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  1. It's been a while! I'm down 87 lbs.

  2. Does anyone else experience a slight sharp pain when they sip just a little too much liquid? I'm still trying to teach myself how much I can have, but there are some times where I don't think I'm sipping too much then my stomach tells me otherwise like, "Nice try, slim. Better luck next sip. *insert sharp pain here*."
  3. I'm almost three weeks out and I am still not hungry. At all. At first I was happy about that, but now I'm miserable. I hate having to force myself to eat and drink. If I wanted to I could probably go days without eating or drinking anything with no problem, but I know that's not good so obviously I force myself to stay hydrated and fed. It's just annoying and it's starting to piss me off. Anyone else going through this?
  4. 2 weeks out. It's getting a little harder, but I'm doing it!

  5. stress. stress. more stress. did I mention stress. two words. medical. bills.

  6. blossom12

    Feeling A Little Paranoid

    Today I started my full liquids and it went VERY well. Got more than enough of my proteins in, I don't understand where people have issues with that, but anyway, I'm laying in bed and my mind starts racing. I'm starting to freak out because now I'm incorporating a little more calories to my diet and I don't want to hit a stall. I know I'm being silly, but I'm honestly paranoid about it. I really want this weight to come off and every time I tried to lose weight, in the past, I hit a stall and I can never break it. I know it won't happen to me again as far as never breaking it, but mentally I'm still afraid of the "what if you don't break a stall If you hit one. This will have all been for nothing. It's going to be like every other time and you're going to stay this way." ugh. Day 8. First real pointless freak out- post op.
  7. blossom12

    Thining Hair

    My mother had it a lot worse when she had her bypass. have you been taking your proteins/ biotin(sp?)?
  8. day 1 of full liquid diet! went great!

  9. post op appointment today.

  10. blossom12

    Can't Sleep

    Everything will be fine. Almost everyone gets nerves. Just remember the healthier and happier you after you get this done. good luck and i'll keep you in my prayers.
  11. blossom12

    Here We Go...

    woo! congratulations! Keep us updated on how you're doing with your liquid diet before going into surgery. All will be fine and all will go well, no worries
  12. Ever since I've been sleeved I can’t stop thinking about food, but not junk gross greasy fattening food (i don't even miss that), I’m talking healthy, delicious, colorful, flavorful food. I’m so excited to start cooking and eating healthy! I can’t stop looking up recipes on different web sites or watching the food network (even though I watched that before surgery but this time I actually want to cook the food) I’m just so excited. Before I hated the thought of cooking, I rarely cooked unless it was pasta or eggs or soup, but now my mind set is totally different and I’m beyond excited to cook not only for myself but for my family and friends! I can’t stop saying how grateful I am to be sleeved!
  13. blossom12

    Is This Right For Me? Or Are My Nerves Winning!

    Its the jitters sweetie and I understand it all too well. The night before I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking of the worst I was nervous I began doubting if this was going to be a good idea, but when I got on the table, I was positive. I thought about how much happier and healthier I was going to be, how this is going to improve my life for the better. Then I woke up happy and excited about my new life. Once you wake up you're going to feel silly for being nervous. I should know I was a mess of nerves lol Yes it'll be a big change, but it's a good one for you and your well being. But it is KEY to mentally prepare. you can't go back to those foods that were slowly killing you no matter how delicious it was. Yeah it was good but is it good enough to let it kill you? You have to be harsh with your mind and prepare it. Sorry I went on a rant there lol good luck with your surgery!!!!
  14. blossom12

    Isopure Zero Carb In Canada?

    do you have a vitamin shoppe there?
  15. blossom12

    Important Question

    I thought about that too but then I also thought, wouldn't that make me gain some of the weight i lost? I'm SUPER paranoid about that.
  16. blossom12

    Important Question

    That's the same question my friend asked me. LOL uhm...I think the most logical answer would be to go to your Dr./nutritionist. That's what I'll be doing lol
  17. blossom12

    Is This Right For Me? Or Are My Nerves Winning!

    I've been there and from my experience all I can say is that if you have the will power to eat right, go to the gym and really dedicate yourself to lose the weight yourself then go for it. For me it was different because I thought I had the strength to do it myself after I was approved for surgery last year, but it was really just because I was afraid of the drastic change I was about to face and I still wasn't mentally or emotionally prepared.So Yeah, I ate right, went to the gym, lost some weight, but then I hit my plateau I couldn't lose anymore then gained it all back. again, that was just me. but now I'm one week out and to be honest getting the sleeve was the best thing that ever happened to me. It is a BIG change, but it's one I made to not only better myself, but my health as well. So if you feel like you can really do it on your own, then go for it. But if you're just scared and trying to find a reason not to, don't be scared. It'll be fine, you just have to make sure you mentally prepare and keep in mind that this is a tool. It's still hard work regardless, but you'll be healthier in the long run. side note: I used to LOVE eating and I was always hungry. Now I'm not hungry whatsoever and I'm SO happy about that lol. I don't feel like a prisoner to food anymore, but again that's just me. I can't speak for anyone else or you. In the end it's about what you really want for yourself and what will make you happy and healthy.
  18. One week out and I've lost 11 lbs. *happy dance*

  19. blossom12

    Being Sleeved Has Created A Monster!

    thanks! so so excited!
  20. blossom12

    Being Sleeved Has Created A Monster!

    ah!!! you're amazing! thank you!
  21. blossom12

    Being Sleeved Has Created A Monster!

    There's a magazine called Clean Cooking?! Zomgosh! I'm so looking into that! thanks! If you ever come across a yummy recipie please send it my way:)
  22. actually sitting on my bed, listening to salsa music. I want to dance so bad! lol

  23. blossom12

    Is The Liquid Diet Easier Postop?

    For me it is because I'm not hungry whatsoever. I actually have to FORCE myself to drink my liquids. I thank God I'm not hungry anymore! hahaha good luck!
  24. I'm glad I found this place too! it's so great to have such a large community of great people that understand what you're going or have gone through. and Hiiiiiiii
  25. blossom12

    Just Need Some Insight

    I chose the sleeve because It is less invasive then bypass. I did consider the band but with that there are frequent doctors visits after ward, possibility of your body rejecting the band because it is a foreign object being put into your body. The band can also slip and as you said you can eat "around" it. I'm one week out and I am more then happy with my sleeve. On day 5 i was already 10 lbs down and around day 4, for me, I was feeling so so so much better. The only problem I had with it was the gas thing, but that went away with walking and time (gone by day 4 for me). NO REGRETS. For me, it was the BEST DECISION EVER. I can't speak for anyone else.

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