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Hey y'all,

So, before I started the wls journey I'd continuously been on my own weight loss journey so for the last 3.5 years. My diet has been fairly restrictive for several years. Eating what I wanted but never at the portions I wanted them. (I'd have one slice of pizza for dinner when I wanted 3.4. IDK. I was HUNGRY.) Which I thought would help... Wrong. Yeah, the only time I actually had successful weight loss was when I moved out of country and really couldn't afford food. Broke grad student life. Like really, I was broke. I lost about 80 pounds. I loved it but was not satisfied, I still had another 60 plus left to lose. In hindsight, I had really lost a substantial amount of weight. So, in said oversees country, I met the love of my life who was stationed there. Needless to say, I did NOT finish my graduate degree but rather married. Happily married for almost three years now. Slightly regret. Not getting married, more-so not finishing what I'd set out to do. Still love her though, I wouldn't change that. Any-who, I'm hungry.

So after about a year of dating, I gained about 20 pounds in "love fat," you know, constant eating out, eating fatty foods, eating in bed... Oh, and I WAS EATING AGIAN. Yay for me. So we married and spent two years oversees, in which I gained about 30 or so pounds.. Basically gaining more than half of what I'd lost. She loved me... she was my carbs, and I was hungry. But I still watched what I ate. Hoping to reverse some weight gain. Again, eating what I wanted but not as much of it... which did NOT work for me.
Fast forward to our return stateside, I have the surgery about one week ago today, 6 days to be exact, and I AM HUNGRY. I was on liquids before surgery for two weeks and am now on the FULL liquid diet, Soups, anything strained through this little hair style strainer. I'm struggling, y'all. I've already chewed up some roasted potato and spit it out. Also with some cheese. I'm bad. My surgery went very quickly, we returned stateside and all of a sudden I was on a liquid diet en route to surgery. And I did NOT cheat, for fear of being cancelled. Oh my gosh I have never wished I'd cheated more!

Anyways, I'm rambling. Is anyone else struggling this hard so early on? At stage where I hoped I wouldn't even feel hunger. I'm fully aware of head hunger, I know that is exactly why I can't convince myself that the sugar-free raspberry Jello I'm eating actually requires chewing. Because it doesn't. And I need to chew. Or at least my head is telling me so... Idk. I'm struggling y'all! Any advice?

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My surgery was 4/2/18. I went on pureed liquids stage when I ledft the hospital. First 2 weeks I was always hungry..and I didn’t lose any weight. Dr. Told me to move to next stage but carefully. See what I could tolerate. That worked..I am now “appropriatel” hungry! My weight loss is slow, I think, but I am not able to exercise until I get a hip replacement, which I can’t get until I lose 30 more lb!!

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Yip. Almost everyone feels hungry at the liquids only stage... just wait til you move to solids and everything feels like lead til you're used to eating food again lol xx

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I feel your pain lol im 3 week post op and went through the same thing. It gets better when ur moved to soft foods such as eggs and anything u can squish with a fork. Although it was hard i bought these baby cheetopuff type deal that melt in ur mouth. I needed crunchand those were perfect!!!

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Hang in there— it’ll get better once you can have food!

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Sleeved 5/10 and i hear ya. They say it gets better.

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    • CrankyMagpie

      I'm going to hit my stall now. I can tell, because 1) almost everybody stalls when they start moving on to real foods, in addition to the liquids, and 2) I'm at 302 pounds, lol, and the scale knows I want to see the 2 in the first digit.
      I'm fine. It's not going to freak me out or really even upset me. Honestly, I could stand the reconfiguration of inches that always comes with a stall, for me.
      I'm posting here in between bites of refried beans, which (knock on wood) seem to be going pretty well for me, so far. I'm so happy. Between ricotta (with a little sauce and a little seasoning) and refried beans (with a very small amount of low-fat cheese melted in), I can live without chewable foods for a pretty long time. (I'm also eating yogurt and ricotta cheese.) I do want to upgrade to the ricotta bake, because it has better protein and might cut down the number of protein shakes I need in a day. It's probably a bit more firm than ricotta alone, so I held off at first, but I think it's time, don't you? Plus, my spouse can put it over pasta and enjoy it with me.
      I'm eating 2.5 ounces of ricotta in a serving and maybe that much in beans? (this is my first attempt, but that's how much I served myself) I can eat 4 ounces of Greek yogurt in half an hour, which feels like a lot before the 2 week anniversary of my surgery. But I still haven't really figured out my body's "full" signal. I felt a little sick and stopped eating, one time, which made me think I'd overdone it. Other times, I just take tiny bites, sometimes a few minutes apart, for half an hour. And then I refrigerate or throw out what's left, because that was the guidance the nutritionists gave me. But other people talk about a sore shoulder or something as their signal, and I haven't found that yet.
      I guess it'll come with time and practice.
      · 4 replies
      1. CrankyMagpie

