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Weight Gain After Switch Surgery

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Guys I am hoping someone can give me some advice to help me. I am 17 months post-op from my switch surgery and I had done great until the past few months. Around August my weight loss begin to slow down and by October, I had plateau. Due to graduate school commitments, I was not able to devote time for exercise, but I stayed strict to my diet. From November till January I would fluctuate a few pounds. Since Christmas I am slowly putting on weight, despite me doing weight loss exercise classes four times a week. Being frustrated, I contacted my surgeon's office and explained my diet and exercise regimen, all I was told is "this is a small hump, and you just need to do a diet recall." I have worked too hard to lose this weight to put it on, and I am all out of options. I am desperately seeking help from any of you guys.... thank you in advance for any help!

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A few things to consider-

Do you have/are you:

Tracking super accurately?

Hydrating properly?

Vitamins and minerals in order?

Snacking regularly?

Including sugar?

Drinking your calories?

Consuming enough Fiber?

Eating enough Protein?

Eating beyond capacity?

Proper sleep hygiene?

Stress management plan?

Good Luck 🌈

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@bm6230 Hi. Did you have the traditional DS or the Sadi, Sips, single anastomosis?

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It's hard as there isn't that much info. on long term Sadi yet. Are you doing high Protein, liquids and low carb?

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