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Emergency Preparedness

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Today, I was reading a list of guidelines regarding supplies that households should keep on hand to survive 3 or more days in case of earthquakes, winter utility outages, etc. One prominent requirement is to have non-perishable foods stocked, for example, but many of the emergency kits seem to be hugely slanted towards Pasta. I wonder if anyone here keep an emergency kit stocked, and, if so, what do you stock for your non-perishable bariatric food needs?

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Not that we need to have emergency food kits in Australia, but I always have multiple tins of Beans, tomatoes, tuna & salmon in my cupboard - you know in case of a zombie apocalypse. I also have liquid stock & stock powder, powdered milk & rolled oats. You can make a lot of one pot meals with them - cassoulets, stews, Soups. Throw in a couple of tins of lentils & vegetables & you’ll be set. (The beans & lentils are a good source of protein.) And not a packet of rice or Pasta needed. If you do want to include a pasta try those made from soya beans, endame, etc. I still find them too heavy & filling but others don’t have issues once in maintenance.


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