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  1. Hello, Recently moved back to Orlando, FL and looking to make some new friends that are also banded. I'm single and have a lot of free time and would like to find someone with similar interests, possibly a gym buddy and just a friend in general. Please say hello, would love to chat!
  2. Hello, I'm possibly moving to Stuart/Port St. Lucie, Florida area for work and need to find a new doctor overall and especially to get fills, any information greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  3. mariamaria1070

    Need Bariatric Dr For Fills In Stuart/port St Lucie, Fl??

    Dulci, Thank you soo much for the helpful information! I appreciate it greatly!!
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    From the album: mariamaria1070

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    Morning Star "meatless" Products?

    Just had the corn dogs, pretty good! I'd buy them again!
  7. mariamaria1070

    Morning Star "meatless" Products?

    After reading this post I bought some Morningstar Honey BBQ Riblets and Corndogs. I just tried the Riblets and they weren't half bad, but I'm not really sure what to compare them too, lol.
  8. mariamaria1070

    Looking For Large Scrubs

    Joann852, That would be great! So nice of you, where do you live? I'm in Illinois...
  9. mariamaria1070

    50 Pounds Down And Into Onederland!

    That's great! I hope to have a picture like that very soon, how did you get both picture on 1?
  10. mariamaria1070

    First Fill Today

    Hoping mine goes just as well on the 28th but still kinda nervous! Glad yours went well!!
  11. mariamaria1070

    Port Question

    Me too! I had surgery July 17th and was basically fine then this last week, if I get up too fast or turn a certain way, wow it feels like it's moved or stuck on my ribs or something! I go for my 1st fill on the 28th, if still like this will ask Dr. about it! Let me know if you hear anything!
  12. mariamaria1070

    Looking For Large Scrubs

    I wish I could help you, I have 4x & 3x scrubs but now I need to get some 2x's, but I guess it's a good problem to have, lol. Hope you find what you're looking for!
  13. How often should a stool softener be taken? Every day? Every other day? Thanks!
  14. I made spaghetti squash for the 1st time last night and it was pretty good. The hardest part was cutting it in half to bake. I added some mushroom spaghetti sauce, parm cheese and FF mozz to top....beat the cream Soups I was eating last week. Today I made some crustless quiche with egg whites from a carton, mushrooms, broccoli, ground turkey sausage all blended then topped with LF colby/jack mix. Looks kinda gross but I'm sure they will look better when I'm solid foods! lol Look forward to making Mushie tuna cassarole, Shephards pie and Bandster lasagna next! Will let you know how they turn out! Need more recipes ideas, anyone? Thanks!
  15. mariamaria1070

    Muffin Tins

    This is exactly what I've been looking for, muffin recipes, however I'm totally new to pinterest and have no idea how to use it. Are there actual recipes? Because when I click on a picture, it just seems to become a bigger picture...sorry, I'm probably just doing something wrong but could you help me out? Do you just see the picture and name of the picture and make your own recipe? Sorry again, but I'm very interested in learning more about cooking meals ahead in muffins would be very easy for me! Thanks for any help you can give me!
  16. mariamaria1070

    Do You Have A Favorite Brand Of Protein Shakes?

    Now, with saying that you can start off by not spending a lot of money by buying Pure Protein 'Chocolate" from Walmart. Its inexpensive and taste like a chocolate milk shake if mixed with fat free milk or almond milk. You will need unflavored protein as well to add to your soups, foods once banded. I found unjury unflavored and Now sports unflavored is 'my' choice. You can visit www.unjury.com and order samples. Now sports I purchased on Amazon, Pure protein I purchased from walmart. Patty, I've been drinking Premier Protein shakes and they are great but looking for a powder. I did buy the starter kit from Unjury and love them. Was trying to find something I could go buy instead of ordering online, if possible. I looked on Amazon for that Now sports unflavored, is it just as good as Unjury? Thanks!
  17. mariamaria1070

    Whey Protein Suggestions Needed

    I drink and really like the taste of Premier Protein shakes in Chocolate from Sam's club, they are premade and have 30 grams of protein. I also bought the starter kit variety pack from Unjury and really like those, 20 grams of protein, I mixed them with water & ice & frozen fruit with my new Ninja Blender from Target which I absolutely love! I bought one of those mixing containers with ball inside but have yet to try it! I'm trying the GNC Total lean 25 vanilla and chocolate packets next on my search for a tub of protein powder! Just try as many as you can, but I would definitely suggest a great blender, I love mine!
  18. mariamaria1070

    One Week Post-Op!

    I am no expert, I was only banded on Tuesday and had clear liquids on Wednesday and now full liquids until day 14. Not excited about it but if it's what my Dr's says I need to do then that's what I'm going to do. I want to make sure that I heal properly and when it's time I will eat real food again, just a lot lot less. Luckily, I'm not hungry...I can barely get enough protein in me, I got to remind myself to eat & drink more! Just try to focus on why you even went through with this surgery, we all have different but basically the same reasons. I knew I would never get to eat like I used to eat again and I'm okay with that, at least for now...losing 21lbs so far really gives me the motivation I need to stay on track. And remember this site is here specifically for that support, understanding and motivation we all need, 24/7 Hope it gets easier for you! Here if you need to talk, vent...whatever!
  19. mariamaria1070

    Anyone Getting Banded In July?

    Hey buddy! Congrats to you as well!! Sorry you had to spend the night, hope things got better after all at, let me know how you're doing! I'm doing well, was very happy to take a shower today & take off the bandaids but to actually see the incisions, wow! Also was very happy to have full liquids! lol Keep me updated!
  20. mariamaria1070

    Holy Hell!

    OMG, I just got banded yesterday, which went great and now I'm scared Sh*&less for my 1st fill. I don't love needles even though I used to get allergy shots in both my arms, I will just have to make sure not to watch...at all!! ughhh
  21. I read on here about Vitamin E Skin Oil, they sell at Walmart for like $4. I was just banded yesterday but don't think I can start using it until my bandage strips fall off. I will ask for sure at my follow up on Tuesday, hope this helps!
  22. mariamaria1070

    Surgery In T-Minus 2 Hours!!

    Thanks for all the support everyone!! Doing great, love my meds and just had the best SF jello ever!! lol Good luck to all those that have been recently banded or about to be!!
  23. mariamaria1070

    Anyone Getting Banded In July?

    I just had the Best Sugar Free Orange Jello EVER!! lol Never thought I would be so grateful for Clear liquid day!! lol
  24. mariamaria1070

    Anyone Getting Banded In July?

    Me too!! lol
  25. mariamaria1070

    Anyone Getting Banded In July?

    Just home, sore & tired but that's about it..feel much better then when I first woke up! No gas pains so far, thankfully but I'm prepared if it starts. Can't get enough water/ice chips, mouth so dry & scratchy from tube. Going to take nap, thanks for all the well wishes! And to my buddies, YAY we did it!! It only gets better from here...

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