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Hi everyone,

After I got out of a bad/ abusive/toxic relationship. I feel ever so lonely. I could literally go for days without talking to anyone outside my job if my family never called. I typically went to the supermarket
Everyday so I could Exchange a few words with the cashier as stupid as it seems. During that whole period I turned to food to comfort and only now after breaking up with her over a year ago and finally kicking her out of my house a few months back I am getting back to how I was. Lost many close friends , distanced for family and now working it’s difficult to go out and ‘party’ .Most depressing part about it that my Ex was a feeder and I believe it was her intent to get me as fat as she could so no one would find me attractive. I feel so detached from my body and since being put on a cpap I would never stay anywhere overnight as I find it embarrassing. I look at
Pictures of myself from 5 years ago and all I think to myself how different my
Life would be if I didn’t get involved with this person. Just a small rant, I need to vent my thoughts.

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Your life may have been different but it’s not possible to go back and change the past. What you can do though is change your future. Take back control, focus on your goals and start working towards them.

You can do it

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Your feelings are certainly understandable given what you have been through. However, you have taken a huge first step by getting out of an unhealthy relationship. Now its time to start taking care of yourself by doing the things that will help you heal and get healthy. For me that meant resuming relationships with friends and family, working with a trainer and doing some volunteer work. It takes time but believe it or not you are already on the road to a healthier, happier you. Best of luck.


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