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Too Much Gatorade???

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I have been drinking about one 32 ounce Gatorade a day since 9/2 (Wednesday). That is the day I started my pre-op diet of 2 Protein Drinks or bars, and one meal a day. My surgery is on 9/16. I have been experiencing bloat and pressure in my lower abdomen and lots of gas. I started a post about it and some thought it may be the artificial sweetener in the shakes. I wasn't thinking that was it so cut out the gassy veggies, but still had problems. This morning I woke up with a very wet bed, and when I went to pee it was full of blood. I was really scared and couldn't understand what was going on. My caregiver had just asked me yesterday about drinking more Water. I thought that she may be on to something and stopped the Gatorade and started pushing water. Of course, being a holiday, I had to go to the ER since I needed to make sure there was nothing serious going on. By the time I saw the doctor in the ER, My urine was clear of any blood, but the sample that I gave them had blood in it so they started me on a antibiotic anyway and they are doing a culture on the urine sample. The pressure in my stomach is gone and I have not had anymore blood in my urine since I stopped the Gatorade.

I'm not saying that Gatorade is a bad product, so don't get me wrong. I just was drinking to much of it and not enough water. I want everyone to know that this can happen, so don't go on a total Gatorade hydration diet. Make sure you alternate it with water.

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Hi congrats on having a surgery date. I was sick with gatorade post op. I did try it though because I thought it would help with preventing dehydration. My pouch just prefers ice cold Water. Its a bit puritan lol. I read another lady on here had a kidney stone with similar symptom to yours so it may not be the gatorade. Hope everything goes well with surgery!

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