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  1. Emilia DD

    Pre-Op Confusion

    I was BMI 35 at the time of insurance application and below that after the pre-op diet but was no problem. I guess it all depends on the type of insurance. Did you get an official letter of approval from your insurance provider?
  2. Emilia DD

    Finally sleeved!

    Congratulations on starting your post surgery journey. Sounds like everything went well for you. Prepare to be very patient the first few weeks but it will only get better. I was strongly encouraged to start protein day one as will help the healing process. There are many lactose free options. Best of luck to you and keep us posted on your progress.
  3. Emilia DD

    Starting Over 5 Years Post-Op

    Unfortunately your story is pretty common among band patients. Would you consider sleeve or bypass surgery? I remember reading an older post on this subject and the advice from the experienced members was to go back to the basics and start with the liquid diet. I would also consult the surgical team for nutrition and behavior or emotional counseling advice. ‘You did it once you can do it again. I’m thinking of you and I wish you best of luck.
  4. I understand what you are feeling when you say that you are hungry and food frustrated. I was expecting to be one of many lucky ones that have no hunger after surgery. Instead I was panicking over how hungry I was feeling all the time. However, I came across some info on this prior to surgery and read some of the old posts over her and I was assured that hunger will get better once I progress with diet. This was all true. Once I had some real food options I did not had to think about eating much. The gas pressure you are describing it is your new satiety warning. Sometimes if I eat to fast I feel that pressure after few bites and a little burping takes care of it. Most of us have serious gurgling in the belly after the surgery. Also make sure you are not lactose intolerant post op as that happens sometimes and you will need lactose free products. If that is not the case, you may want to try some over the counter gas meds. It is still early after surgery and what you go through is not uncommon. Just take your time to heal and trust that will get better. I’m wishing you good health and success on your journey. ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIFFANY!
  5. Emilia DD

    Questions about stalls! New here!

    The hormones and what we put in our body, activity and stress levels are different during each month so are the scale results. Nothing wrong with stalling as long as you do your part the weight will come off but in waives.
  6. Emilia DD

    Eating Salad

    For the first 3 months should not be any uncooked veggies and no greens at al as they can be stringy or have stems hard to digest. This is per my wls team. I’m sure different surgeons have slightly different diet plans and I have noticed that my team at Duke is quite strict about progressing very slow. I will not be able to have salad for the first 6 months. I would give it a little more time before you try again. You may want to try first small amounts of uncooked veggies later and see how that agrees with your stomach. Allow yourself to have some up and downs along the way. Definitely don’t jump to divorce any beloved foods just yet.
  7. One month out and started taking the H Pylori treatment. (positive pathology test at the time of surgery). It is not easy to tolerate as it makes me feel bloated and slightly nauseous. This can very well be because of the infection itself but I am behind on hydration as it feels like I am never thirsty, slightly nauseous and have no room for water in my stomach. Plus the amount of pills I need to take every 12 hr for this are the size of a meal but harder to get through the stomach. Did anyone had to do this post surgery and how did you feel during the treatment? I hope it will get easier.
  8. Emilia DD

    H Pylori anyone?

    The bloated feeling for hours after taking the meds and constantly having a bitter taste in my mouth makes me nauseous and struggling with hydration. I have tried herbal tea to help with nausea and helped a little. I’m trying lemon in water now. Any other suggestions for helping to improve intake will be appreciated. I know ginger helps with nausea but not sure how to use it as I should not have the ginger candies. Did anyone tried to make tea with the root?
  9. One month out and started taking the H Pylori treatment. (positive pathology test at the time of surgery). It is not easy to tolerate as it makes me feel bloated and slightly nauseous. This can very well be because of the infection itself but I am behind on hydration as it feels like I am never thirsty, slightly nauseous and have no room for water in my stomach. Plus the amount of pills I need to take every 12 hr for this are the size of a meal but harder to get through the stomach. Did anyone had to do this post surgery and how did you feel during the treatment? I hope it will get easier.
  10. Emilia DD

    New Here

    I’m sure you have heard this before but if you have very low complications rate with the gastric sleeve. Depending on your other health issues and history, your surgeon will be able to tell you what the risk will be in your case. You probably know the risks you are facing if you are not having the surgery. Also he can tell you the benefits you can expect. Take your time to think at those facts, commit to it when you are 100% sure you are ready. It is life altering surgery and can give you amazing success and satisfactions but also it is irreversible and not for everyone. This surgery is a great tool to get your health and your quality of life where it needs to be but it needs commitment to make it work. It is normal to be anxious about it, nobody can guarantee zero complications but as long as you’re prepared to do your required part your chances of success are pretty good. This website will be a great resource for advice and encouragement for you. I wish you best of luck.
  11. Emilia DD

    Losing weight before surgery

    The purpose of this diet is to improve your surgical outcome (smaller liver volume, improves blood work, promotes faster healing, les incision infection and other complications). You are also already in the mind set of discipline and dietary restrictions post op helping you during the recovery. For most of us the diet and weight loss happens several times before we commit to surgery and at this time we know that we are unsuccessful long term without this additional tool. My honest advice to you is to do a lot of soul searching and have some serious and committed attempts to loose weight with diet and exercise alone before you decide to have the surgery. It is a great tool if understood and used correctly but it is also life altering and not easy at the same time. You may regret going through this road if you feel like diet and exercise will work for you to achieve your weight loss goals.
  12. Emilia DD

    Stomach Growling!

