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  1. I haven't been here in a while. I was three weeks out one day before I could start mushies, and I started getting sick. I couldn't even drink water. Turns out I have a leak. I spent one week in the hospital with nothing by mouth. I now have a feeding tube with nothing by mouth. I am at home now which is a big plus. I went in 2 days ago for another EGD, and a leak repair. They feel that everything went well, but said now we just have to wait and see how it heals. My throat is killing me now. They scratched it up during the EGD. I'm feeling really down, and scared. Please let me know if you have experienced any of these things, and how they turned out.
  2. Had my one week post op visit today. Got my staples out, and all is well. The BEST part is, I lost 17 pounds!!!! 10 pounds week before and 7 this week!! That did help my mood!!!! I'm feeling better today. Yesterday was sooo hard with the head hunger and SICK of protein shakes. Two more weeks to go, then I get some REAL soft food! YEA!!!!
  3. So,so glad you are waiting on going back to work!!! I was worried about that!!!
  4. OMG! Two & Susieq!! I'm 6 days today and have ALL these same feelings!!! I cried reading the responses too!!!! I have been sooo down & it really, really helps seeing that this is normal!!! Thanks to everyone that post such inspiring words!!!!
  5. Thank you all soooo much! I really needed to read this today!!!! I am 6 days post op and feel sooo blah. I want to feel good again!!!! Thanks for all the inspiring words!
  6. Thank y'all soo much! Oh "Trouble" I hope I am like you & don't have the gas pains!!!! I'll holler when I can!! Thank you!!!
  7. Thank you all sooo much!!! I really needed to hear all of the encouragement!! I will post as soon as I can!! Luv ya all!! Kim :thumbup::biggrin0:
  8. Glad you are starting to feel some better!!! I have heard walking is the best thing for the gas, but of course that would be hard to do when you feel like crap!!!! My surgery is Friday! I'm trying to prepare myself for the pain, but IDK if there is really a way to!! It does help talking to y'all!!! Does the gas-x help at all???
  9. KKB

    Newbie Here

    Welcome!!! This is a wonderful place!! Has helped me over and over again! My surgery is scheduled for Friday, so can't tell ya a lot except your in the right place! Kim
  10. KKB

    September sleevers wanted!

    I'm so happy for all of you!!!! It's so exciting & scary at the same time!!! I start my pre-op diet on Friday!!! I can not believe my surgery is one week from Friday!!! That is crazy!!! After telling my family this past weekend, I feel like a million pounds was lifted off!!! Now I can concentrate on me and getting ready!!! I am always here for y'all!! Please keep in touch!!! I'm going to send friend request to each of you too, so I'll know how you are doing!!! Luv ya! Kim :thumbup1:
  11. You will do great!! Can't wait to hear an update!!! Praying for ya!
  12. KKB

    NSV: new clothes!

    WOW!!!! That is soooo exciting!!!! I'm sooo happy for you!!! You should be bragging!!!! That is such an accomplishment!!! It's not bragging when it's true!!! I hope to be saying the same things very soon!!!! Congratulations!!! :001_smile:
  13. AWESOME!!!!! I'm soooo happy for you!!! This is such a motivation to me!!! Your doing great!!!:001_smile:
  14. OMG!!!! I was just on here yesterday saying how happy I was to be here and that I was waiting for my second consult, WEEELLLL....yesterday afternoon I got as call to schedule the consult. WELLL.... they got me in TODAY!!! I now have a surgery date of September 10th!!!!!!! That is 2 1/2 weeks away!!!!! I CAN NOT believe it!!!! I'm soooo excited!!!!:thumbup: Now is the really hard part, I have to tell my parents!!!! LOl!!! You would think being 42 years old it would not be such a big deal, but it is!!! I feel like I'm 16 again going to ask them to do something I know they will not like!!!! I really value their opinion and I want them to be happy, not freaked out!!! I keep telling myself that I have had 6 weeks to process all of this and they are going to be caught totally off guard!!!! Please keep me in your prayers this weekend!!!!:001_unsure: Y'all will be hearing a lot from me!!! Thank you so much for all of the encouraging words and helpful hints!!! I'm very grateful to have found you!!!! Luv ya!!! Kim :001_rolleyes:
  15. KKB


    I know!!! I was so shocked!!! Mine is at Forest Park Medical Center
  16. Hi, I am so confused with which surgery to go with. I have read so many things about both bypass & the sleeve that I'm totally torn. My Dr. first suggested bypass, but said I could do either one. I'm just curious what made you choose the sleeve over bypass?:scared0: Thank you for your help!!!!

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