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Self Pay and Insurance notification????

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hoping someone where can help. I just had my final meeting with my doctor and scheduled my revision RNY to DS. 2 years ago my insurance denied my revision so I am 100% self pay. I got all my payment information today and the woman at the doctor's office told me she would need to "run the insurance info through" for the hospital just so they have the denial info? huh? the LAST thing I want is for my insurance company to have any info on this surgery. I majorly understand the risks of any complications in the hospital and being responsible for the costs personally since I am paying for the initial surgery. I understand that risk and am willing to take it. I also understand that if I go home a few days or weeks later sometype of complication happens, that I should be able to run that through insurance and have it be covered (different medical coding). So with all this being said the LAST thing I want is for the insurance company to have any inkling of this surgery

Has anyone ever had this experience? I am very concerned now that she said that this morning and I cannot think of anything else...any insight would be appreciated.

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