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  1. Hi Heidi, I am a 67 year old female, I had the lap band surgery Oct. 2008, I two had my doubts, but I did it anyway. You lose the weight a lot slower than gastric,I only had to lose about 50 pounds, I have done very well, I have lost 38 pounds, still have a few more to go, but I have just not tried very hard, the band is only a tool, and if you don't watch what you eat the weight doesn't come off very fast. I have no regrets, you will learn as you go on what foods your band will tolerate, all people are differant. Good luck to you.
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    Too tight vs. Sweet Spot

    I went two and a half days without being able to keep water down, finally the nurse told me to come in and that is when he removed the fill.
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    Too tight vs. Sweet Spot

    I don't think I ever reached a sweet spot. I have a 10cc band and had a 5.5cc fill and got stuck twice. Had to go back to the Doctor and he removed the entire fill and I had to start all over again. That happened twice. So now I don't know if I want anymore fill becauses I'm afraid I'll get stuck again. I'm not losing any weight just kinda staying the same.
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  9. I have had a bad experience with getting stuck to the point I had to go back to my Doctor and have all my fill removed twice, I have a 10cc band and only had 5.5cc fill, I could not get water or anything to go down for two days and finally he said he would have to remove the fill. Now I am back up to 4cc fill, but I'm afraid if I get more fill it might happen again. I am only about 13 pounds from my goal. This can be very expensive but so far my insurance has paid. The Doctor charges $395.00 each time I go in.
  10. Kiz, I got to go see my Doctor today, and he removed 4cc from my band, had me drink 2 cups of water, it all went down for the first time since Monday, Then he put the 4cc back into my band, had me drink more water to make sure that everything was ok. Told me to stay on liquids for 24 hours. Boy am I glad thats over with.

    Thanks for al your help



  11. Hey Everbody, I finally got hold of my Doctor about 3:00 pm, he told me to come into his office which is about 20 miles from where I live, he took out 4cc's of Fluid then sit me up and had me drink 2 cups of Water, he watched me and everything went down, no more chokeing, then layed me back down and put the 4cc back in and said okay your unstuck now. Had me drink more water just to make sure I was Ok. Boy did I learn a lesson, no more roast beef and Pasta for me. I did howerver lose 6 pounds during this ordeal. Thanks, Bradley18 :thumbup:
  12. Thanks kiz, I have called the Doctor and he is in surgery, His nurse will call me around 2:00 PM, hopefully he can work me into his office today.

  13. I got stuck on Monday night, I had a few bites of Roast Beef and a few bites of pasta, I have been stuck ever since, I tryed drinking hot tea, warm coffee, warm pineapple juice, noting will go down. I have not been able to eat anything or drink since Monday night. Doesn't sound too good to me. I had LB one year ago, this is the first time I have ever had any problems. I also tryed chewing the Papaya tablet. but it just came back up. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    New 60+ Thread

    Hi Jersey Girl, I was noticing your post on your fills, and I have a question, was your first fill 5cc? wow if so your Dr. really tightened you up fast, my Dr. started out with 1cc and I had to go back in 5 weeks for another and so on. Its funny how differant Dr.s do differant things. It looks like you are doing great.:thumbdown:
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    Does the wii work??

    I have a Wii and love it, I really don't excerise on it much, but I like to weight on it, it keeps up with your goals and BMI, it tells you how much weight you have lost or gained( that has not happen to me YET)
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    I'm here to help...

    I hope someone can help me, I had the LB 11 months ago, and have lost 35 pounds, I have had 4 fills that total 4.5 cc's, my Dr. told me I shoudn't need any more fills, but I feel like I can eat more than I should. I guess I need to go back to the Dr., but I thought some else might have the same problem. Thanks Everyone
  17. Alex, I may have a problem, I know I can eat more than 1/4 cup of food or even 2 ounces, I have a lap band for 11 months, lost 35 pounds and have had 4 fills, with a total of 4.5 cc's, is there any possible chance that I have stretched my little pouch? When I had my last fill the Dr. told me I shoudn't need any more, any information you can give me I would appreciate

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    New 60+ Thread

    Hi Skinny 42, glad to hear you are doing good, I had my LB on Oct. 24, 2008 and I have lost a total of 35 pounds, I have 5.5cc in my band and I'm not sure if I need another fill or not. Keep up the good work, you'll make it. Bradley18:thumbup:
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    Any October Bandsters!??!?!

    Hi everbody, i was banded in oct. 24, 2008, had a fill two weeks ago, can only eat 5 to 6 bites and i'm chokeing. I have lost 31 pounds and have had 4 fills, i think i have 4.25 cc, i just have to get up from the table and walk around until i no longer fill like i'm choking, miserable feeling, what am i doing wrong?
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    New 60+ Thread

    Hi Don, I was banded in Oct. and have lost 25 pounds, i have had 3 fills and only have 3.50 CC, my Dr. only puts about 1cc in at a time, I think I will go back for another fill in a few weeks, certain foods i eat really makes me burb, and some times I do throw up a little, I feel like I am choking, I'm so proud of you and the weight loss, keep up the good work. God Bless Betty
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    Any October Bandsters!??!?!

    Thanks mimilou for your encouragement, I can have another fill anytime, he told me to wait 6 wks and it's been that long, he only puts in 1cc and then lets you get back with him in 4 weeks. I think if I would excerise I would do better, but I just can't get motiviated to do so. I guess I'm just lazy Thanks again Betty
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    Any October Bandsters!??!?!

    Hello Oct. Bandsters, I was banded on Oct. 24, 2008, I have only lost 25 pounds, I have had 3 fills for a total of 3.50 CCS, my dr. told me my band would hold 10 ccs but he would not put more than 7 ccs in. Do you think I need another fill? I get stuck every once in a while, boy what a yukky feeling. any help would be appreciated. Thanks Betty
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    Frist fill today, OUCH!!!

    Does any one know why the doctor tells you to have only protien drinks, Water,and crystle light for three days after a fill? I have had two fills and I have not figured it out. Thanks bradley18
  24. Jodi, Would you please explain to me how your band got loose, i have never heard of that before. Can I streach my pouch? is that how it gets loose. Thanks for your help bradley18
  25. I was banded on Oct. 24, when I went in for my first fill he put in 3cc's, I have a 10 cc's band. I have lost about 16 pounds since I first started the pre-op diet, I too fill like I'm eating to much, i don't get that full feeling like I thought I would. I go Dec. 9, for my second fill, maybe that will make a differance. I'm also ready to get on the band wagon and lose some more weight. Have a great day!!!!!:tongue2: