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start preop diet= losing mind

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It's weird, I was really really calm about having surgery until I actually booked the flight...now I've lost my mind completely!

I'm seeing Dr. Aceves on the 29th, so I have to start the 10 day very low carb diet this Sat. I have been eating below 2000 calories since June to try and lose weight, but this week I've just *lost* it with carbs especially.

I've been making lists of things to eat..but I think I'm gonna die. I live off carbs. Ok, healthy carbs, I eat a lot of whole grains, veg, fruit etc. I like salad *dodges things thrown at her head*. Yea I eat a lot of junk food too, I didn't get to 320lbs eating good food.

Can anyone suggest good starter foods? I'm lactose intolerant and slightly allergic to milk products, lately can't even eat yoghurt (arg!). Also violently allergic to shellfish, and I don't eat fish in case I'm allergic to them also. I don't think it's a true allergy, but Peanut Butter makes me spend a lot of time in the bathroom. So does almond and hazelnut butter, but I can eat the actual nuts ok. (What's with that?)

Here's my list so far:

Nuts-almonds, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, brazil, cashews

Shitake burgers (haven't checked carbs on these but they're great)

deli meat? (sodium from heck)


Protein Shakes (got nectar, an egg one, vegan ones that have carbs and variety packs that're so far disgusting) may wind up living on these :cursing:

hamburger, chicken, a roast to cut up, pork

bonny bel cheese (risky)

canned meat ham, chicken (dunno how gross they'll be)

romaine lettuce, radishes, celery, baby tomatoes, raspberries, cuke

I looked at a lot of Atkins sites and thought the food looked nasty, or it was loaded with dairy.


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The Atkins RTD shakes were great (before my surgery, now they're too sweet) and the bars are really good too. There is a pure Protein RTD called Cookies & Cream which is really good too (have only found them at Target). Also, I ate a lot of roasted chicken and cheese. I love salads and would make a big salad and put cut up chicken on it for dinner. There's also eggs - I'd make an omelet in the morning with 2% cheese -- it really filled me up.

You'll survive the diet, and when you're on nothing but liquids for 20 days, you'll yearn for the high protein/low carb pre-op diet! LOL:biggrin0:

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Orchid, I'm not sure where you are at in your dietary process but when I was able to eat real food, I found Buffalo (Bison) burger really good. It is low in fat and higher in Protein than most other red meat. You just can't cook it to pieces so to speak because it is so lean it tends to dry out quickly when cooking. Anyway, it is something a little different and is great in chili in which the Beans also provide additional Protein.

Good luck on your weight loss journey!

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u know they almananza reyes camp gave me a different pre-op diet.

they told me protien shakes for breakfast/lunch and a salad for dinner... that's it!! now i see some people get to eat alot more. damnit,lol

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