    I’m having same issue as well. I’m disappointed that I’m not one of those people that don’t have any hunger urges post surgery. I have to say that it is a little better since my diet progressed and I can have some real food. However it is hard during the day to not count minutes until I can eat again. Once is time to eat it is hard to stop at quarter cup and to chew to apple sauce consistency every bite. I’m using meditation and trying to focus on breathing. This helps my mind to refocus away from food. I’m optimistic that will get better as we are healing and progress on diet. Also I suggest meeting with your therapist about this as it is head hunger and the therapist may help you find peace with your hunger feelings and give you some tools to cope with it. You are not alone.
  13. Emilia DD

    Starving post op!

    I have the same problem and I was very anxious about having so much hunger and cravings that I did not expect. I have talked to several people about it and it is a much common issue then I thought. I was reassured repeatedly that it will get better once we progress with the diet and we can have some real food. I’m optimistic that is the case and will get better. I was cautioned also to not underestimate the power of head hunger and to work on understanding how to manage that versus real hunger. The bottom line is that we are not alone in this and it will get better.
  14. Great and helpful information. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Emilia DD

    Progress pictures

    Awesome achievements 🎊
  16. Emilia DD

    Ten month before and after pics

    Such an awesome achievement. You are a great inspiration for those of us that are just starting the journey. Thank you for sharing.
  17. Emilia DD

    Hunger pains?

    Not sure what is going on but I’m struggling with a terrible sensation of physical hunger today. I’m one week post op and I’m fighting a terrible common cold for the last 3-4 days. However I had all day this nagging uncomfortable sensation in my stomach and I keep thinking about food. I find it very difficult to keep my mind distracted from thought of food. I thought I was doing very well until today. I was not really hungry or thirsty but working on my requirements. I did not had to be removed from the kitchen when other people were eating. I was hoping that it would be a new tool that I gain to control cravings and appetite easier in my new journey. I have reached my goal of 64 ounces of fluid for today and I am about 67 g of protein. I will be getting an additional 10+ grams of protein by bedtime. I’m starting to hate the taste of all my protein drinks and I’m feeling a bite down write now. My main question is what to make of this ravenous hunger today?
  18. Emilia DD

    3rd day

    I’m 8 day post op and the stomach spasms with each seep is already much better. My abdominal pain also got a little better but the most painful spot is kind of the lower right quadrant as that has the biggest incision out of the 5. I did not got a binder but I wish I had. Do not allow any negative thoughts to diminish the greatness of your courage to take control of your body. You are stronger than most for starting this journey that will bring you rewards in so many great ways. Focus on the accomplishments that will await your future.
  19. Emilia DD

    Hunger pains?

    I ended up taking a Ranitidine 150 mg tablet and unfortunately did not helped much. Could it be the fact that I am running a cold at the moment and feel pretty miserable overall? I hope for a better day tomorrow
  20. I think the taste for water will return soon. You may drink fat-free milk, very diluted fruit juice no sugar added, herbal or fruit tea, sugar free popsicles. There is protein powder with no flavor that you can mix in any beverage if you want. I hope that you are doing well and the hydration is improving.
  21. Emilia DD

    1/2 the person I used to be

    You are such a inspiration. Thank you for your sharing and good luck in the future
  22. Emilia DD

    April buddies?

    AngieBear I had my surgery on the 25th. I did not have a problem getting water in before surgery but now it needs some added flavor to go down. Popsicles are the easiest way for me to hydrate. Also I like herbal or fruit tea. I’m still nauseous when I’m drinking the protein shake. I have tried different kinds and they all seem very heavy. I’m going to try watering them down half with water. Good luck staying hydrated and let us know how is going.
  23. Emilia DD

    April Sleevers

    I had my surgery on 04/26 and I was given gabapentin 300mg in addition to Tylenol. Pain is not a big issue but getting in the water and protein is quite challenging. Are you struggling with pain? If you do communicate with your doctor because I’m sure pain management is very important part in the healing process. The opioids/narcotic meds are slowing down the motility in your intestines and you may get constipation, nausea and be bloated longer. However, if you are in pain it makes it more difficult to get the fluids down, walk and rest. Reach out to the doctor if that is the case for you. Good luck and stay strong, it will get better.
  24. Emilia DD

    Food at work ?

    I’m on liquid diet. However for the soft diet I am planning to pack protein shakes and smoothies, puddings and soups protein enhanced. I hope that you can have an wok environment that allows you to seep often. Good luck and remember that you are the only person that will take care of you and make that your priority.
  25. Emilia DD


    My doctor was also very strong in teaching everyone in the preop class no alcohol for one year.