec 21st and was off work for 2 weeks. I have scars running the length of my arms from elbow to under arm pit. The left arm is still swollen (and more so than the right, but I am left handed) I have internal stitches and then external removable stitches. The stitches were removed after 2 weeks. I never had a drain. It was painful but more like someone punched me in the arms many times...they are numb along the stitch line still and the swelling might be present for up to 3 or so months. I had compression sleeves I was wearing till the 2 week mark but due to some drainage into blisters my doc stopped the compressions and the blisters have resolved I started "Scar away" silicon sheets with light athletic arm sleeves to hold them in place and use Vitamin E oil when the scar away sheets are not on. I have the pic of the day before and then the day after surgery wrapped and the stitch line prior to the stitches being removed. Already the scar line is starting to fade in the lower end. Gayle
  5. Gaylebco

    Arm Lift

    After the stitches were out and the scars were healing, you shave just like normal. Yes there is scar there but you shave over or around it.
  6. Gaylebco

    Arm Lift

    Ok all it's been a month...well it's been 6 weeks but I have pic's from the one month out. These were taken about 2 weeks after the stitches came out. I had a slight infection and took antibiotics but feel so much better today. Yesterday I saw the PS and he took me off all restrictions and said when all the swelling is gone he wanted to know if he could put my arms on his website..woohoo my arms will be famous...LOL As you can see the scars are already fading nicely. The PS loved the combo of the "Scar Away" pads and Vitamin E oil. So for only about 10-12 days of treatment..i know they will fade nicely! and as of one month out i have lost a total ( since before weight loss surgery to now) 6.25 inches and PS said ther e might be more once he swelling is gone Gayle
  7. Gaylebco

    Arm Lift

    Thank you all for the nice replies! Amazon13, the pic of the incision line was taken Jan 3rd so about 2 weeks after the surgery. I had some issues with oozing from the left arm (into a huge blister) due to the swelling, but i'm left handed so that might have added to the swelling, finally he told me to take off the compression for a while to stop squeezing out all the juices...ewwww. I'm doing great with them now, starting to feel a lot more myself this last few days. I stopped by a store yesterday and bought...MEDIUM long sleeved tops! That was amazing considering before the WLS my arms measured around at 19 inches..and are currently swollen still and about 13 inches...6 inches of!!! crazy and I'm so happy..we are calling this summer...the "tank top summer"! I'll take some pic's at one month (this monday)to show you the improvements already.
  8. Gaylebco

    Arm Lift

    Thanks kmwheel, The doc thinks he will use my arms for his before and after book. LOL my old fat will be famous. When i asked the doc how much he took off...he said "let me put it this way... A LOT!" LOL Gayle
  9. Gaylebco

    Aetna Approval Time?

    They asked for additional information from me but it will still approved in less then 2 weeks with all the items they requested already done. (labs, tests, 6 months of dieting records...etc)
  10. Sadly there are a lot of posts about this. Some never have this, other have weeks of a stall. Mine was 4 weeks and 2 days I believe, and am on a 4 month stall of over a month already. It's frustrating and like everyone will tell you, measure yourself and see if things are going down in size. I try on smaller pants to see if they fit better now too, that helps...good luck!
  11. my surgeon actually had them give me a pill in the hospital and within a week He had prescribed Bactrim DS (cut in half it's still bigger then an M and M) and i took them all with no problems at all.
  12. Gaylebco

