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Wedding reception challenge

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I thought it might be fun to tell some stories that could have ended in disaster, but that ended up being successful, or at least good learning experiences. I'll start.

My husband and I went to an outdoor evening wedding today. Yes, it is Arizona, but it was still chilly. I was FREEZING! I had on a long dress, thick stockings, a scarf, a fleece vest and a long wool coat over that, but I got so cold waiting to go into the reception that my teeth were chattering. I had to actually go into the car and get the heater going so I could warm up. This part of weight loss is definitely NOT pleasant - in fact it is downright miserable.

But then we got into the reception and meal. Wouldn't you know, there was not a single thing I could eat except some limpish salad greens that were slightly bitter and not real fresh. I cannot eat gluten or dairy. These are not uncommon problems, and the the venue actually had gluten free options - but they all had cheese and milk or butter! And the delicious looking stuffed acorn squash vegetarian dish had wheat! And to boot, I forgot to bring the Protein Drink I had set out to take! :( So i nibbled the bad tasting, dry salad greens until I just couldn't do it anymore. There was no tea or Decaf coffee, but I did get the kitchen to bring me a cup of plain hot Water to sip.

By the time we got home I was really, really hungry. But...... on the way home, I planned out a quick meal from some left overs and popped that into the microwave right away. I did eat a spoon full of Peanut Butter while I was waiting for the meal to heat up. But I managed to stay on plan - at least all the food I ate were "plan" foods - not just raiding the pantry for whatever I could grab. I feel the end result was a success, but a very high risk situation, for sure. :)

What I learned for next time: TAKE THE Protein DRINK, AND a baggie of apple slices/nuts, AND a Protein Bar.< /strong> I mistakenly thought there were be SOMETHING I could eat, but didn't fully plan on NOTHING to eat. All three of the items (drink, apple/nut baggie, and protein bar) could have fit in my purse. The evening would have been more enjoyable and I would not have been so ravenous when I got home. AND I would not have eaten later that I would have liked. Unfortunately, there is nothing I could have done about being so cold. There were girls in short dresses and bare legs, and I was bundled up like an Eskimo. I read that this will pass in 18-24 months. I sure hope so.

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    • Steph1999x

      Post op day 2...so far so good!
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    • Krestel

      Officially no longer over weight! Goal #1 reached! I'm now under 80kgs (176 lbs) at 179cm (5'10") and 10 months post-op and am over the moon. My weight at 79.9 kgs (176 lbs) gives me a BMI of 24.9 which means that I have a normal weight! OMG.
      I still want to lose about 16 lbs more though in order to get safely into the middle range to insure against that little regain that happens. The I have maintenence in front of me as well.
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        Fantastic! That's such a great goal to reach and one I hope to get to this year as well.

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      I had my gastric sleeve done September 10, 2020... I started out 330# before surgery.... I'm down to 260# now... I've been stalled out for over two months now.... I exercise when I can (Bad back/knees)... I follow my diet , get my protein and drink my water... But still not losing any weight... I've done everything I can think of to break the stall.... Even went back to liquid diet....  Sometimes I think this was a mistake having the surgery...
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      1. Boss lady84

        sorry to hear that don't feel down. Maybe a reset meaning something new. I am in the process of having the surgery a second time. I had Lapland in 2012 removed in 2018 and I have gained everything back and some. When I stalled on lapband I had to do something new for me I joined a free boot camp and Zumba and then boom dropped 38 pounds in 2 months. I know you said bad back and knees so find something with your limits. But I think try something new I stalled for 8 months

    • Arabesque

      Happy anniversary to me - well almost. Friday marks the one yr anniversary of asking my GP if she thought I’d be a candidate for WLS.  
      What an exciting, sometimes frustrating but ultimately rewarding journey. I’ve lost 40kg or about 40% of my body weight & am below my goal weight. Some days I  just can’t believe where I am now from where I was 12 months ago. I never imagined this reality. 
      I am grateful for the encouragement I received from family & friends. I am grateful I have a supportive GP. They helped smooth the rough patches & kept me on track. I’m also grateful for this site. The information & support has been so helpful & eased many worries. 
      I’m still sorting out maintenance (what works one week doesn’t the next) but I’m up for the challenge. 
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      Too much anxiety and stress:
      So lately thanks to COVID 19 (I don't have it though been trying to stay safe and healthy) I've been having severe anxiety and panic attacks lately. I've always had this problem but it's getting worse so as a result I've been having bad insomnia and getting sleep is hard for me right now. I wish it were easier but it's a work in progress AGAIN. I thought I got over this hump a while ago and was getting sleep but now my insomnia is back in full spring and I hate it! My grandmother is also moving on Tuesday and that is also stressing me out because I'll have no family nearby since everybody is in other states now thanks to California being too high. It makes me so sad man! But I am seeing her today on Monday for the last time before she leaves on Tuesday this week.
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