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  1. 45 pounds down! Not even 3 months out! 20 more to go!

  2. shortypants

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    Hi everyone! I'm 5' 0"! Was sleeved 5/7, all together, i've lost 39 pounds! I feel great, and have alot more energy now that I switched off of the synthetic Centrum vitamins!
  3. shortypants

    Something "crunchy" To Snack On...

    It's ok..just a little humor! So sorry if you were offended..
  4. shortypants

    Is It Harder After 40 For This Surgery?

    It could be gas pain. Maybe try the gas-x. I'm 42, surgery was May 7. I really didnt have any complications. Didnt have a drain, so I'm not sure how that feels. I can tell you, yes it does get better...just seems like it takes forever!! ugh! You do have to walk, but you also need to rest. Do what your body tells you!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!
  5. shortypants

    Something "crunchy" To Snack On...

    Lol!! You can have a side of a cardiologist with the pork rinds!!!!! I'm almost 8 weeks out, and I get my salt/crunch fix with Claussen pickles...yum!!
  6. shortypants

    Any Shorties?

    You are all doing very well!!! I'm 5', surg dat 5/7. Highest weight was 178. It's been 7 weeks and i'm down 37 POUNDS!!!! WHOOP!!
  7. shortypants

    Butt Injections

    Yea, i'm a little upset that my butt is going down WAY faster than my belly....ugh!!!!
  8. shortypants

    Surgery Biggest Mistake Of Life!

    It sounds like you really were not very informed at all on your surgery....WOW!!
  9. shortypants

    Butt Injections

    I know it's the opposite end of the body, but I had breast cancer, and wanted a double mastectomy before VSSG, and the surgeon told me it was best to wait, to go back and see him 6 months after....and oh boy i have pancak boobies!! lol (not for long)!!!!
  10. shortypants

    Anyone With Barretts Esophagus? Help!

    My grand father had barretts....becareful. Do ALOT of research on both. I would even talk to an oncologist, anybody I could get my hands on! Educate yourself. I myself had 3 diffferent cancers, and i'm 42. I dont want to scare you. Yes it's serious. Get your blood PH checked, and if it's off, start to alkalize your blood before you get too ill! Look into juicing, and getting healthy before any surgery. Start now by cutting out all processed foods, and sugar.
  11. shortypants

    Very Low Energy & Weak

    Thank you!! And good luck to you also!!!
  12. you look very healthy!!!
  13. shortypants

    Very Low Energy & Weak

    I was JUST going to post the same thing until I saw your post!!! I am just 7 weeks out, and my energy is sooooo bad, and my muscle tone is like jelly!! I am an EMT full time, came back 2 weeks ago, and I am afraid I am going to drop some one!! I just got finished washing my ambulance, and it took EVERY OUNCE of energy I had in me to do it! I hope we dont get a call, because i am shot right now....(I dont have to labs for a few weeks from now). My husband thinks im crazy, because I have always been strong. I've been doing this job for 13 years. I'm at the point where, i'm either going to have to quit, or I am going to be fired...
  14. shortypants


    you can google it..
  15. shortypants

    First Day....

    How on earth are you getting down 4 bottles of water???? Lucky you! I will be 7 weeks out tomorrow, and can barely finish 1 bottle.....
  16. shortypants


    this happens to me when i eat eggs!!!! lol
  17. shortypants

    Help! Will I Be Able To....

    OMG. Please be careful...all the advise here is very good!! Let your body heal....take it easy girl!!! You dont want to go back into the hospital!! There will be more concerts!
  18. shortypants

    Hitting The Beach

    Thanks everyone!! MamaT, I like to go to Point Pleasant and Jenkinsons! But I pretty much grew up going to Sea Isle, and Ocean City! My parents belonged to Out Door World! We would HAVE to be on the beach by 7:30.....ugh as a teenager, that stunk!! lol!
  19. shortypants

    Hitting The Beach

    My husband and I are hitting the Jersey shore for the day on Sunday. Any suggestions as what I can pack to eat? Im getting sick of cottage cheese! Shakes are not keeping me full either...
  20. shortypants

    Hitting The Beach

    Thanks Emily & Star!! This list will work wonders for work too!
  21. shortypants

    Hitting The Beach

    Lady Ivy; your post reminds me of my job! I took 6 weeks off, and went back this past monday. I work ems full time, and its SO hard to stay hydrated, and eat. It's especially hard to wait the 30/30 when you're in a rush!!! ugh! Yesterday I had to grab an ER turkey sanwich, throw the bread awy. I was SO hungry, I ate too fast, and oh boy, I thought I was going to blow up!! Wont do that again.
  22. shortypants

    Hitting The Beach

    ooooo! whoops!! (i'e been awake since 2 am)....I am 6 weeks out, and can eat just about anything.
  23. Looking for high protein shots. Not sure what bougie size my Dr used, but my sleeve is very tight, and i'm having trouble getting in 8oz. of anything. I have my first follow up with him tomorrow. Any suggestions??

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