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Hey y'all,

So, before I started the wls journey I'd continuously been on my own weight loss journey so for the last 3.5 years. My diet has been fairly restrictive for several years. Eating what I wanted but never at the portions I wanted them. (I'd have one slice of pizza for dinner when I wanted 3.4. IDK. I was HUNGRY.) Which I thought would help... Wrong. Yeah, the only time I actually had successful weight loss was when I moved out of country and really couldn't afford food. Broke grad student life. Like really, I was broke. I lost about 80 pounds. I loved it but was not satisfied, I still had another 60 plus left to lose. In hindsight, I had really lost a substantial amount of weight. So, in said oversees country, I met the love of my life who was stationed there. Needless to say, I did NOT finish my graduate degree but rather married. Happily married for almost three years now. Slightly regret. Not getting married, more-so not finishing what I'd set out to do. Still love her though, I wouldn't change that. Any-who, I'm hungry.

So after about a year of dating, I gained about 20 pounds in "love fat," you know, constant eating out, eating fatty foods, eating in bed... Oh, and I WAS EATING AGIAN. Yay for me. So we married and spent two years oversees, in which I gained about 30 or so pounds.. Basically gaining more than half of what I'd lost. She loved me... she was my carbs, and I was hungry. But I still watched what I ate. Hoping to reverse some weight gain. Again, eating what I wanted but not as much of it... which did NOT work for me.
Fast forward to our return stateside, I have the surgery about one week ago today, 6 days to be exact, and I AM HUNGRY. I was on liquids before surgery for two weeks and am now on the FULL liquid diet, Soups, anything strained through this little hair style strainer. I'm struggling, y'all. I've already chewed up some roasted potato and spit it out. Also with some cheese. I'm bad. My surgery went very quickly, we returned stateside and all of a sudden I was on a liquid diet en route to surgery. And I did NOT cheat, for fear of being cancelled. Oh my gosh I have never wished I'd cheated more!

Anyways, I'm rambling. Is anyone else struggling this hard so early on? At stage where I hoped I wouldn't even feel hunger. I'm fully aware of head hunger, I know that is exactly why I can't convince myself that the sugar-free raspberry Jello I'm eating actually requires chewing. Because it doesn't. And I need to chew. Or at least my head is telling me so... Idk. I'm struggling y'all! Any advice?

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My surgery was 4/2/18. I went on pureed liquids stage when I ledft the hospital. First 2 weeks I was always hungry..and I didn’t lose any weight. Dr. Told me to move to next stage but carefully. See what I could tolerate. That worked..I am now “appropriatel” hungry! My weight loss is slow, I think, but I am not able to exercise until I get a hip replacement, which I can’t get until I lose 30 more lb!!

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Yip. Almost everyone feels hungry at the liquids only stage... just wait til you move to solids and everything feels like lead til you're used to eating food again lol xx

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I feel your pain lol im 3 week post op and went through the same thing. It gets better when ur moved to soft foods such as eggs and anything u can squish with a fork. Although it was hard i bought these baby cheetopuff type deal that melt in ur mouth. I needed crunchand those were perfect!!!

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Hang in there— it’ll get better once you can have food!

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Sleeved 5/10 and i hear ya. They say it gets better.

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    • XYZXYZXYZ1955

      Okay, I finally took another picture of myself. I don't see much change in my appearance but I realize we don't always see ourselves realistically! So here it is: 
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    • AshAsh1

      I'm struggling. I've been stalled now for a couple weeks. I haven't really been tracking my food like I should be. I haven't been to the gym. Both things I know are bad. I logged my food for today and I'm sitting right around 1,200 calories and 115 grams of protein. 60 carbs. I'm not sure if I should be aiming for less calories at this point. Hmmm.... well. I will def be hitting the gym next week, hard. I'd say this week, but I'm swamped with stuff after work everyday. It's just not feasible. I have been staying extremely active though. Also, cutting out all fruit this week. Here's a pic from this past weekend!

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      1. AshAsh1

        thank you! All and all I feel great, I just know that I should still be loosing and when I remember, "hey! you aren't done yet!" then I get down on myself.

      2. Orchids&Dragons

        Honestly, Ash! You are young, pretty and in love! What is there to be down about?

      3. allwet

        Just ride this stall out AshAsh your numbers are fine. Do try to track more often but other than that just keep the faith it will break.

      4. KimTriesRNY

        You’ve lost a lot in a short amount of time. A stall is bound to happen sooner or later. Get back to tracking as a priority! You look great, and more progress will follow. It’s not a sprint with over a hundred pounds to lose, we have to learn to accept our bodies will take a break every now and then.

      5. Sleeved36

        Don't be so hard on yourself. Life happens and you have to deal with life. Even if you don't make it to the gym, go for a little walk in the evening. It will help your stress level and not make you feel bad about skipping the gym.

        You have made amazing progress and look great!

        Stalls are the worst and it is hard to be patient. The scale will keep moving just keep going!

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    • laugh4joy247

       I just started the process for the gastric sleeve. A lot of requirements to complete within the six months. I’m looking for a good website  that can give me an idea of how I should eat during these months beforehand.  Haven’t received that information from the nutritionist yet that won’t be till next month. Thank you for your time. 
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      1. allwet

        cant give you web site but the food is easy. start cutting the sugar. start cutting the simple carbs. Increase your veggie intake. Learn to love water (lol)

        you will get a specific pre op diet later depending on program, huge variation from surgeon to surgeon.

        depending on your food addictions, and you will be finding you do have them, parts of this can be harder than others.

        i stopped the sugary sweets easy but the bread nearly killed me (jk)

        good luck and grats on getting started.

    • SleeveinIL

      NSV today. I have been wearing my size 26 jeans which have been getting roomy. So today I decided to try on my size 24 Lane Bryant jeans and see if I could get into them. Not only can I get into them, they are also loose. That made me feel super happy this morning. Weight is still 243 but the inches are definitely moving. 
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      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Awesome! Congrats! You'll be out of the 20's in no time!

    • istytehcrawk

      Tried a few bites of pasta (protein-enriched penne) tonight. No foamies or anything, but didn't sit well. I'm sad about it, but at least now I know and can move on to trying other things, maybe revisit it when I'm further out.
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