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What is eating ?


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I don’t even know how to eat anymore. It doesn’t take me forever to eat. I think I’m still eating too fast. Things also don’t upset my stomach like everyone else. I sometimes think something is wrong but I am losing weight. My heaviest was 363 and I’m down to 307. So that’s good you know ? I just have this constant fear of over eating and eating too fast and ruining everything. I can eat more than my sister who had the same surgery same time as me. I’m just worried. Someone please tell me it’s normal haha or that I’m ok. And give me tips on how to slow down. Thanks !!

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If it makes you feel any better, I was never able to eat as slowly as I was "supposed" to. I almost never got an upset stomach, and I was very successful in losing weight.

I definitely ate more slowly after surgery than before, and I did that by making sure that I chewed everything very thoroughly before swallowing. Still, I could not make a tiny meal last 30 minutes or longer.

I think the key is making sure that you stick to the program and don't eat bigger portions just because you can. As long as you are losing weight, you are good.

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Oh gracious don’t be down on yourself that you can eat most if not all foods. Some can just like some can’t. Some our experiences will be the same others won’t. Your experience is still right cause it’s working for you. Don’t get too caught up on comparing your experience to another’s. You’re different people.

I could eat most things too without a problem. But every now & them my tummy would throw a tantrum & say No! Not that today. But then two days later it would be fine.

As long as your portion size is still within your medical team guidelines, it’s ok.

To slow my eating down, I always made sure I put my cutlery down between bites, would sit back or would even push my plate away. I also used to take a bite every 5 minutes. It just helps to make sure the message you’ve had enough gets through. I also would ask myself I’d I really needed that next bite. Not wanted it but needed it. I found this worked for me.

There’s a lot of learning on this journey. Discovering what works for you, what eating is & means for you post surgery, etc.

Good luck.

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20 hours ago, Dar-E-Queen said:

And give me tips on how to slow down.

I learned very quickly that I needed eat slowly. Not so much to eat less, but to avoid being utterly miserable from eating one bite to many. Eating slowly allowed me to recognize the warning that I was reaching my limit before I got there. Cuz it totally sucked when I got to limit.

So I timed myself.

I took one bite, set the timer on my watch for 2 mins. If after 2 mins I was ok to take another bite, I would; if I wasn't, I'd wait another 2 mins. If by the 3rd time I still wasn't ready, then I was done. Yes, my meals took forever in those early months!

As I progressed, the number of bites between pauses increased, as well as the total amount I could eat in one "sitting". I can't remember when I stopped relying on the timer, but eventually I did, as I just naturally paused between bites.

P.S. The timer was also helpful to remind me to eat. Lots of times I would forget I was even in a pause and if it wasn't for the timer, I would probably have just not eaten anymore.

P.P.S Another thing I did was pre-portion what I needed to eat. I wouldn't put more on the plate than I knew I could (or should) eat.

Good Luck! ❤️

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