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  1. Does anyone take antidepressants or anxiety meds post op? Is it something you started after or had before?
  2. NikkiOwl

    Hungry right after sleeve

    Kristen, I think you are right about your pain and the anesthesia. My doctor told me exactly what I had and how it can last a few weeks after. Google it and you will be surprised what it really does to you. Plus hormones! I hope you get to feeling better soon.
  3. NikkiOwl

    5 months post op today

    Awesome! What do you eat during an average day?
  4. This is just my list so your program might be different. For weeks 3-5, I am supposed to have ground turkey with marinara, ground beef with avocado, eggs or egg salad, tuna and tuna salad, sugar free jello and pudding, string cheese, and hummus. Everything should be the lowest fats possible and as soft as possible.
  5. Hi Miss! I was having issues like you mentioned and was sad thinking I would live on jello forever but this week got so much better. I am 3 weeks today. I also had to take antibiotics which made food uncomfortable so there’s that. I am glad you turned the corner. Keep us posted!
  6. NikkiOwl

    Chewing gum?

    Over65, I have been reading about aspartame and supposedly it does not change blood sugar (according to some studies) but I feel like it does make me more hungry. They say the same of Stevia but I wonder if the studies are wrong about that to? I guess it’s called a cephalic response that your body preps for eating and releases tiny amounts of insulin. Even smelling food can do it.
  7. NikkiOwl

    Hungry right after sleeve

    Winston, can you post your recipe?
  8. NikkiOwl

    Blood sugar issues post op

    Kyrrah, I am not sure if this will help but I was researching hypoglycemia after surgery and have been reading a lot about how it can happen because of the pancreas kinda malfunctioning in a way. Apparently the Mayo Clinic has even done partial removal of the pancreas to help with it. About halfway down this article it talks about possible reason like B cells. I don’t understand much of it but maybe it can help you in some way. https://doi.org/10.1002/oby.21042
  9. NikkiOwl

    Any bike suggestions?

    If you haven’t already gotten a bike, maybe try a trike? I got one because I would shake and couldn’t keep myself upright. It’s cute with a basket for the dogs.
  10. NikkiOwl

    Today’s the day!

    How are you doing today? Day 2 right?
  11. NikkiOwl


    Hi Ed! I decided against going back on something. Had a reaction to Cymbalta and doctor wanted me to do Buspar. I decided to wait it out before jumping into a medication that might make it worse. I have been walking and fly fishing daily which seems to help more than anything. Hopefully you finally figured out the best for you with the three daily.
  12. Colormehappy, who is your surgery with?
  13. NikkiOwl


    You can message me!
  14. NikkiOwl

    SEX, SEX, SEX!!!

    Hi MN. I don’t like to say things like this board can’t help you because I think as adults we all know that already. Of course you won’t find a magic answer here. What you might find is some venting and ideas. For instance, do you think he might be scared you will leave him now that you are feeling so good? I know my husband has said he worries I will want to leave for something new and shuts down. Like others, definitely talk heart to heart and look into counseling. One other thing might be low testosterone? Best of luck!
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    Isn’t the fat in keto meant to make you feel full for longer? Is it that our bodies can’t digest fat now, or that the fat is extra calories and possible weight gain?
  16. Hi Ruth. I had the same on my left shoulder. I was told it was leftover gas but definitely get checked to be sure. Does walking help?
  17. NikkiOwl


    I am wondering about how long food stays in our stomach once we can eat real foods, not liquids and sliders, compared to a normal stomach. I read a normal stomach takes 4-5 hours to fully empty. I asked my surgeon’s nurse this and she had no answer. Also, can someone describe what their digestion felt like in the first 2 weeks. Should I feel lots of gas and acid with things like yogurt or cottage cheese?
  18. NikkiOwl


    Oh and also I am on antibiotics.
  19. NikkiOwl


    Thanks for all the responses. I am on one pill of Pepcid in the morning. My program says they want us off protein drinks at the end of week 3, which I feel is not an option for me. I should add that the acid and gas lasts only 30ish minutes after “eating” and goes away. It is not constant so I wondered if that was the same or just normal digestion.
  20. NikkiOwl


    I obviously asked because I am curious. I am trying to follow my plan but feel best on shakes and broths. I am supposed to be having more foods but everything seems to create acid. I was hoping that someone might have something useful to share because I never experienced heartburn before this.
  21. NikkiOwl

    Struggling 4 Days Out

    Thanks Kristi. You can message me!
  22. I use Premier and it was okayed by my program but definitely always check with your program too. I also seem to be rejecting things with dairy.
  23. NikkiOwl

    West Texas Sleevers

    Hi Teres, I am not in Texas but you can message me for support if you want.
  24. I had gastric sleeve on Monday and I am struggling the last few days. I am feeling regret, like I miss my life before where I could do whatever I wanted. I know this is childish because obviously I sought this out for a reason, but I am finding myself in tears every few hours. I know that many people in the world have far more to worry about than me and me missing my previous life, but this is where I am at. I miss food already. I have already been hungry. Ever since my surgery I have been able to take good sized sips and have gotten my water and protein in. Is this crazy to just miss food, and comfort foods at that? If anyone would like to exchange numbers to text for a buddy I would really appreciate it.
  25. NikkiOwl


    I am 12 days in and had those thoughts badly the first few days. I still do occasionally until I remind myself I am free of the albatross food was to me and all I hope to gain. This is by far the hardest, most emotionally trying thing I have ever done. It’s normal to feel this. We are here for you.