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  1. Are you a nurse? I am starting a support group for nurses that are contemplating, undergoing or are now 'old pro's' with their sleeves! By way of introduction, my name is Jana & I live in the DFW area and am currently undergoing the approval process. I have been a RN for 38 years--18 years in Surgery & 18 years in Case Management & as a Manager for a major health plan carrier. So feel free to jump on board!
  2. Need-a-Sleeve

    Super Nurses With Sleeves (Support Group)

    Hi, my apologies, I started this forum & went AWOL! Let me share a bit about my journey. I lost 60 pounds with my sleeve & have kept off between 50-55 pounds since then. Really pleased with the surgery but 3 years later it is just a tool. Your mind has to be ready to change & the fight is the same every day. Will check in more often, as it helps to encourage me as well! Thanks, Jana
  3. Need-a-Sleeve

    Super Nurses With Sleeves (Support Group)

    I am taking the Gummy-Vites from Costco or Sam's. I get enough iron from meat & veggies. If I added it in the vitamins, I would never go to the bathroom!
  4. Need-a-Sleeve

    Super Nurses With Sleeves (Support Group)

    I hear you! I take the gummy vitamins, fiber, probiotics & calcium. They taste like "candy" but get my counts all on track.
  5. I have had sleep problems for close to 8 years now. First PCP said it was related to hormone changes and prescribed Premarin, I declined and switched PCP's. Next one said it was probably hormone related and sent me for sleep studies, no surprise, diagnosed and have been on a CPaP--which helped somewhat. Next PCP said to take Lunesta and prescribed 10 mg. at night. I broke it in half and took it for almost a year and did great. He retired. Current PCP does not believe in ANY sleep medications and I am back down to being in bed 9+ hours, awakening 7-11 times a night, averaging 6 hours (and monitoring it with a FitBit). I have tried everything I know--no caffeine, no alcohol, Benadryl (100 mg. doesn't even faze me) and nothing works. Right after my sleeve surgery, I slept like a log. Now I am back to 6 hours. My current PCP is retiring so I will be finding another one soon. In the meantime, I have heard exercise helps and have to admit mine has not kicked enough into high gear, but am working on it. Any other suggestions??
  6. Need-a-Sleeve

    BCBS of Texas approvals or denials?

    IF you have the benefit, the medical policy requires a psych eval & if your BMI is below 40, documentation of two recognized co-morbidities (like sleep apnea & diabetes for example). Your plan (as ALL BCBSTX plans) may differ according to what your employer chose to purchase so best to call customer service for details. Good luck!
  7. Need-a-Sleeve

    BCBS of Texas

    There are lots of threads on here about BCBSTX & the process. First thing to do is call customer service number on the back of your ID card and ask if you even have the benefit. (Not all plans are the same even though they have the same carrier.) If your plan covers it, pick your surgeon, go be evaluated and they submit all the paperwork, simple as that. Good luck!
  8. Need-a-Sleeve

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Stalled for the 3rd week in a row at 175 but at least I know why! (Not enough water & not enough gym!) Hopefully will be able to get back to a routine schedule after the first of the year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my fellow sleeve buddies!
  9. Need-a-Sleeve

    Pre-op weight 220lbs or under

    Go to your patient profile (under your name) and change the numbers there, it will update the ticker.
  10. Need-a-Sleeve

    Any POST-op Sleevers with asthma?

    Have had asthma for 56 years, the only problem I had was the acid reflux would start me coughing and then go into an attack. After the sleeve, Dr. Nick puts you on IPPB (intermittant positive pressure breathing) treatments and I had no problems whatsoever. During the late fall with ragweed out, I started having problems but got back on the Singulair and all is good again. Good luck!
  11. Need-a-Sleeve

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Down another pound and very happy with that! Have a great week everyone!
  12. Need-a-Sleeve

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    Down a pound this week and feeling great! Hope everyone has a good week in their new walk on the healthy side!
  13. Need-a-Sleeve

    I've Cheated!

    I have told everyone that asks and quite a few before that I had the surgery. People that think this is the 'easy way out' or cheating are the same idiots that think the mentally ill can make themselves well by just changing the way they think. The most common comment that I get is that I didn't look like I needed 'that kind of surgery'. I tell them I was 100 pounds over my recommended weight and now at 43 pounds down they are shocked. I guess my don't give a darn attitude is a bonus of reaching almost 60! Wait till you get there, it is VERY freeing!
  14. Hi, I am a Dr. Nicholson patient in Dallas and my cousin lives in Odessa, Texas. Just checking to see if anyone has had any experience with Dr. Don Davenport in Odessa? Thanks!
  15. I am losing too, but not horrible yet (crossed fingers). I even looked at Sally's Beauty Supply, they carry a product called Toppik, that camoflauges the thinner areas. Costs about $30 for a small can and another $ for the spray to fix it to the hair and scalp. My other option is to go to a small hair piece since it seems to just affect the top and crown.
  16. You look fantastic, congratulations!!
  17. I am 3 months out and getting in between 700-800 a day. When I was below that, I would stall and not lose. Now I am trying to get most of my Protein in by food but still have to supplement with one shake. I am a nurse but met with the nut once and not sure that I agree with the "Atkins" diet approach to this. I am taking it slow and trying to eat a balanced diet and concentrating on building habits I can live with and sustain. You might search the thread "My Fitness Pal" and sign up, there you can see other's food diaries and you will see lots of variety in how people appoach all of this. Not necessarily wrong or right, but quite a varied approach!
  18. The bad breath is with you as long as you keep your carbs really low and the protein intake high. I TRY and drink a lot of water but still having problems with that and I do chew gum. I don't chew it with my mouth open and swallow air, but do have to keep some on hand since I do a lot of teaching.
  19. One word: Genie (as seen on TV). I have seen them in Walgreens, Wal-Mart and you can get similar ones at Costco. They are really comfortable with the incision site being fresh and they "shrink" with you! And last, they are CHEAP!

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