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hi i’m 15 years old and i had my surgery about a month ago. today was a noody day so i had about 15 strawberries with other berry types and i wasnt even full!!! and yes my nutritionist has allowed fruit from the second week if you are wondering. but im panicking wha. will my process be gone. will i gain weight. help please . and why am i not being full after frozen fruits or fruits? but i get full from other foods. IS THAT COUNTED AS BINGING ALREADY

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Certain foods are “sliders” where they pass through to the small intestine quickly. I find most fruits slide through me fairly easily, but I do not know if everyone has the same list of sliders or if it’s more individual. The food that fills me up the fastest and seems to keep me feeling full for at least an hour or two is raw cucumber. Fortunately I love them plain (or with a little salt).
Another thing to consider is did you drink or have and liquids right before or after you ate? Liquids will aid in flushing out your stomach faster so it’s necessary to avoid drinks while and after eating for at least 30 minutes (some say 30 minutes before too which makes sense).
Be careful with any foods you find to be “sliders” as you will not fill up and will be capable of eating too much. The surgery is only an aid to get you started on a healthier lifestyle, but you still have to work at making good choices. Really take advantage of these early months to learn new habits, it will be worth it. Don’t worry about how much you ate, you didn’t ruin anything, you learned something about your new stomach. There will be a lot more of that learning process as you go along and there’s a lot of great people and advice on here who will be happy to help you.

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