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    Is anybody sorry?

    I do regret that I had so many complications and I probably should regret the surgery because of it but I don't. I regret the fact that my pcp did not find the hiatal hernia so that it could have been taken care of before the VSG was done. Also, the hiatal hernia would not have done so much damage to my lung. Now that the worst is a little behind me I am enjoying the weight loss. Now I just wish I could convince myself to eat!
  2. Jagator88

    Question about Bowel Prep

    I can sympathize and would be glad to share horror stories. I know sometimes it helps to know you are not alone in your misery. I just recently began to stop regretting although every time I have to go in for an esophagus stretching or I throw up because once again my stomach is not accepting anything but liquids I still ask myself why I did it. Then I remember that I wanted to get healthy and being obese and gaining on a regular basis was not going to get me there. I am still trying to convince my boss that I am ready to be back at work even though I have been back for over a month and I work all day and then some. Sometimes I do too much just trying to prove that all is well. I come home exhausted and veg in my recliner. Hubby will be so happy when I can get back in our bed. 6 months of no sleeping companion after 30 years of having one is hard to get used to. Anyway, I wish her well and my prayers are surrounding her. 1% seems like such a low number until YOU are that 1%!
  3. Jagator88

    4 weeks out SOFT DIET?

    What Foods Can I Eat? A large number of foods qualify as soft foods: Mush or porridge-type hot cereals like oatmeal, grits and Cream-of-Wheat Cereals that soften easily in milk like Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes Soft breads and muffins Pasta cooked to a soft consistency Potatoes and sweet potatoes without skin Soft fruits like ripe bananas and melon pureed berries put through a strainer to remove skins and seeds Cooked fruits without seeds or skins like apples and pears fruit juice Avocados Vegetable juice Skinless vegetables that cook to a soft consistency or can be mashed, like carrots, cauliflower Soft fish carefully de-boned Canned tuna or chicken Scrambled or soft-boiled eggs Tender meats and ground meats that have been well-cooked ? braised meats or meats cooked in a crock-pot are especially good for this purpose Tofu Well-cooked legumes with soft skins like baked Beans Pureed or blended soups Pureed or blended sauces Yogurt Cottage cheese or ricotta cheese Finely grated/melted cheese Ice cream pudding or custard Protein powders
  4. The feeding tube was required due to my esophagus being destroyed and having to be rebuilt. I don't think it causes or helps the reflux. The feeding tube was taken out on Friday but I have not noticed a reduction in the reflux.
  5. I take protonix. It is covered by my insurance but it is a tier 2 copay ($35). Nexium is not covered. My doctor would not approve taking anything else in between the protonix doses as he said it was counter productive. I do still have serious bouts with reflux about every other night. Since I have a feeding tube that goes into my lower bowel I don't know what the substance is that comes up through my esophagus. All I know is it is nasty and burns like hell. I generally throw it up and it is brown in color. I have been off the feeding tube for 2 days so I'll see what happens and what comes up now. P. S. I sleep in a recliner. I have found that it is worse on night that I recline all the way back versus semi upright.
  6. Jagator88

    Getting Started

    That is the tube that is used to determine the opening size of your stomach after the procedure is done. The opening is usually a little smaller due to stitching, etc.
  7. There are a few restrictions with this surgery but compared to having other types of WLS or not having any I think the sleeve is the best "deal". It is a lifestyle change abd takes some adjusting. Some people do eventually drink with their meals. Some are never able to as it does wash the food through and creates a situation that allows for overeating. I don't think any of us had the surgery to continue overeating. Being able to drink a glass of Water in one sitting is tough because your stomach only holds a few ounces although water flows through fairly quickly. I think I read somewhere that water still takes a few minutes to flow through.
  8. Jagator88

    don't make this mistake

    My husband loves grits. I am from the north although I have lived in Florida the majority of my life so I think the yankee in me doesn't like them as much as the rebel in him does. Grits are not eaten like cereal they are cooked to a fairly thick consistantcy and served with butter/magarine added. Some people put a fried egg on them and eat them together. I love oatmeal and do eat it like cereal (sweetened, butter, milk). I do not like cream of wheat which I think is a northern food but I guess my Mother never introduced me to it as a child. I think it may not have been readily available here in Florida when I was a child. Anyone else want to clarify "grits"....lol?????
  9. Jagator88

    sleeve stretching

    I hear people commenting that they feel their stomach may have stretched some from the time of surgery to a couple months out. My theory on that is your stomach is swollen for a couple of weeks after surgery and holds a smaller amount than it would once the swelling is completely gone, say in 2-3 months.
  10. Jagator88

