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  1. Shoppingbeemom

    The Kind Of Eggs You Eat

    I have found that I can eat a egg over easy, but boiled and scrambled eggs make me vomit. I am over 5 months out. Does this go away or should I write them off. p.s. I miss deviled eggs
  2. Shoppingbeemom

    Having To Rethink My Choice Of Surgeons

    I wish this site had a statistics chart on the doctors. Everyone who has had surgery would put in what complications they had / didn't have. Then you could see first hand on each doctor real stats. I think it would help us and the doctors.
  3. Shoppingbeemom

    Question Of The Day Tuesday

    I'd say it was when someone mistakingly assumed I was my oldest son's girlfriend. I'm going to live off of that one for YEARS!
  4. Shoppingbeemom

    Could Someone Explain?

    I forgot to mention, with the sleeve you aren't hungry so you don't really care if you eat and you get that Thanksgiving full feeling after the sleeve if you don't moderate what you eat.
  5. Shoppingbeemom

    Could Someone Explain?

    I don't want to stretch my sleeve out( thus making it useless ), so to to this I measure what I am to eat at one sitting. I also need to get in a daily requirement of protein. Considering my sleeve is so small, this means I need to put food in my mouth with good value. If I were to fill up on junk I wouldn't have room for the protein. For example, If I were to eat the slice of cheese pizza, I would be full after 4 bites. If I eat the top of that slice of cheese pizza and omit the bread I can eat all the cheese and get 11g of protein. It's a food value thing. Best wishes
  6. Shoppingbeemom

    Heart Palpatations

    I'm glad you are to see your Dr. Are you drinking enough water? Are you getting enough protein? Best wishes
  7. Your telling me! I started buying my jeans at consignment stores so I don't break the bank. I also buy the next size down so I have something on hand.
  8. When I was about 4 months out I stalled on the scale, but, I had to start buying clothes. In the fourth month now going on to fifth I have gone from a loose 12 to a tight 2 in jeans. I wore my abercrombie size 6L jeans twice before I got baggy butt and had to give them away. The scale has only moved 6 lbs during this time.
  9. Shoppingbeemom

    Lactose Intolerant To Protein Shake?

    I couldn't have milk after I have had surgery ( I've been told this goes away after a year). I drink 'New Whey' for my protein. Go figure.
  10. Shoppingbeemom

    Bye Bye Stall 3 Pds 166 From 223 W/pic Update

    Wow! you look great! Good work!
  11. Shoppingbeemom

    Guilt Of Whom? Me Or People

    My mother always told me that there was a reason our family survived the potato famine. We store fat and use it sparingly. If anyone is like me, they will need to eat wiser, work out harder, and rest well. Your not alone. Best wishes
  12. Welcome back!!! Stay strong and do what is good for you. Best wishes
  13. I haven't had the dr's you mentioned, but you will find fantastic information on all of them here. Pick the one that makes the most sense to you. Good researching, and best wishes
  14. Shoppingbeemom

    Normal Bites

    I don't know what a normal bite is to you, but my mom told me that a polite bite should never be bigger than the end of a fork. That you will be able to do, but you may want to rethink about loading up each bite. If you take smaller bites and wait between bites you will get more of different foods and it is less obvious to others. If you take a large bite, your done, people will ask if your food is good, or if you like it and you will draw attention to yourself. The smaller bites also get you into better habits. A year from your sleeve surgery you will feel a lot less restriction. If you keep habits of eating large, you could risk stretching your sleeve. This is a fresh start and that means a change to make sure we don't get back to old ways. Best wishes
  15. Shoppingbeemom

    A Letter To My Skinny Self

    I cried too! Your sentiments mirror my own.
  16. About the slime...Do you have allergies? If you do, you may want to switch to a nasal spray like flonaise. The 'snot' can make a sleeve fill up and irritate it so that you throw up. Latter you may be able to switch back to pills. Best wishes
  17. Shoppingbeemom

    This Was A New One For Me!

    I thought it was just another age milestone....Thanks for sharing.
  18. Congratulations! You look great! My 3 year old daughter saw the picture of you with The Little Mermaid and wants me to make her a dress like that!!!! lol. My journey began because of a picture at Disney World ( I saw the real me ) and I plan on going back on my surgaversery and taking a new picture. Best Wishes
  19. Congratulations on your sleeve!
  20. Shoppingbeemom

    Rant: Nothing In My Closet Fits!

    This is why every wls woman needs a black, knit, wrap dress. As you get smaller, you just tie it tighter.
  21. I think you should start a wls support group in your community. My library often lets people meet for free. You could make phone calls to everyone in the area who you know has had surgery ( and of course they call people they know).There are probably other people in your area that may not like that Dr ( even if they are a patient ), or people that went to a different Dr and want support too. Best wishes
  22. I had this problem, it does go away. It didn't matter if it was warm or cold liquid for me. It did matter if it was thick or thin liquid. I had a harder time with thin liquids. The only thin liquid I could have was frozen otter pops. The rest had to be yogurt drinks or thick juices like v8. Best wishes
  23. As a joke you could always tell the waiter he doesn't eat because he's a vampire. I wonder what kind of looks you would get then. lol
  24. It would feel strange to be asked out to eat as a solo act. I'm the sleeved one in my house, but there is always a broth or soup I can order (often I leave most of it, but it's cheap). Most waiters ask if I want anything else, but leave me alone after that. What's nice about broth...it's a liquid so I can have a drink with it.You have a lot on your personal plate right now. My best advice is to take cleansing breaths and one moment at a time. Best wishes

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