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I had my sleeve done 8 months ago. Im maintaing weight now. I'm ok with it. I could go another 20. To be realistic, I understand the last few pounds are the hardest. But in my mind it's a protective fat layer in case i become sickly for some reason. I do not want to look anorexic.

My appetit come back for about 2 months. I watched what I ate and excersized Daily. As of now im a bit concerned. I hope to get some in put on this matter.. My appetite in the past few weeks is gone! I have to force my self to eat and when I do. I'm very nauseous. What is going on??. Like I said hunger came on full force now all a sudden not hungrey and nausea when I do eat. What's your thoughts on this?

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There was another thread on this topic just the other day...i’d include a link, but couldn’t find it quickly so gave up...

In any case, I think the cycles/phases of not wanting to eat/food aversion/disinterest is common (for those that have instances of not wanting to eat...some don’t).

I’m 2+ years post op and I still go through it sometimes (sans the nausea though, cuz i wont try to eat if i don’t want to). In fact, i just went through several days of it a couple weeks ago, and after my appetite went back to my “normal”

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My appetite came back around six months post op and it comes and goes regularly

Being 3+ years out I still cannot (in a single sitting) eat even 1/3 of what I used to especially if I follow the rules of 30/30/30

However if I decided to eat over longer stretches I can eat a bit more. So I remain vigilant about my diet (but I make small exceptions for special occasions) and I try to stick with as many rules as I can

I hope that helps and Good Luck ❤️

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