    Sleeve Gastrectomy Leak

    I too had a leak which really was the least of my problems. I also had to go on a feeding tube and a second surgery to clean everything out and repair the leak. I don't know the full extent of what the leak took to heal as I also had other complications that, in my opinion, far outweighed the leak. I am recovering and I feel you will too and will enjoy the benefits of the surgery. I am still not at a point in my recovery that I can say I know everything there is to know about how to use the sleeve to its fullest potential. I will be asking a lot of questions as I am sure you will once you recover from the leak. My surgeon is one of the best in Mexico. My U. S. surgeons tell me these things happen. I know the figure says less than 1% complication rate but 1% seems awful high when you are that 1%. I hope your recovery is quick and congrats on the weight loss so far. I have only lost 48 pounds and if the doctors have their way I wouldn't lose another ounce until I am 100% healthy. But, they meet me 1/2 way.
  11. Although I am not supposed to be losing I have made it to Onederland! Can't wait to see what happens when I really try!
  12. Jagator88

    Dehydration Issues.

    My doctor told me that the amount of water you need is the difference between all other fluids you consume including protein shakes. I am on 4 8.5 ounce protein shakes per day. This leaves 30 ounces of other fluids. Water consists of anything that started out as water but does not contain caffeine (i.e., cool-aid, crystal light, decaf tea, etc).
  13. Jagator88

    Hey...another newbie here!

    Bump the bill collectors. You are now taking charge of your life. It is true, unfortunately, that normal weight people are more successful. You will realize all the things you have wanted to do. I was 36 when I went back to college. I knew I had to stay one step ahead of the teeny boppers that were just coming out of college and looking to take my job. I am getting ready to take some more classes to stay on top of things. Plus I have always wanted to be a true Florida Gator. I have not truly started pn my VSG journey yet due to complcations.I am on a feeding tube so I don't know all about the chewing and throwing up if you don't but I'm a quick learner so that should come easy. I should be ready to consume foods orally sometime in October. I am also looking forward to the beginning of my new life.
  14. That would have been my thought as well but my sister has a blood clot in her lung and she is taking coumadin to dissolve it. They said she may have to stay on it for 1-2 years.
  15. Jagator88

    No "complications" forum?

    When did you start losing your hair? I am 3+ months out and haven't had a problem yet. I do lose quite a few strands a day but really no more than usual as I have thick hair. I am wondering if I will get lucky since I have had the high Protein shakes via my feeding tube since my surgery.
  16. Jagator88

    Most sleeve Drs out of country?

    I would be happy to discuss the "what ifs" of complications as I believe I experienced every one possible (leak, destroyed esophagus, diaphragm, lung collapse, blood transfusion). Complications are uncommon until they happen to you :biggrin2: This is not intended to scare anyone out of having the surgery or using a doctor in Mexico as I "think" I would do it the same again including using the same doctor as I believe my pcp overlooked several medical issues that affected the outcome of my VSG surgery.
  17. Florida here too and Hubby got carded way more than I did and he's 4 years older :001_tt2:
  18. Jagator88

    Surgery Week of August 24th?

    I can sympathize about the hair. I had my surgery on June 4th and with my complications my hair didn't see a brush or comb for 2 1/2 months. I went to the Hair Cuttery with the intention of cutting my hair down to about 2" in length. This very patient hairstylist spent an hour and a half but got every tangle out. I was exhausted by the time she was done so I didn't get a hair cut.
  19. If you are self-pay on your meds and you have a Sam's near you it is always a good idea to have them price check the medications. My daughter is on Dilantin and it is less than 1/4 of the price over Walgreens, CVS, Winn-Dixie, etc.
  20. Jagator88

    is this for seniors?

    Congrats on your decision to better your life in every aspect :blushing:
  21. Jagator88

    Has Dr. Alvarez had any VSG Leaks?

    Not sure if you are a member but there are a lot of Dr. Alverez' patients on obesityhelp.com.
  22. Jagator88

    Free Chike Protein Samples

    No bottle for me...I'm pissed!
  23. Jagator88


    I have to agree. I may not want to drink alcohol again ever. I know I won't drink beer as I gave it up about 2 weeks before surgery due to the carbonation. I tried white wine. Acid reflux city. I really wasn't a wine person anyway. I really liked vodka and light rum with juices or cyrstal light. That will be my next try but I am waiting a couple of months. If that is a no go then alcohol will be eliminated from the diet.
  24. Jagator88

    Free Chike Protein Samples

    Rec'd my samples today. Have not tried yet but they all smell good!
  25. Jagator88


    I make collard greens by placing them in a large pot after cutting off the big stem. Ad pork neck bones and a little back, lots of salt and some pepper. I cook them for 2-3 hours. Hubby loves them. I usually just cook fresh ones for the holidays.