        Prediction: ACCURATE! I was up .2 this morning. Here's hoping my thighs are smaller after this stall, so I can finally wear smaller pants. (The waists of pants that "fit" are too loose, but the thighs are still tight. And belts are uncomfortable on my incisions.)

      2. Orchids&Dragons

        Don't talk yourself into a stall. They're common, but not everyone has them early on. I honestly haven't had one yet. I've only had 3 "up" weeks in almost 8 months and none of them was from a stall. (One was from vacation, two were recovering from losing 13 lbs in 10 days because I was prescribed too much diuretic and ended up dehydrated in the er ☹️) You're unique, just let it go.

        It is early for you to recognize a "full" signal. Pretty much all the foods you're eating right now are sliders that just pass through your pouch. Other than the refried beans, most of them won't stay long enough to trigger a "fullness" feeling. Don't worry, it will come. You're doing great!

      3. CrankyMagpie

        If it's a stall, it's only in comparison to the ridiculous speed with which I lost during immediate pre- and post-op. I'm still down like half a pound from when I posted this. (Half a pound in four days is slow for this stage of the journey, but it's still good!)

        Thanks for the reassurance! It's good to be told I'm doing well. ❤️

      4. Orchids&Dragons

        Yeah, we love that non-linear weight loss when we have a 4-pound week. Not so much with a 1/2-pound week. I only weigh twice a week (and only write it down on Saturday) in an attempt to keep the insecurity monster at bay 😉

    • Leia

      211!!! Randomly super excited to have read that on the scale this morning! It almost doesn't feel real!
      · 0 replies
      1. This update has no replies.
    • AshMarie794

      Haven't hit a stall but this week with only a 2 lbs loss after hitting the gym for 5 days is really getting to me.
      · 2 replies
      1. GB in CA

        I had a stall for 2 weeks, lost a couple pounds, then started the gym and now I'm stalled again!

      2. GreenTealael

        Think of your gym time not for weightloss but as preplastic surgery. I promise the more you work out (whether you lose fat or gain muscle through it) the better your skin tone, tightness and elasticity will look in the long run... (Learning that now, too late after taking a break from the gym during a recent very active losing phase, I HAVE TO GO BACK)...


    • GreenTealael

      Alright. No more adulting. Burned my nose, broke my espresso maker (officially), stubbed my toe, and cracked my phone screen all before 8am.
      Going back to bed.
      · 2 replies
      1. AshAsh1

        Ouchhhhh. Virtual hugs for sure!

      2. sillykitty

        I'd definitely be done for the day! Back under the covers and Netflix for sure!

    • GreenTealael

      Bought fleece lined tights today. I really need fur lined pants...
      · 5 replies
      1. MargoCL

        I love my fleece lined tights.... :)

      2. sillykitty

        Hmmm .... tell me more about this?? I'm a Cali girl, but spend a lot of time in colder climates. I like the idea of these!

      3. FluffyChix

        See. I read this ^^^ as, "I'm a Call girl..." and I'm like, well, I bet plenty of call girls would appreciate the thermal effect of fleece lined tights. :D

        Here you go! Trying to wrap my head around these, btw, but in Houston Texas, there are about 2 weeks in February when I would possibly need them. :D


      4. GreenTealael

        Ahahaha eyes playing tricks on us!

        They are thicker than regular opaque tights and are just so cozy...

      5. sillykitty

        Ok ... I have some in my Amazon cart .... :)

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