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    Drinking was an area I was worried about prior to surgery. I like my drinks and didn't want to give them up. I've had no problems drinking after I hit the 3 month mark. I get a buzz really fast now though. 1 drink is all it takes, then I just sip slowly for the rest of the night and maintain just fine. I've done a few shots and they really hit me hard. I try to stick to the mixers.
  2. Hey Everyone, Just stopped by to give a little inspiration to those who on here trying to figure it out or wondering what it will be like. I was in your shoes not that long ago and always wanted to read about other peoples progress. Well, I had my 3 month visit the other day and I was down 58 lbs!!!!!!!! I actually lost 2 more as of this morning so I'm officially down 60 lbs!!!!! It's been a heck of a journey so far but now I feel great, look great and have more energy than I've had in 20 years! I don't get here much because I went back to school. So now I'm a full time student while working full time still. Not to mention my 7 year old and 3 year old at home! Needless to say, I don't have much time to check in here but wanted to say hi. Also, want to say thanks to all of you who do come here daily or weekly to keep it going. You were the people I read about 9 months ago that finally inspired me to get on with it. At this point, I can eat anything I want. I very very very rarely feel actual hunger and usually have to remind myself to eat something. The first two months were tough at times, I missed the food quantity that I used to eat. It's all in our heads - I've gotten over it for the most part. Just in the last couple weeks, I've kinda moved on and been able to eat normal just small quantities. The only thing that gives me trouble is bread and Pasta, so I basically don't eat them or eat bread toasted. For all of you that are just getting sleeved and wondering how you will heal and if you will ever be normal again, trust me - you will in just a few short months. You'll develop your own systems for eating and learn the hard way what quantities you can eat. All of a sudden one day you won't recognize yourself in the mirror and you'll realize you saved your life!!! Take Care, Mike
  3. That's nice to hear! If you need any help or have any questions, let me know. January will be here before you know it and by March of next year you'll be happier than you could imagine!! Good Luck!
  4. biggriz

    Ideas for "mushy" foods please!

    I survived on instant mashed potatoes, egg salad potato soup and ricotta bake during mushies. I also had a yogurt each day. By the time you eat a few ounces of mashed potatoes, your full! Drink you 60-80 oz of fluids a day and you will be through it before you know it! Best of luck, head held high and be proud of yourself for the changes you have made. Treat these stages like stepping stones to a normal life - Mike
  5. biggriz

    Hit goal!

    Congrats!!!!!!! You are an inspiration to us all!! You look absolutely amazing! Very Pretty Enjoyed the Blog as well. Good luck with your new life!!!!
  6. biggriz

    Protein Bar Recommendations Please

    If you're looking for a smaller bar, try the Balance Bars or Zone Bars. They are small and I think they taste really good. The best bars I had are from a store called Aldi. It's owned by Trader Joes and is their discount brand. They have a line called fit-n-active that are high in Protein and absolutely delicious. I usually eat a string cheese for Breakfast and a Protein Bar mid-morning. Gets me to 20-25 grams of protein before lunch and keeps me full for a long time. Good luck!
  7. biggriz

    Protein Bar Recommendations Please

    I agree! I love the pure protein bars too!
  8. biggriz

    what to do with left over pre -op

    Try selling them on Ebay. I remember when I did nutri systems I had several cases of food left when I gave up on that diet and I listed them on ebay and they sold fast. Just an idea
  9. biggriz

    Returning to work?

    I had the surgery on a Thursday and took the following week off. Went back after that with no problems other than being a little tired when i got home the first few days.
  10. biggriz


    From what I learned with the nutritionist, decaff coffee for me. I do on occasion, drink 1 cup of regular mixed with decaff if I'm really tired in the morning. I've done that about 3 times now without any issues.
  11. Just thought I'd chime in to say I agree with you on the Bariatric Advantage chewable calcium. I use the raspberry and I love them. I chew 4 a day and usually space them out every 3-4 hours. I'm looking forward to trying the other flavors. On the other hand the Bariatric Advantage chewable multi Vitamins make me so nauseous and induce dry heaving so I am looking for a better chewable. I didn't realize we could use a Flintstones Vitamin. I have those for my kids so may give that a try.
  12. biggriz

