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You have to watch this video! It gives you all of the best answers to the people who will spit in your face for choosing surgery. He is easy to like:

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Love this! Thanks for sharing Matt!

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I like what my doctor had to say. People think that it’s an issue of self control. It’s not. After yo-yo dieting (encouraged by the media) you eventually break your system. This last time I dieted and exercised but the scale didn’t move. It was so discouraging. My hormones had changed. My metabolism had changed. This surgery helps reverse that. We have positive hormonal effects that doctors can’t explain. Almost all patients report feeling happier and healthier. I talk about the surgery all the time and let people ask questions. No one has dared tell me I took the easy way out. This surgery should be publicized more (oh wait - that would be detrimental to the huge diet industry). Just my two cents. No one has dared to tell me I took the easier way out. But if they do I’m ready to explain to them why that view is wrong.

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Good golly why does society think bariatric surgery is taking easy way out? Wish I had a quarter for every time I was told to concentrate and the pounds would fall off. You're just laxy, ain't nothing lazy about,pulling a body this size around. Like perpetual power lifting but you're using the wrong muscles for a wrong purpose. Just don't eat, yeah but then your body thinks you're stabingband it shuts your metabolism down. Besides the relatives telling me all this, the only exercise they ever got was jumping to conclusions. I guess you have to,love th e m, even put up with some cause you wouldn't choose them like friends. What you don't need is belittlement, deprecating remarks and general hoohah from them all.

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I can’t get any sound [emoji30]


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You have to watch this video! It gives you all of the best answers to the people who will spit in your face for choosing surgery. He is easy to like:

Awesome! Why’d-a-go! You tell’em! My dearest friend said “well I like myself so I’d never to that”!!! That was the day I realized I didn’t have a support system except for myself ... and I’ve gotten very strong inside. Two weeks Post-Op and altogether down 27 lbs. .. and going all the way ... why.. because “I love myself”!

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    • kat__p

      Ugh, I need to find out wtf is wrong with my digestive system already. This suucks!
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    • GreenTealael

      Updates 10.5 months post op

      · 4 replies
      1. thatch

        You're so gorgeous!

      2. GreenTealael


      3. Orchids&Dragons

        Wow, love that you have the graphs and everything. Well done!

      4. FluffyChix

        Wowow! That graph is impressive as all get out!!! Congrats on 113+ lbs girlie and on finding your way that clearly works for you!!!!! ((hugs)) You rock it!! And p.s. You are beautiful to the hilt!!!

    • GreenTealael

      Happy Friday Everyone! 
      Cheers to the weekend
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      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Have a great weekend!

    • AshAsh1

      Happy Friday!
      Went to the surgeon this week for my 9 month follow up, a little early. I haven't seen him at my other follow ups (always a PA), besides the one time he called afterwards, but this time he stopped in and made a point to congratulate me. He said I'm doing amazing and to keep up the good work. I've shaved 25 points off my BMI, and down 142lbs at 8 months post op.
      I'm starting to really feel normal, not like a bariatric patient. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. While I still have good habits, I don't think its  "hard work" anymore. I feel that I have truly changed my lifestyle. My new normal feels really good!
      Hope everyone is doing well.
      Much love,
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      1. wanda247

        Congratulations Ash!! That is amazing. I am so happy for you. woot woot :450_trophy:

      2. GreenTealael

        Congrats! I too feel *normal*

        It may be a good thing, I never wanted to struggle at this, and the most successful VETs don't appear to be struggling either...

      3. FluffyChix

        I'm so happy for you!! Congrats Ash on your HUGE accomplishment girlie!!! I'm so thrilled you've learned new ways!!! So glad you feel normal! You are so beautiful!!!

        And I completely agree with Tea, the most successful VETs don't appear to struggle. They just seem to have settled into their lifestyle and live it, day in, day out.

        I also wanna be that girl. :)


    • SleeveinIL

      Saw the surgeon yesterday. He is very pleased with my loss thus far. I am averaging about 10 lbs a month. Turns out my nutritionist and my surgeon have vastly differing ideas on how many calories I should be eating right now. Nut put me on 1K a day. Surgeon said nope, they are wrong, go to 800/day. Too bad I have been following what the Nut advised. I could have lost more weight already. Oh well, I will do it now! I am also going to add another day of working out to help break this stall I have been in since 8/28. I am very happy as this week I was able to get into a size XL shirt and I am wavering on pants sizes, but I am wearing a lot of size 18 that are too big or are getting too big. The inches are still dropping off nicely. I saw my parents for the first time after a long time this past weekend (they live out of state) and my Dad who never says anything gave me some super nice compliments. My sister also did...her words as we were trekking through the airport on a long upward ramp were along the lines of "Before the mind was willing but the body wasn't. Now your mind and body are in sync. Before we would have had to have stopped at least once and now you aren't even phased by this." What a great thing to have someone recognize. 
      · 3 replies
      1. AshAsh1

        I was there yesterday too! My appointment was at 1:30pm. And its crazy that they told you 800 calories per day, when they told me 1k yesterday, but I've got my own agenda lol.

      2. SleeveinIL

        Were you up here??? I am sorry I missed you. My appointment was at 1:15 so it seems we may have just missed each other!!! When do you see him for the 9 month? Maybe we could meet up and say hi!

      3. AshAsh1

        Oh my gosh, that's a gag... we literally just missed each other! It was technically my 9 month appointment, even though I'm only 8 months post op. I missed my 6 month, so I went a month early to my 9 month. I probably won't be back up until my year appointment, but if I come sooner, I'll be sure to let you know!

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