    Lactose Intolerance And Protein Shakes

    I was lactose intolerate before surgery and found Muscle milk and Muscle milk light both are completely lactose free and the light version has 15 grams of protein. They come in Vanilla and Chocolate i believe. I can actually tolerate these without any lactose problems
  13. Were you taking a blood pressure medication prior to the surgery and still taking this? I was taking one and after surgery took it only every other day and OMG i was soooo dizzy. I called them and went to see them my normal blood pressure was 170/110 was now 90/60!!! Get off the blood pressure med now!! they told me..I felt so much better in a day or two after being off that. It might be something that simple. I also had some low iron levels and had to up the iron pills for a bit. I hope you feel better soon!
  14. I was 3 months post op on Nov 2nd and i was married on November 11th. (alot of people were i guess!) I had lost 50 pounds since surgery and although would have loved nothing more then to have lost all my weight, I know i looked better and healtheir then i have ever been as an adult. Thought i'd share some pic's also. First pic was taken on memorial day this year with my (then) fiance, the rest are the wedding day of course! Most are with me and my husband Ed but one is with my son and one is with a good friend.
  15. thank you all for the kind words...and i will tell my hubby!
  16. that's so very true...and it was my wedding day!
  17. I had my 3 month appointment with the surgeon yesterday and finally asked the question of weight loss goal. (I know why now...i simply forgot to ask each time) When i asked the Nut told me (at 5'3'') a normal bmi is about 135 pounds, so they would like me to be there plus or minus 10%. She said..."so about 135-140 or even 150" So my question is this...If you ahve never been a thin adult, how do you know what you want to weigh? I am guessing at 130 pounds (as myticker is set for) but have no clue what 130 pounds would look like. I guess i set it there as it's the middle of the "normal BMI". So how does everyone decide what is best for you? Wondering about the people wo started with much higher BMI's and how the doc makes that decision to set a point in the "overweight BMI" catagory instead of "normal BMI". Any answers or opinions? Gayle
  18. I ended up being very sick form the Lortab and basically stayed in the bed till they discharged me the next morning. I got the iv out and went home. I did wash up at the sink right before i left but one of my sites was slightly bleeding. I took a shower after i got home
  19. Ok ladies...how stupid can one human being be??? my wedding is 19 days away and i have even worn heels every day to work and such to "practice" for the wedding shoes that are adorable but higher then i'm used to. peep toes!!! and last night i decided there was 5 steps in my home and not 7, in the dark and in new hard soled slippers. the left slipper fell off on the step and i fell down the steps landing on my left ball of my foot near my big toe. Thankfully it's not broken but the ER doc said i managed to really "jack up" the one area that's pretty hard to jack up. So today i sit on the couch with an ugly little blue shoe and if extended walking, the crutches near by and in 19 days it's my WEDDING!!! How incredibly frustrating and what a stupid move on my part! thankfully my fiancee just went out on his lunch break from work ( he works from home) and go tme my pain meds. the part that stinks...i tend to get nauseated with pain meds so the docs have to order anti nausea meds at the same time...(although thankful for them...wish i didn't need either) Sorry to vent but i'm feeling frustrated here! Gayle
  20. Gaylebco

    19 days till my wedding!!!

    Well so far i have been wearing the ugly blue shoe thingy since it's kind of protecting my foot for now. I can walk on bare foot at home and it's doing better. I had my final dress fitting last night and the wedding shoes on for the first time since the fall. The left foot is still bigger and the shoe was still tight but it went on. My thinking is the wedding is 30 min and the reception is 4 hours or so...so we decided to hem the dress to flat shoes anyway since i had planned to wear slippers at the reception. so overall this worked out ok for me. 1 week and 6 days till the wedding!!! Can't wait, I'm about 1/2 way to my weight loss goal at 3 months (next week) and i'd have loved to be at goal but very happy to be at a much smaller size for the wedding. I'll post pic's after the honeymoon in Vegas!
  21. Gaylebco

    19 days till my wedding!!!

    thanks Deb....and i'm not one to every say i'm graceful! and now I can prove it too! LOL at least the pain meds are helping now and i don't have to go to work on a monday...
  22. Gaylebco

    19 days till my wedding!!!

    maybe i was hungry when i posted...changed it now to be correct! LOL
  23. Hello all, we finally are getting food at my workplace. Instead of a single junk food vending machine, we have a company called "company kitchen" installing a small convenience store like area. The worst part..tons of junk, the best part we can request healthier foods. So what would you request that's healthy and yummy enough that others not eating well would alos enjoy? The do have salads, and cheese (with crackers) trays, sandwiches and nuts and even some beef Jerky. Any help or opinions? Gayle
  24. Gaylebco

    Women Only Question

    I just got measured this weekend and went form a 42C to a 40C and I have so far lost 42 pounds. (sadly so close to victoria secrets 38C but not yet)!
  25. When i went in for my 2 week check up i told them I felt like the room was always off kilter a bit and if i bent over i got sparks and was so dizzy all the time. They took my bl;ood pressure ( which ran 170/110's before) and it was 90/60!!! They asked if i had cut back on the blood pressure meds like they said..yes ma'am every other day..she said STOP NOW! and contact my PCP for follow up with it. He took me off them completely and i started feeling better within a week. I'm not sure if this is what's happening to you but if blood pressure was an issue, you might want to check that. Gayle