    Acid Reflux

    I've had acid issues for a long time. I was diagnosed with gerd a few years back and have been on prilosec since. For me it works good. I used to take it twice a day but now I only take it once and it does the job 95% of the time. I've noticed the acid is worse after the surgery and I have to suck on a tums every once in a while. Hopefully that's just a side effect of the surgery and it will settle down after a bit.
  13. biggriz

    hard to get in all my liquids

    Hey valentine, I've been sleeved a few weeks so I know exactly what you're dealing with. I took me at least a week to get to the point that I was getting all the required stuff in. What I've learned from this board and talking with my doc is that the 60-80 oz of fluids a day is primary for the first 10-14 days. Protein count is 2nd. Stay hydrated and you'll feel better each day. Good luck!
  14. biggriz

    heparin injections

    I got 2 heparin shots in the hospital after the surgery. Right in the belly!!! Kinda shocked me but nothing prescribed after I left. Another case of every doctor is different I guess. Or you have a particular health concern that they were worried about?
  15. I know how ya feel! Glad you're doing better!
  16. biggriz

    Progressing to Mushy Foods

    I've been sleeved for two weeks as well and today was my first chance to go to mushies. I'll share my experience with you and hope it helps. I made some instant mashed potatoes last night and packed a small portion in my lunch today for work. I laughed because I thought how funny it was that what I packed was the equivalent of two-three bites prior to the sleeve. I showed my wife and she thought it was funny too. She said the old me would have ate the entire pot full. Anyhow, I ate the mashed potatoes at lunch today and they were outstanding. Who would have thought that instant mashed potatoes could taste so good. I ate them very slowly and methodically and felt full afterwards. Other than sipping my G2 the rest of the day I didn't need anything and I was full When I got home, I decided to make a scrambled egg. Here is where things went wrong for me! I made an egg and added a half of a slice of 2% cheese to the top. Let it cool and then gave it a try. I gotta tell you it tasted so good, it was the best food I've ever eaten it seemed like. It was funny as soon as I took the first bite, I immediately said to myself, hey I'm gonna make another one of these - old me crept in for a second. Needless to say I ate small bites but way way way too fast! No sooner did I finish the last bite when I felt so uncomfortable and so full and so stuck - I thought I was going to vomit. I cannot believe how bad that felt! I can assure you that you only do that once and you slow way down on the mushies! That feeling of something being stuck in my throat and the out of control feeling of overfull was so unbearable I thought maybe I'd be better off to vomit. I went and sat down and it started to pass after about an hour. So, my advice to all those who are starting the mushies is to go for it, enjoy the real food again for the first time in forever but take it slow and easy! Like I said, the feeling that egg gave me was absolutely horrible. Next time I will eat a half to start with very slowly!
  17. biggriz

    Acid Reducers

    I take a prilosec once a day. I took them before my sleeve and started taking them again about 3 days after surgery.
  18. Hey Nice Job!!! I can't wait to be there myself! Keep it up and share your wisdom with the rest of us.
  19. biggriz

    I am now 38!

    Hey there - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Preop diet was tuff!!! I can assure that the same basic diet post op will feel so different. Hang in there you can do this!!!!
  20. biggriz

    HOwdy and congrats

    Hey Good Luck!!!! Let me know if I can be of any help.
  21. Wow!!! Looking good - funny how you look so much happier and excited in the 2nd pic!!!! Keep up the good work!
  22. biggriz

    July Master List

    WOW that's just ruff! I'm sorry that happened to you. Pull yourself together and keep fighting. Keep us informed of what you find out.
  23. biggriz

    Liquid Diet - Day 4

    For some reason the liquid diet preop is a lot harder to deal with than the post op liquid diet in my opinion. I struggled and cheated my way along during the preop and was always hungry and felt like I was missing out. Post op I'm not hungry and really don't mind the liquid diet because I'm healing. Same diet but very different feeling
  24. biggriz

    Hardest thing now for me...

    Well I know I'm a "guy" here but trust me - I understand! I've got two little ones and my better half works so I'm stay at home Dad most evenings and weekends. It's tuff to find a sitter, fortunately for me I've got two sisters and a Wonderful Mother near by who help but they all work too so it's really hard. We've had good babysitters but they are expensive and unfortunately they grow up and go to college We are actively looking for a new babysitter now that we can afford. It's funny that you said you're taking a Psych class. I started back in college just recently and my first class is this summer is an accelerated psych class. I'm halfway through it right now. It ends August 3rd and I can't wait! I will tell you I've enjoyed it and I'm very glad it's an online class or I never would have gotten done. I wish I had something for you that actually helped you with your sitter problem, I hope you find some help with it. We've had the best success using sitters from church and the local school near us. All came from referrals from friends or family.

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