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Lap band removed

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Hi, I just need a place to rant. My fiance is so supportive but ultimately doesn't understand how I feel about this.

I had my band placed back in 2012. I did great the first 5 years. I lost a total of 115 lbs. I started getting sick back in 2017. A year and a half later I found out it was my band, it had eroded. I had emergency surgery to have the band removed last September. Now I am in a HUGE situation. I have gained back all the weight and plus some, have high uncontrollable blood pressure, fatty liver disease, severe edema, chest pain, knee pain, and back pain so bad that I am unable to do anything. I try to go to the gym and workout but I am in so much pain physically I just can't do it.

I reached out to my insurance to see if they would help me get a second surgery. Well even after letters from 7 of my Dr's, they denied my appeal for help, not once, but twice!!! I have no quality of life in my eyes and they are unwilling to help. I don't know what to do or where to turn. I am scared to go to Mexico because of the "super bug" infection that is down there, my friends sister got it and she has been miserable ever since. I screwed up my credit when I was young and dumb so a loan is not an option. I feel like I am trapped in this body and there is no hope.

Again sorry for the rant, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I welcome them!


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Sorry for ur unpleasant experience. I too can semi relate. I had the LB n then eventually removed it. Unfortunately, when I had it removed I too gained some weight back but not as much. Then a little after I started premenopausal symptoms n where my weight rocketed back to where I initially started b4 the LB.

So, yes for me too it’s been very upsetting n challenging going through this awful LB experience. But now, I’m at a point in my life where everything that’s happened or continues to happen is becoming more acceptable n it’s all due to my overall SURRENDER to God n His will for me. Therefore, His healing is now helping me stay in PEACE n not in PIECES. God bless.🙏🏽

❤️ in Christ

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Your insurance won't cover a new WLS procedure even though you meet the requirements because you had LapBand previously? Are you trying to get another LapBand replaced or want bypass or sleeve or something else? Do you own a home? You can always see if you can get a home equity loan - they look more at appraised value of your house than your credit when giving you that loan.

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