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  1. I try to stick to 20-30min if less than that whatever I ate makes a u turn... If I wait an hour I'll never eat or drink enough... I'm still struggling trying to break 500 cal at 5 weeks out.
  2. enajee

    May 15Th...anyone Else?

    Don't get discourage this is not a race but a marathon and losing slowly will help with your skin recover better.....I already know I'm going to have loose skin issues so yes I'm thankful to see movement on the scale but it will mean more sugery later...........
  3. enajee

    May 15Th...anyone Else?

    I have the sleeve. You where sleeved at a low weight so you don't have that much to lose so in comparison it looks like we are loosing so quickly but % wise we are about the same
  4. enajee

    May 15Th...anyone Else?

    Chiki....like my post said doing soooo much better now...how are you?
  5. enajee

    May 15Th...anyone Else?

    Glad to see we are still checking in here. I had to have a talk with the Lord because this surgery was kicking my a??. I can now swallow without the extreme gurgling I had in the past which is helpful in getting my liquids in and protein in....I notice I can now eat almost anything I tried without to much problems. I eat about 2 oz though still afraid to push it.....Learned the hard way and spent most if the day leaning over a trash or toilet . I've lost about 47lbs so far......gym has been sporadic but looking to get on schedule next week and once I get back to work I can use the gym there without too much hassle.
  6. enajee

    June 21St! 250 Pounds?

    There are those that start out smaller than you too and have gotten down to size 0/2...You can work your sleeve to get to wherever YOU want be whether your 250, 350 or more.... Good Luck and congrats on your date.
  7. enajee

    June 21St! 250 Pounds?

    I hope so as well, I started at my highest 408 surgery weight 398 5/15/12 and now a little over 2 weeks out I'm down almost 35 lbs so I think you can definitely get to where you need to be. I have a friend who had surgery over a year ago start at 465 and weighs around 230 or so and he looks great!!!!
  8. I have 6 and they are placed like tic tac toe 3 in a row at an angle the first set start almost between my breast and angle down and right the next start to left and down in same direction. I have read on here that they were lower on other women..The second row starts at my bra line..So I have two that sit where my bra sits..anyone else????
  9. enajee

    May Sleeve Buddies!

    Surgery was 5/15 lost 34.2 since surgery. Starting to feel like myself now too, thank God!
  10. enajee

    Nsv - Fire Drill

    Congrats! !! I'm loving these NSV stories keeps me inspired
  11. enajee

    Was In A Wedding(Pics)

    Congratulations , looking good and feeling great can't wait to get there myself!!!
  12. Why oh why did I read this thread!!!!!!!!!! Cupcakes are the devil, cupcakes are the devil!!! Rushes out of thread before control slips........
  13. enajee

    May 15Th...anyone Else?

    Thanks for the updates guys....I have to keep track of us lol.....I'm still doing well. I overdid it on Saturday by going to an all day music fest at the beach with my friend ......came home and slept all day Sunday so freaking tired......Lost 20lbs since surgery so excited about that...Still have low energy issues but I can sleep on my stomach and tie my shoes and a few other things I didn't plan on being able to do so early on. I will continue to update with any other news.....
  14. enajee

    Reeses Shake

  15. enajee

    May 15Th...anyone Else?

    Any updates ladies....I'm a little concerned
  16. So back home exhausted as all get out but I did it!!!! I sat for most of time but I walked and was active a good 2 hrs+ today and mentally I was saying I could not do it...But I knew I could....So believe in the sleeve!
  17. Hey All, I just got sleeved on 5/15 and now I am headed to a music fest today. This is the first day I feel pretty OK in the morning but I know it will be a lot of walking and sun should be in the 80's today. I grabbed a bottle of Gatorade and a bottle of Water a carton of beef broth since I'm still on stage 2 and heading out. Anyone else tried anything this vigorous after surgery? I also have another one planned in two weeks for 3 days.
  18. enajee

    Where Are Your Incisions?

    Ok....so mine are a bit random most people have them sort of going across my are just weird...I wonder why they are so different from person to person.....Anatomy should be similar so why the variance?....Well mine are healing well nothing to much going on since I just had surgery 5 days ago...Im having a ridiculous hard time getting fluid or food in.
  19. Mine came the day I came home not more or heavier than normal.
  20. Thanks all I grabbed some blankets a pillow and my lawn chair. I think for fluids I'll be good cant seem to cross 32oz so it may be overkill to bring what I have already. Hopefully they will let me bring it in ......I will update this evening with the results
  21. enajee

    May 15Th...anyone Else?

    Well I had surgery on the 15th at 11am. Was out of recovery in my room by 5pm. I was kept an extra day because anesthesia was kicking my ass and BP was all over the place. I'm still out of it trying to figure out how to get my energy level up. I'm also dealing with Aunt Flow who decided to visit me today.. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
  22. enajee

    May 15Th...anyone Else?

    Only a few hours until it's my turn on the losers bench....wish me luck!

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